Puck Podcast – March 28th, 2009

In this week’s episode Eddie goes solo and reviews the week that was in the NHL playoff race. NHL on NBC and New Jersey Devils broadcaster Mike Emrick is this week’s special guest and will talk about the Devils and the NHL playoff picture. Don Cherry’s surprising response to Alexander Ovechkin’s celebration will be discussed, your e-mails will be read plus…Doug in Las Vegas!

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Here’s some video of the things Eddie talks about this week:

Don Cherry’s Coaches Room

Martin Gerber gets ejected

Tuuka Raask Meltdown

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  1. Here we go again, we were here just a short year ago. Doug is suggesting that Andy Murray should be coach of the year due to “overcoming injuries” on the Blue’s roster. Where exactly is it assumed that overcoming odds and winning games with minor league scrubs defines “coach of the year”? You know my vote, anything related to the Wings and their incredible streak that continues year after year after year. Babcock is no small part of that record. Losing Shanahan, Yzerman, Robert Lang, Hasek, Federov, etc. and they just keep winning and winning–about to hit 50 wins again. We all know you can’t just put together a team of elite players and win every night. The Stanley Cup hangover-thing is real, and they’re fighting it all season. Think about how many total regular season games and playoff games they’ve played each year, for a decade, yet they continue to win and win. Coaching is in there somewhere.

  2. I heard on the radio that ?Stenzel (the person you put in the penalty box) was threatening the Blue Jackets goalie — Steve Mason. I heard that Mason was prevented from doing his little skate after being named the first star secondary to security concerns (did not see the game myself).

  3. Nick: I’ll tell Chris next time I see him that you aren’t a fan. I think you’re mistaking me, and him, for someone valuing your opinion. By the way, how moldy is your room in the corner of your Mom’s basement?

  4. Mark – Do you always suck so much Babcock? We get it, the Wings are good, real good. So what? Tell us something we didn’t know. My money’s on McLellan… first season as head coach, could finish with the best overall record.

    And drop the whole “mom’s basement” insult, you use it too much.

    Now go suck some more Babcock.

  5. Nate – Wings fan or not, I think Mark’s reply was very appropriate – he did not sink to any level lower than Nate’s initial post. He got what he was looking for. Now, had he tried to talk about hockey, things would have been different.

    That said, I am not comfortable with Osgood leading the ‘real good Wings’ into the playoffs… my money’s still on Conklin, or on an Osgood de-chumping – or else their playoffs could be short-lived.

  6. You guys are on to me, I get it, I couldn’t resist. We all know where Nick resides, overused or not, it’s dead accurate. Nate: You’re pure class but I’m sure you hear that constantly so that’s as much time and keystrokes as you get from me.

    Importantly, I don’t get the recent slide with Ozzy or the Wings. They will still finish at a remarkable level, however, the last month is troubling. I was talking with a guy today, played for the Wings for 8 years, in NHL for 17, he says it’s simple–they have nothing to play for and, are all concerned about one thing at this time of year, getting hurt. I still find it hard to understand where you put the pride thing for the last few games of the year but I do understand for them, it’s all about the playoffs. We’ll see, if Ozzy doesn’t turn things around quick, it’s Conklin’s net for the balance of the playoffs and you now how goalies can take over the net and make a run, I can only hope.

  7. Just kidding around guys… Mark used the whole “mom’s basment” thing on me too (a long time ago), guess I just have a long memory.

    This is the best time of the regular season, I think we could all agree on that. I sure am glad I live on the west coast and get off work (still got a job!) at 3:30pm. Get to see all the east- and west coast games I can squeeze in!

    And great show as usual Eddie and Doug.

  8. Eddie – regarding NFL celebrations – I think you were right about the CPR on the football. According to an article I saw on USAToday.com, Chad Johnson did it at a game in Jacksonville in October 2005.

  9. Great show Eddie, especially on your own for the 1st 30-35 minutes. It’s a lot harder to make things more interesting when your on your own but you pulled it off.
    Also found the interview with Mike Emrick a good listen.

    Another good edition is Twitter which is great for me who cannot normally watch the games live as it’s on in the middle of the night over here in the UK. It’s good catching up when reading the Twitter the next morning about some of the games as it happened.

  10. Can I row both sides of the boat by saying that any coach that can be successful with Osgood as their starting goalie should be considered for the Coach of the Year Award?

  11. Mat: With 80 points, I don’t get “The State of Hockey” thing…what does that mean anyway? Hockeytown is obvious, by the way.

    I think you’re rowing more on the “chump” side of the boat than mine but appreciate the thought none-the-less. Ozzy has had doubters his entire career, but last I checked, he’s won 3 cups. I agree he’s in a slide and probably done in large part after this year, but deserves all benefits of doubt after his accomplishments.

    I decided to focus on my alma mater, the MSU Spartans, in the Final Four this week to make me feel better!

  12. The title of “The State of Hockey” is more due to all levels and not just the NHL. The State Highschool Hockey Tourney is currently the largest state sports tournament in the USA. It is larger than Indiana basketball just to give a point of reference.

  13. Mat: I will still need time to process “The State of Hockey”, just doesn’t flow in any way but your explanation helps.

