Puck Podcast – March 20, 2010

On this week’s show we’ve got more controversial hits and more controversial punishments to discuss, we’ll talk about retribution by the Bruins for a controversial hit last week, we’ll talk about the Flyers problems in net and talk about why hockey fans with Direct TV are breathing a sigh of relief. Doug will have a conversation with Phoenix Coyotes season ticket holder and long time Puck Podcast listener Dan Ganse and we will read your feedback on a wild week in the NHL.

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  1. Well, you mentioned Dubnyk winning in a shootout (which is like saying a guy who doesn’t drown swam) but not the Wings tying the game with .2 of a second left. Tonight, the Wings win in OT with .3 of a second left. 5 points of a possible 6 on a West trip and the playoff chances looking a bit better.

  2. Hey guys, another great show. Makes my Monday mornings back at work much better. Put some thoughts out below, probably should re-read them for grammer and the like, but being at work I’m just putting them out there… 🙂

    My take on punishments being based on intent or end result, you have to punish on intent. I understand the desire to want to tack on time when someone is out an extended time as a result, however I can’t agree. Say a player pushes a guy into the boards (just as a handy example) and the guy bounces up or just misses a period of play. Now say that the player who was pushed didn’t have his chip strap tied and his helmet falls off as he slides into the boards and becomes injured seriously, missing an entire season or perhaps his career. Same two players involved, same exact push, but how do you punish one result versus the other when the person getting punished did nothing different? What punishments would you give?

    Also, Bryzgalov for MVP? I’d certainly think that he should be in the running. I understand that goalies have their own trophy but that’s a goalie award just like the Art Ross is a forward award. The MVP shouldn’t be position specific. Tell anyone in Phoenix that Bryzgalov isn’t that team’s MVP, or can it be denied that he is? If he is the MVP for that team, why can’t he be talked about concerning league MVP honors … especially where he’s helped put that team tied atop the west standings (albeit with more games played).

    I think this year there are fewer teams going into the end of the season fighting for playoff spots. Only a few teams on the outside can realistically get back in. Maybe its just me but it seems that normally there’s a few more still fighting than there is right now.

    As an Avs fan, these last dozen are going to be scary. Toughest remaining schedule for the teams still fighting perhaps. Only 5 points up and 8 of the last 11 are against teams above them in the standings (three against the Kings alone) and of the three that aren’t, one is against Calgary and one against the Ducks that just seriously outplayed them last night. Tonight’s 2nd half of a back to back is one of three in the last 12 games for Colorado (compare to Calgary’s one, and Detroit’s two). It is really time for this young team to show what they’ve got or miss out on the postseason…

    As for listener feedback, I like having it put in during the discussions that they refer to are taking place. It’s better to hear the opinions during the discussion than at the end with every topic clumped together.

  3. Not sure why Doug is glad with what James Wisniewski did (apparently “sticking up” for a teammate). What happened to the days of taking down someone’s number and getting them later with a clean hit?

    The call of the incident is hilarious from the Duck commentators, very nonchalant, they’d be screaming blue murder if it happened to a Ducks’ player.

  4. Dud McManus,
    I am happy that Wisniewski stuck up for his teammate when he saw what he thought was a cheapshot against Corey Perry. That is something that the Ducks did on a regular basis back in 2007 but haven’t done much of this season and it was good to see. I think that kind of stuff helps the team bond and gives the players confidence that if someone takes a run at them, legal or not, someone will have their back.

    I am not happy that he ran Seabrook into the boards in a blatant charging call, nor that he knocked Seabrook unconcious. I also agree that if something like that had happened to the Ducks the announcers, and the fans, would be up in arms and eight games would seem like a slap on the wrist.

    Thanks for supporting the show and for taking the time to give us some feedback.

  5. Doug – At least you’re not as bad as the Ducks broadcasters… “I don’t know, I think Seabrook may be embelishing with that ‘dazed’ reaction.” Lord have mercy…

  6. More on f*ed up hits. The philly-ottawa game on tuesday. To me the hit by Volchenkov on Gagne is a penalty, atleast 5min. One could argue that this hit was very dangerous and should result in a susp. The officials were horrible in this game, missed Timonens goal also.

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