Puck Podcast – June 6th, 2009

In this episode we look back at the first four games of the Stanley Cup Finals with a complete analysis of each game as well as highlights and interviews from both teams and we talk with Bob Grove of the Penguins Radio Network. We also discuss coaching changes in Montreal and Colorado, a GM shakeup in Colorado, Dallas and Florida, the latest in the Phoenix Coyotes soap opera, we respond to some of your feedback and, of course, a whole lot more.

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  1. Guys,

    Love the show as always and do lurk around here on occasion. I’m listening to this show and in response to Eddie’s Power Play, ESPN pushes the NBA down our throats mainly because they have NBA games. ABC/ESPN does the finals, so of course they would cover it religiously. This is the same network that gives us NFL Live every day even during the off season.

    I do want to say though their coverage of the NHL has been better than in the past. At least they are leading Sportscenter off with it, either first or second story. Still, thank god for NHL Network and On the Fly

  2. If the Detroit Red Wings are what it means to be “old,” bring on old age! The Wings just refuse to lose in their building, it seems, and that game was a classic message sender. My god. Thank god I turned it off at 3-0 and started playing HALO. But I missed the playoff performance of the second former Kings goaltender to make it into a playoff game!

    I think Joe Sacco can be a good choice. I HOPE Sacco’s a good choice. It, at least to me, shows that management is admitting that the Avs younger talent- what there is of it- will be given the chance to play and develop. Rather than sign Darcy Tucker, give the Stewarts and Joneses of the organization the chance to play with Statsnys, Sakics (if he can play anymore) and other top six talent. The young defensemen that got ice time in the last few weeks of re season seemed to do well, so there is hope on that side of the puck. And at least Shattenkirk is a kick ass name!

    The goalie situation frightens me. Buds is handed the reigns over and over, but then the Avs go out and get an insurance netminder, too. Budaji was actually quite good over the first few weeks, losing games 1-0 and 2-1 over and over. But that inconsistency got to him again and soon saw 6 and 7 GA games in his starts. Most of the goalie talent available is not young players that can develop with the team. And there is really no one in the system that the staff really wants to see. Wienman isn’t the answer and I don’t think the kid from Sweden isn’t coming.

    Though many people say you cannot be good in the new NHL without being bad first, I think it’s gonna be a long wait before they’re good again…

  3. MIKE LANGE IS A DOUCHEBAG!! Ugh, can’t you guys play some TV audio? It’d be one thing if he switched it up, but he basically just rotates 5 phrases. It’s so stupid. Ugh, I’m starting to dislike Ken Kal too. “He Sco-OOOO-res!”

  4. Oh, and it’s interesting to notice the parallels between LeBron and Crosby. Both overhyped before they even cracked their respective pro league. Both MVP regular-season winners, both currently without championships, both joined below average teams that saw a turnaround, and both seem to be accused of being a little whiny. I’m assuming more on LeBron since I don’t follow basketball, buy I have heard a lot of talk even on Detroit talk radio about him maybe wanting out of Cleveland. It’s amazing that leagues want their sport on the shoulders of these young guys who have not accomplished anything yet beyond statistics – it’s like McDonald’s advertising “ice cold Coke” instead of their food. Yes the Coke is great there, but I’m not going to go there specifically for one, I want McNuggets, or a burger and fries.

  5. Sorry guys – won’t get to listen to the latest podcast until tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it.

    Just wanted to check in and ask – so, where’s the mike guy who, two weeks ago on this site, said that Datsyuk was useless?

    Also, really enjoying this series. And the great coaching is showing on both sides. But apparently even great coaching can’t keep a younger team from losing control like that.

  6. Wait until you see the hype and INSANE amount of money that baseball players are recieving now. The cover of SI at 16? And Scott Boras demanding over $100 dollars before a single play is made in Single A? Ruining baseball, I tells ya!

    Lebron wants out of Cleveland, but he desperately wants to give the city a title first. I don’t follow the laughably unwatchable NBA, either, but my friends do and I keep up with the tv and radio stories. I think that’s why they lost to Orlando, too much pressure on himself. But, he’s gonzo from Cleveland after next year so he can play on a bigger stage in NYC.

    So it’s nice to see a decent number of young NHL players staying with their teams after their entry deals expire. Not like Crosby or Malkin or Getzlaf are hurtin in the money dept, but I think they stayed for under market value. I mean, Bill Finger makes nearly half of what Crosby and Malkin make, and I don’t see him being invited to an awards ceremony anytime soon…

  7. Hey guys. Thanks for putting all the effort into the show I listen every week, it’s a life saver (Especially the Kings talk from Eddie, keep flying the flag buddy I’m with you).