    Regarding Ozzy, you are quickly descending to “Nate” levels…elevations, altitudes, distance above sea-level, underground type dwellings, should I go on?

  14. Simon,
    Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the show. Doing it alone is not easy or as fun but sometimes Doug or I need to take a Saturday off so you make the best of it. Thanks for the Twitter feedback. When I’m doing it I wonder if anyone reads that stuff at all. Glad to know at least one person does so that makes it worth my time.

  15. T.J. Oshie had 2 huge games against the Blue Jackets with goals and assists. But what everyone is talking about is the 2 moster checks he put on the jackets captain Rick Nash. If you haven’t seen these yet, go to youtube and check them out. Even if this team doesn’t make the playoff’s, it has been one hell of a run.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIIpCbE1VCc&feature=related

  16. My chump comment seems to have generated quite a stir so i will continue my thought.

    Osgood has not started more than 43 games since returning to the Redwings in 2005-2006, with a single season win total high of 27 (the season he started 43 games). Obviously his records have been good, considering he plays for the best puck possession team in hockey, but his save percentage tends to linger in the high .800’s. This season his save percentage is .884. That’s pretty chump. I mean Scott Clemmenson’s numbers were way better and the Devils sent him back to the minors.

    People always talk about how Brodeur’s stats have benefited from the Devils’ system of play. To me it is obvious that Chris Osgood has always been overrated as a result of playing with the Wings. In my opinion he would never have reached 300 wins had he not played with Detroit.

    On that note, perhaps Babcock should be considered for the Jack Adams Trophy for being smart and only playing Osgood 40 some times.

    So to conclude……Osgood is a chump.

  17. oh to follow up on the arrogant “Hockeytown” Mark’s Mom’s basement comment…. pretty poor response i must say.

  18. I forget the author who made this post, but the argument that Brodeur is good because of the Devil’s system, or Osgood is good because the Wings limit shots is meaningless. Facts are facts.

    Stats are stats and cups are cups. Stating that players benefit from their “systems” is like saying the author of that post would of been a success if they’d of worked hard in school–they didn’t, and aren’t. It’s not hard to understand, just a statement of fact. Facts are facts and always remain so.

    To use a straw-man argument against any player, using their own stats, is just too easy.

  19. Were are near the start of the 2nd round of the playoffs on the road to the CHL Memorial Cup as only 1 matchup is left to be determined for the last 8 of the CHL Playoffs.

    Quebec Major Junior Hockey League Quarterfinals

    #1 Drummondville Voltigers VS. #8 Montreal De Junior

    #2 Moncton Wildcats VS. #7 Rimouski Oceanic

    #3 Quebec City Ramparts VS. #6 Cape Breton Screaming Ealges

    #4 Gatineau Olympiques VS. #5 Shawinigan Cataricitics

    Ontario Hockey League Conference Semifinals.

    Eastern Conference

    #1 Belleville Bulls VS. #6 Niagara Icedogs

    #2 Brampton Battalion VS. #4 Mississauga St. Micheals Majors

    Western Conference

    #1 Windsor Spitfires VS. #4 Plymouth Whalers

    #2 London Knights VS. #3 Saginaw Spirit

    Western Hockey League

    Western Conference

    #1 Vancouver Giants VS. #4 Spokane Cheifs

    #2 Tri-City Americans VS. #3 Kelowna Rockets

    Eastern Conference

    3 Of the 4 Eastern Conference Teams have been determined. #1 Calgary Hitmen, #3 Brandon Wheat Kings and #5 Medicine Hat Tigers have clinched spots. However, Game 7 between the #2 Saskatoon Blades and #7 Lethbridge Hurricanes will determine the Eastern Conference Semifinal Matchups.

    If Saskatoon wins

    #1 Calgary Hitmen VS. #5 Medicine Hat Tigers

    #2 Saskatoon Blades VS. #3 Brandon Wheat Kings

    If Lethbridge wins

    #1 Calgary Hitmen VS. #7 Lethbridge Hurricanes

    #3 Brandon Wheat Kings VS. #5 Medicine Hat Tigers

  20. The problem with macro stats such as wins and cups is that you lose precision when trying to determine a single player’s contribution. It was for this very reason that they felt the need to implement the +/- system.

    Yes Osgood has wins under his belt and rings but did this happen because of him or in spite of him. The best thing to look at when those questions are asked are the individual stats.

    Just doing a quick look at personal stats. If you take all of the goalies this season that have placed a minimum of 25 games these are the personal stats of Osgood.

    Out of 46 goalies Osgood:
    …has the 6th worst goals against average in the league with 3.25. 40 other goalies have a better GAA.

    …has the 2nd worst save percentage in the league. The only other person that is doing worse than him is Johan Hedberg. 95% of the other goalies are performing better than Osgood.

    Osgood has played 4 more games than Conklin yet he has let in 42 more goals. 42!

    By stats alone I have to say that the Wings win in spite of Osgood and not because of Osgood.

  21. In addiditon to the major junior’s, the top junior leagues in the USA, the United States Hockey League (USHL) and the North American Hockey League are nearing their playoffs starting. The NAHL will get going on Friday while the USHL end their regular season on Sunday. However in the USHL all 8 playoff teams have been determined.

