Puck Podcast – March 31, 2012

In the first period of this week’s Puck Podcast we discuss an original six team firing its GM plus we’ll recap the past week on the ice as teams make a final push for the playoffs. In the second period we’ll update you on the latest injury news, signings and suspensions from around the league. In the third period we’ll go around the boards with our fan correspondents and read your e-mails.

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  1. Here are the games for the final week of the Puck Podcast Picks. Good luck and be sure to get your picks in before Tuesday at 7pm ET/4pm PT:

    – Tuesday, April 3rd: Penguins at Bruins
    – Tuesday April 3rd: Rangers at Flyers
    – Wednesday, April 4th: Red Wings at Blues
    – Thursday, April 5th: Panthers at Capitals
    – Thursday, April 5th: Stars at Predators

    Here are the results from Week 25: http://tinyurl.com/84fh7vo
    Here are the updated season standings: http://tinyurl.com/3z5w66h

  2. – Tuesday, April 3rd: Penguins
    – Tuesday April 3rd: Flyers
    – Wednesday, April 4th: Blues
    – Thursday, April 5th: Panthers
    – Thursday, April 5th: Stars

  3. I grew up in Montreal, so a couple of things:
    1. It is Jean Bell-i-vo NOT Bell-i-voo
    2. It is not the team ownership, Molson et al that is stupid about the French requirement, it is the government and the (remaining) population that is nuts.

    Until1976 Montreal was Canada’s number one city. And the population elected Rene Levesque and the PQ to lead the province. They chased out a huge chunk of their commerce with their French only requirements. They didnt care. They thought preserving their culture required it.

    My family moved when I graduated in 1981.. And we all speak French.

    Sam Pollock, the architect of 9 plus Cups from 1960 – 1979 was born in Montreal but was English speaking. If Sam Polllock was reincarnated today, he might be born in Montreal, but would move to New York and make his name there…. Because the Habs would never hire him…

  4. Picks for the final week:

    1) Bruins
    2) Rangers
    3) Red Wings
    4) Panthers
    5) Predators

    Thanks to Steve for arranging all this, it’s been fun 🙂

  5. I’m going with all the Home Teams:
    1) Bruins
    2) Flyers
    3) Blues
    4) Capitals
    5) Predators

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