Puck Podcast – March 27, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll talk about another Crosby/Ovechkin matchup, we’ll get you up to date on the playoff races, celebrate a milestone for the Finnish Flash and tell you about possible the fight of the year in the NHL. We'll check in with Doug in Las Vegas and our Puck Podcast draft expert and scout Mike Murangi in studio.

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  1. AP is reporting a story that the Pens are seeking the 2011 Winter Classic to be played against the Caps at Heinz Field. Really? The Pens are on VS every week, NBC every week and always receive top billing during the playoffs. Fine. I get that. But to FORCE Pittsburg on fans even more, when they played this VERY game in 2008, is rediculous. Let the Caps play someone else at RFK Stadium!

  2. Gosh, you know, I’ve been looking for an anti-Penguins, anti-Crosby podcast for a while, and think I’ve found it!

  3. Mo

    I am not Anti-Penguins at all. I just think that Crosby is a little overhyped, I just do not like the way he acts on and off the Ice.


  4. Mo- my post is intended to be a rail against the NHL for even considering putting the Penguins in the Classic again so soon. Like I said, I GET why they are already on my TV so much. I don’t like it, but I get it and that’s fine.

    Mike- Overhyped? Homeboy is not going anywhere anytime soon as he continues to put up those numbers on a successful team. Is the COVERAGE overkill? Yeah. But he has lived up to the hype. Just like Ovechkin-San.

    And what problem do you have with him “off the ice?” He’s bland, to be sure, but I do not think that warrants any ire.

  5. I read something a bit ago that I thought I would share. I found it fairly interesting. The author had taken the playoff matchups as they currently would be and then determined the winner by who won the season series, or in the case of a tied series gave the series to the winner of the last game. Results are as follows…

    Round 1 :
    Caps defeat Bruins
    Pens defeat Canadiens
    Sabres defeat Flyers
    Devils defeat Sens
    Sharks defeat Avalanche
    Hawks defeat Kings
    Detroit defeat Canucks
    Coyotes defeat Preds

    Round 2 :
    Devils defeat Caps
    Pens defeat Sabres
    Wings defeat Sharks
    Coyotes defeat Hawks

    Conference Finals :
    Devils defeat Pens
    Coyotes defeat Wings

    Stanley Cup Finals :
    Coyotes Win Stanley Cup
    (The Coyotes Defeated Devils 4-3 on Jan 14)

    Also a couple questions for Mike if he doesn’t mind. I’m curious what your thoughts are on the goaltenders available at this year’s draft. I hear Campbell and Pickard, but what is there for potential future #1 talent beyond that? Are those two about as safe a bet as you get as first rounders? While I wouldn’t mind seeing a goalie taken by the Avs in the first round, that’s not as safe a bet as a skilled forward or d-man either.

    On a similar topic, last year I got the Future Considerations draft guide. I was fairly happy with it given its cost compared to certain others but are there any that you suggest above all others, both considering cost and not considering cost? Thanks for any input…

  6. I’m not a Penguins’ fan, but for the life of me I cannot understand all this anti-Crosby nonsense. You know, I prefer Ovechkin myself – I like the passion for the game that Ovie has, and I think he’s just a more dynamic player…. BUT, and this is a big BUT…. Crosby has won a Stanley Cup AND an Olympic gold medal and Ovechkin… hasn’t.

    You cannot deny that Crosby is a “big game” clutch player. Always has been and, it seems, will continue to be for quite a number of years to come. How does he conduct himself off the ice that Mike doesn’t like?! You can’t poop on the guy for not being flashy. That’s just kind of silly.

    So that’s my 2 cents. Crosby = big game, clutch player who scores BIG goals – what’s not to like there?!

  7. Do it Doug! Put some money on the Canucks for the cup! I was in Vegas from the 10th to the 15th, and when I checked, they were paying 9:1! I put my money down for that… as well as for a few of the Canucks’ games while I was down there. My hockey winnings more than made up for my blackjack losses 🙂

  8. What don’t I like about Crosby off the ice

    Well the first crack that the hat trick Ovie scored was delaying the game from all the hats on the Ice

    On the ice the bushleague sucker punch to the groin from behind enough said

  9. To Add what I was saying

    He is a good player, Just not the best in the league and if Malkin playes like Malkin I feel Sid is not the best on his own team.