    NAHL Playoffs

    North Division

    #1 USNTDP VS. #4 Alpena Ice Diggers
    #2 Mahoning Valley Phantoms VS. #3 Traverse City North Stars

    Central Division

    #1 Bismarck Bobcats VS. #4 Alexandria Blizzard
    #2 North Iowa Outlaws VS. #3 Owatonna Express

    South Division

    #1 St. Louis Bandits VS. #4 Springfield (Il) Jr. Blues
    #2 Topeka Roadrunners VS. #3 Wichita Falls Wildcats

    West Division

    #1 Fairbanks Ice Dogs VS. #4 Kenai River Brown Bears
    #2 Wenatchee Wild VS. #3 Alaska Avalanche

    In the USHL, all 8 teams for this year’s playoffs have been determined. As soon the matchups are known, I will post them.
    The Numbers are the current seedings.

    East Division
    #1 Indiana Ice
    #2 Green Bay Gamblers
    #3 Cedar Rapids Roughriders
    #4 Waterloo Blackhawks

    West Division
    #1 Lincoln Stars
    #2 Fargo Force
    #3 Omaha Lancers
    #4 Sioux Falls Stampade

  22. Hey everyone. I want to throw something out to get some opinions…

    So I’ve been giving some thoughts on ways to weigh the value of players when it comes to man games lost and here’s my thought … how about instead of “man games lost”, it’s something more like playing time lost. Ok, that’s a horrible name but hear me out on what I was thinking…

    We all know that losing a first line center is worse than losing a fourth line grinder. However in the current system that would just be 1 man-game lost either way. Now however take into account average TOI of those players. For example I’ll use Stastny and Guite who have both missed 32 games.

    Now for “Team Stast”, that’s 32 man games lost but you take his TOI average of 21:14 and multiply that by hit 32 games missed. That is 679 minutes and 28 seconds lost give or take.

    When it comes to “Team Guite” it’s still 32 man games lost but his TOI average is 12:14. That multiplied by the 32 games is about 391 minutes and 28 seconds or so.

    Now when you look at man games lost across a team, you can see that Team Stast lost more valuable man games than team Guite. A team that loses it’s top two lines will have much higher numbers than a team that loses it’s bottom two lines. In the above example it would almost take two games for team Guite to match the impact of Team Stast’s losses so that might be a bit of a flaw in the system but overall I think it really weighs the losses pretty well.

    A couple things that might come up…

    Goalies : Well with them maybe you take their total minutes played into their total games available to get a TOI average to use. (So if they play in 2/3rds of games they’re available for they are as valuable as someone who plays 2/3rds of a game … or 40 minutes.) Of course that might be a bit high but it might not too given you’re talking about a starting goalie or backup (whose numbers would be lower anyway).

    Inflated TOI because of injuries : I thought about this one too and thought this might be the big flaw. Say you have Arnason getting 13 minutes a game, then your top two centers go down and his average jumps to 17 minutes a game. Now is he really worth a 17 minute player or more of a 13 minute player. Now on a full team he’s worth time in the press box … er, 13 minutes in this system. However, because of the injuries his value has gone up because he is relied on to carry a bigger role so his average takes into account both the lower minutes and the new higher minutes. Thus, his 17 minute average is what he was worth to the team at the time and thus a fair accessment.

    Healthy scratches : One thing I thought of when I was thinking of doing an Avs vs. Islanders comparison with this is you have to know when a player was injured or out with illness and when they were healthy scratches too.

    What do you think? What flaws could there be that I haven’t thought of (or at least didn’t have time to type out)?

  23. Steve- I think your idea has merit. I don’t think anyone would say the loss of Ben Guite could compare to the loss of Paul Stastny. But the stats do indeed treat it the same. It’s like the idea in baseball of a player’s value over his replacement. If T.J. Hensick is replacing either Statsny or Guite, he is going to be closer to Guite’s talent level than The Stasinator. So, if Guite goes down, he is more “replacable” than the top line pivot.

    To comment on the Detroit musings contained herein: I think the unparelled success of the Wings in the modern era is a result of the entire club’s management staff, not just the coach. Why we would attribute post season honors to someone like Andy Murray for this season or someone like Joe Q for last season is because they are getting the most out of the talent they are fielding on the ice. St. Louis is putting 2/3 of their AHL team on a nightly basis and are in a posistion to make the playoffs; something one of last year’s Western Conference Finalists cannot with their share of injuries suffered. The Detroit Red Wings take the ice with a veritable All-Star line up night after night. Babcock does in fact have to juggle that talent and provide the opportunity for that talent to excel, but he is starting from a better posistion of strength, therefore may not recieve more notion of being the BEST man behind the bench in all of the NHL.

    And, “Hockeytown,” OsGrip is a chump.

  24. gotta go with murray for the jack adams. he has definitely done the most with the least. babcock is a good coach but, come on, with that talent, i find it difficult to give the award to the coach of the defending champs. also in the running have to be barry trotz (predators), paul maurice (canes) and joel quenneville (hawks).

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