Puck Podcast – March 12th, 2011

On this week’s edition of the Puck Podcast we’ll talk about a controversial hit and the fallout from it in our first period as well as “what we saw…” in the past week in the NHL. In the second period we’ve got news on the commissioner that may not make some fans happy. And in the third period give away another great t-shirt from Glassbangers.com and read your e-mails as well.

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  1. Guys, the comment that Jack Edwards made about someone taking Pacioretty’s head off was actually made during the broadcast of the game that MTL won in OT. It was not on Twitter. In retrospect, a very bad moment for Edwards, who once again was over the top and now looks like the worst kind of lout, considering what happened to Patch this week.

  2. So Chara should have been suspended for an interference call? Maybe you mean he should be suspended because of the injury, even after all the griping about Campbell doing the same thing? It is not a good thing Pacioretty was injured but what message is being sent by the punishment, don’t interfere, don’t hit into the edge of the glass? It’s an unfortunate situation absolutely as have been hundreds of hockey injuries before and more after. Police involvement ridiculous, Air Canada go ahead and leave the NHL then see how much money you lose, ridiculous.

  3. Are you going to see? On CNBC this Wednesday on American Greed, William “Boots” Del Biaggio. The preview looks interesting with some hockey video and a shot of a house that is down the street from me. Gotta love the cheesy hockey reference, Frozen Assets: The Ice Capers.


  4. Also, was it just me? Doesnt it seem weird that you talk Max P’s injury involving banging in the glass then you have to talk about glassbangers.com? But what to do? Max P’s injury was a major story in the NHL and glassbangers.com is the sponsor which I appreciated them for sponsoring the show.

  5. I am really hesitant to call the Montreal spectators and the rest of the politically correct people sports fans. Maybe those people should play with the girl scouts or marbles. Could you imagine the other side of coin which is the free pass for Max and he scoring form the freebie? Chara would be ousted from NHL!!! Player have to finish the play no matter what, that is his job!!! Fix the ring if anything!

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