Puck Podcast – March 21st, 2009

In this week’s episode we talk about Martin Brodeur’s record setting week with the Devils, Alexander Ovechkin’s controversial celebration of his 50th goal, a great game between the Rangers and Canadiens, whether or not the Bruins and Blackhawks peaked too early, a fan in Florida showing her support for the team and, of course, a whole lot more.

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Here’s some video of things we talk about on the show this week:

Highlights of our Game of the Week between the Rangers and Canadiens:

Martin Brodeur sets the all-time NHL record for wins by a goalie:

Alexander Ovechkin’s 50th goal of the season and his controversial celebration:

Teemu Selanne breaks Mike Bossy’s record for goals by a rookie:

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  1. I don’t know if you are watching the Flames/Penguins game but if you aren’t you should turn it on. It is war on the ice right now in the 3rd. Very hard hitting game.

  2. Bad news about my Stars, they lost to the Vancouver Canucks back on Tuesday. To me, if don’t beat both the L.A. Kings and the Florida Panthers comming up this week. You can kiss the teams playoff chances good bye. Right now, the team has lost 4 in a row and haven’t shown any kind of constientciy at all and just everything from the massive injuries, the Sean Avery Fiasco and the bad start have sunk this team this year. At least owner Tom Hicks, isn’t blamming this season on coach Dave Tippett. The injuries have been to critcal and long lasting this season. Now Co-GM Brett Hull needs to talk about bringing in Sean Avery because that was his idea. I would like to hear about that.

  3. I am a firm believer that if one player is being blamed for bringing down a team the true guilt lies on all of the other players. Is Sean really to blame for the Stars not doing well. Really?

  4. Hey guys, great show…

    Wanted to weigh in on my thoughts on the Ovie celebration. Myself, I love his energy and his emotion and that is great for the game. However I hated his celebration as it wasn’t raw emotion and love for the game, it was scripted “look at me” type shenanigans that I can’t stand. Great goal celebrations are not scripted, they are raw and emotional. I hope that his emotional side continues on and that others show that they love to play the game and have fun … but leave the scripted stuff out…

    Congrats to Marty too. He’s a hell of a goalie and one of the best ever. He deserves the praise he gets…

    On a completely unrelated topic, last night’s Avalanche game against the Ducks pretty much summed up the Avs season in one game. We lost something like 11 man games to injury last night alone before Salei was hurt in the 1st. Our top two centers have been gone most of the year, one of our top defensemen, and we’re now fielding nearly as many AHLers as NHLers. Vernace, Pelteir, Hendricks, Galliardi are just the four most recent. (Heck, because of our callups and injuries to our farm team Lake Erie has had almost 50 different players suit up this year.)

    Those that are healthy have really been horrible too. Easiest example is just to look at our goalies. One gives up 3 in the first, the other 4 in the second. The rest of the team hasn’t been much better at any point. Cody McLeod is our third leading goal scorer with his goal last night. That says alot too.

    Anyway, I’ll stop my ranting about this horrendous disappointment of the Avs season and just sign off with a “keep up the good work guys”.

    Steve from Nebraska

  5. tanner in dallas…….
    while i agree that Avery might have not been the best move for Dallas in the long run, it’s crazy to blame Brett Hull. I bet there were at least 5 other g.m.’s willing to sign Avery at the start of the season. I personally think it was pathetic the way Turco and other players were whining on camera about Avery all season. The reason Dallas has fallen apart is because no one wanted to shoulder the blaim…. period. Let’s remember that Avery was kicked out of the league for a verbal comment, nothing to do with his antics on the ice.

    I could not agree more about the Ovechkin celebration. This is the first time that Ovechkin’s arrogance has been shown publically, both during the celebration and his i’m bigger than the nhl attitude during the post game.

    Great show once again!

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