Puck Podcast – March 13, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll talk about another controversial hit, your reaction to it and the fall out from it that could lead to a rule change, we’ll tell you about an old veteran making his return to the NHL, Doug will have a special interview with Steve Sullivan of the Nashville Predators AND we’ll hear what the Russian Puck Podcast sounds like.

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  1. Just wanted to call into question the assessment of the last senators and leafs game. You called into question the hit of chris neil, which from watching the game myself I deemed a somewhat debatable hit. But when your a player you need to know who is on the ice at the same time as you and keep your head up. What my problem is however is that in this game Dion phaneuf hit chris kelly from behind aggressively which received no call. Although he wasnt hurt this kind of play is a dangerous penatly. I was wondering whether you guys could suggest why at times dion phaneuf can pull off dangerous hits and find himself still on the ice.

  2. I’m a Rangers fan and I have seen both of the Cooke hits this year. I think Cooke is a douche and cheap shot artist, but the Anisimov hit pretty different from the Savard hit. In the hit to Anisimov Cooke clearly jumped (or even leaped, because of how friggin tall Artem is) to hit him in the head and this was not the case in the Savard hit.

  3. Ok. When you guys were talking about how it was so outrageous that Byfuglien and the Hawks had a goal called back, I almost wrote and asked why you guys always got on Holmstrom’s case. But I held back. Then I hear you guys mention Holmstrom when talking about guys that get off light. Come on! I know you watch a lot of hockey but I’m sure you don’t see the amount of goals called back and penalties called on Holmstrom in front of the net. I’m not gonna compare it to Byfuglien because unfortunately I missed that whole first period. Still, I don’t think the Red Wings were really ever “protected.” They rarely ever had goons after Kocur. They just played smart. Selkes and Lady Byngs all over the place. I don’t think it’s fair to bring Detroit into an argument about players or teams being punished or not.

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