    Guys i would take over Sid

    Ryan Getzlaf
    Henrik Sedin
    Steven Stamkos

  10. The blindside hit rule that was discussed on the show did initially include an on-ice penalty, did it not? I remember watching NHL Live during the NHL GM meetings and the proposal was written to include the ability for the officals to call a 2 minute minor and even a 4 minute major if they felt it warranted. Many pundits seemed to applaud the ruling, as they felt that hurting the TEAM on the ice was the fastest way to eliminate the blindside hit. In fact, Bettman said that the on-ice wording was the reason he would not implement the rule immediately upon Competition Committee passage, as he was loathe to change the on-ice penalties mid-season. Once the committee passed the rule WITHOUT the minor penalty being called and only subject to league discipline, it was implemented immediately. I was under the impression that the on-ice element would be automatically included next season, but I guess that is still up to the committee meeting in the summer.

  11. Oh brother …

    Mike, how long are we going to have to hear about the Ovechkin hat trick hats thing with Crosby?! I think you’re kind of forgetting that he’s just a kid! What were you like at 22? I’m sure you said some dopey things when you were in your early twenties too, as we all have. THAT’s what you don’t like about Crosby off the ice?! That’s not a whole hell of a lot to base an opinion on someone. Really? Come on.

    I didn’t say he was the best player in the league, but he’s one of, if not THE most effective player in the NHL. I’m a Rangers fan so I have no need to praise Crosby, but your critique of him seemed thin at best, and your follow-up to my original comment was even thinner. What “bush league sucker punch to the groin” are you speaking of? Please elaborate. Given the stuff we’ve seen Ovechkin do this season, that’s the worst you can come up with?

    I await your reply with breathless anticipation. 😉

  12. I get that he is nicknamed “Crysby” for a reason, but you cannot really argue with the results.

    Art Ross Trophy
    Hart Trophy
    Pearson Trophy
    Stanley Cup Champion Captain
    Gold Medal Game Winner

    I hate him ’cause he is just too damn good…

    I love Ovechkin and I love his enthusiasm and his style, but the “rock star” act usually wears itself out before the bland superstar bit that Crosby has perfected. Crosby’s “hat-trick” comment was indeed assinine, but he took his druthers for it and I think it is something we can chuckle about, but to base “overhyped” comments or his “off-ice” demeanor on it is kind of extreme. Let’s focus on the fact that he is never in trouble (hello, Patrick Kane?), never gets lambasted by local media for being a club-hound (Mike Richards? Ovechkin?) and is happy just being Mario’s tenant. His charity contributions and the story of his days with the cup make his off-ice actions something to be emulated.

  13. Babcock for coach of the year? No way. If Tippett doesn’t run away with this thing then there is something wrong.

    Now I’m not saying don’t give him consideration, but the biggest thing they are talking about is it being an “injury riddled” team that he had to deal with. Sorry but you aren’t going to get sympathy form me for that. You want to see injury riddled in important places look at Colorado last year for example, top two centers out half the season or better, finished the season with only 2 of the 7 defensemen that they started the season with, etc, etc, etc… Let’s look at the Wings… Lidstrom and Stewart haven’t missed a game and Rafalski has only been out 4. Dats 2, Zetter 8. I’ll give you that some of your key wingers missed some time, especially Franzen … but injuries happen and all teams deal with it. The team didn’t play well during stretches, so the fact that Detroit is where they are and are now playing well when healthy again…

    Give him nominations for runner up or even third, but in doing so he won’t be the only name brought up. Sacco has to be talked about too despite the horrid play of late. Tippett deserves this and wins it hands down though. Those two teams were expected to be 14th and 15th by EVERYONE at the beginning of the year and right now they’re both in the playoffs.

  14. Draft Mike – You’d take H. Sedin over Crosby?? I’m no fan of Crosby’s but there’s no denying that he is one of THE best players in the world today. Sedin has had an awesome season, lights out etc. But… really? I would take Crosby over everyone on your list except Ovie. I can understand the Crosby-overload (I suffer from it myself) but the guy is right up there with Ovie, easily.

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