    Speaking of handshakes, I just wanted to let everyone know that handshakes mean NOTHING to the NHL either! I have to watch archived broadcasts (18 hours later than live) on Center Ice Online due to the time differences. Throughout the playoffs at the end of the final game of each series the broadcast cuts off before the players reach their own goalie to congratulate him. You want to watch the handshake…forget about it! You want to watch the trophies being awarded…forget about that too! I don’t even get to see the blurry flash of Tim Thomas heading for that flight that Doug has mentioned a few times. With Center Ice Online the final horn sounding not only marks the end of the game but also the end of the broadcast.

    If the handshake is so important to the NHL why, for Pete’s sake, do they cut off the broadcast? I love the game, I love the league, I love the players but I hate the inability of the NHL to present itself in the most favorable light.

  8. Doug was on a roll with the obtuse references… enjoyed it. The Amazon from Nintendo, Leonardo painting a picture on the Titanic, a millionaire missing 10,000 bucks, AND Gerrard Depardeau… all in one show.

    I don’t think you guys mentioned it but, regarding the Pens ‘comments’ after the first two games that Detroit was cheating on the face-offs, can someone explain the finer points of face-offs (for those of us who have never played the game) and how the home team can cheat on face-offs? I get the basics, like body position and not moving the stick, and that the home team’s stick touches the ice last. It just seems like Hank Zetterberg is constantly pulled from the faceoffs, and I’ve never been able to figure out exactly why.

    Thanks much and enjoy the rest of these great finals. Oh, and Doug, your ears might be burning the next time I whine about those annoying pop-ups on the TV screen – now I have a target.

  9. After Eddie outing Doug’s profession, Doug might just have tinitus for years.

    Also, Doug’s joke about beating his wife due to superstition, a gem, I laughed out loud.

  10. Interesting Conn Smythe notes. Ok, interesting to me.

    Montreal – 9 Cups, 8 different winners (Roy won twice).
    New Jersey – 3 Cups, 2 winners (Giguere won in 03).
    Detroit – 4 Cups, 4 different winners.

    They don’t seem to like repeat winners much. Everyone is saying if Detroit wins it comes down to Zetterberg and Osgood. Osgood seems like a good pick, though his numbers are actually slightly worse than last year. Zetterberg would obviously be the first European to repeat. Cleary and Franzen could get votes too, as well as Helm, Crosby and Malkin. Who actually votes for this? I read the Writer’s Association has over 400 members, but I remember back in 98 Bettman saying that Yzerman was the unanimous choice.

    What chance do you think there is of Crosby (or Malkin) winning the Conn Smythe if they lose? Do you think the NHL would allow a season where the only award Crosby gets could be the Mark Messier Leadership award? I guess by the time you guys record, we’ll know. I really hope Ozzie gets it.

  11. What is it about the boards in Detroit that make them so bouncy? Are any boards in the league even close to as active as their boards? Does anyone know why?

  12. I think with the fact that Malkin and Crosby putting up numbers that no individual has achieve in years will lead to one of them winning the Conn Smythe this post season. So many people on Detroit are so good, that no one “stands out.” The goalie would be an easy choice, but like you said, Osgood’s stats are nice but lower than last year. The Penguins’ stars have enough points EACH to warrant getting some serious votes. Even if it may come down to the fact that Det players would be splitting votes for each other and therefore letting Crosby and Malkin slip in.

    This would be acceptable in my book because the Smythe is given to the MVP of the entire playoff run and it’s hard to argue that any individual on the Wings did as much as either Crosby or Malkin to get the team here. But maybe there should be a strictly Finals MVP? Like when Gigure won it in a losing effort, someone from the Devils would have recieved something for their Finals performance?

    Of course that would probably be the same player in most years. So probably not the best idea? Damn. It’s late. So I’ll blame it on that…

  13. I want this thing to go a game 7 on Friday night. But i’m afraid that the Red Wings will clinch the Stanley Cup tonight. Pavel Datsyuk comming back has made a HUGE DIFFERENCE when he came back in game 5. Someone please knock the Red Wings off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I’m hearing a lot of people talk about who will be the Conn Smythe winner, about whether or not the Red Wings are the greatest team in sports, about how the Penguins young trio (Malkin, Crosby & Fleury) will have to put these back-to-back losses behind them if they want to make another run next year… But as Frank Stallone would say this thing is far from over. I believe the Penguins will win tonight and force a Game Seven. Now, I do believe that the Red Wings will win that Game Seven but I am suprised by how many people in the sports world seem to have given up on the team that, just three days ago, they were crowning as the champions because the Red Wings were “tired” and “too old”.

    I think we will have a Game Seven on Friday night and I hope I am right – it would be great theater and a fitting conclusion to a great season.

  15. Watchin’ the pregame show on NHL Network… is it just me, or is Larry Murphy a bit drunk?????

    I know a 7-game finals would be very exciting, but I just think the Wings are going for the jugular tonight.

  16. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PENGUINS WIN 2-1 AND IT COMES DOWN TO FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. now THAT was a fun game. And play-off level goal tending. What a way to end up at game 7. Wow (darn it!) Can’t wait for Friday!

  18. Hossa’s sphincter has to be nearing diamond-factory tightness right about now. Quick — someone shove a piece of coal up there!

    As I was driving down to the Igloo for Game 6, I couldn’t help but think how lucky I am to have seen 6 SCF games in person these past two years. Hopefully I’ll have reason to drive to the airport late Friday night to greet the Cup.

  19. Win or lose, I’m proud that my Red Wings will be playing in the very last game of the season two years in a row, and I congratulate the Penguins for doing the same. I’m sure I will be sick to my stomach if the Wings are losing with a minute to go, but now that I am clear headed, I wanted to type that all out.

  20. Kris,

    Yeah, it really has been an exciting couple years to be a Pens ticketholder. Expensive (goodbye summer vacation for the second straight year), but exciting. And lucky for me, all of the SCF games in Pittsburgh were close (though I wish I could have been there for the triple overtime game in Detroit).

    As if that weren’t enough good news … Earlier this week I realized that the matchups for the first round of the 2010 Olympic hockey had been slotted, so I checked to see which games I got in the ticket lottery. I’ll be there for Russia-Czech, Sweden-Finland and USA-Canada, plus two games in the next round. Between that news and the SCF games, I’ve been grinning nonstop.

    32 hours to go till the puck drops! I don’t know if my heart can take another close game. What a postseason!

  21. Sweet, a game seven Stanley Cup final! I hope the Pens finally bring it in Detroit and part of me is pulling for them to win. Oh well, whoever wins it deserves it.

    Eddie and Doug – I imagine it would be pretty good reading if you guys were to write something about the moves that teams should make during the offseason, or at least moves you think they should make. Good show as always.

  22. Is it just me or does anyone else here think Dave Tippett would be a perfect fit for NJ (or any other team for that matter)?


    Dude, Can/USA and Sweden/Finland?!? Score!!

    Russia’s gonna be amazing to watch no matter who they play…

  24. If I remember correctly, Ryan, all three of those games (Russia/Czech, Sweden/Finland and Canada/USA) are on the same day. Talk about an incredible day of hockey!

    I’m glad you were able to go to each of the Penguins home games the past two years. At least you didn’t have to see the Red Wings win the Cup again this year, eh?

  25. Ouch, Doug…. ouch. The odds are certainly against the Pens but if they do win tonight it will have been a great story.

  26. Detroit fans at The Joe boo the Cup Champions.

    That’s class, right there.

    Congrats to the Pens and their fans!!

  27. For you AHL Fans as well, the Hershey Bears clinch the 2009 AHL Calder Cup Championship with a 4-1 over the Manitoba Moose as they win the championship in 6 games.

    It’s so sad, THE SEASON IS NOW OFFICALY OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Tanner: Thanks for the breaking news.

    Kris: They weren’t booing the Pens, they were booing the shit play of the Wings, and deservedly so, they sucked.

    The better team won.

  29. Wow – what an exciting 3rd period! That’s all us Wings fans have had to look forward to lately… Congratulations to the Penguins – they spanked the Wings in the games that counted the most. I am already looking forward to the next season, but I must say – enjoy The Cup, Pittsburg. You earned it.

  30. Mark and Tanner they weren’t booing either team. They were booing the Gary Bettman.

    Yes, Hossa must feel like the biggest idiot on the planet right now.

  31. Congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Hossa must be hitting his head on the boards right about now. I wonder if it will become a new tradition to lift the Campbell/Prince of Wales trophies for good luck. Go Ducks

  32. The Joe fans were booing before Bettman arrived on ice, during the handshake. And I don’t think they were booing their team. They didn’t play that bad. They only lost by one goal. They just made two mistakes and, for that game, Pittsburgh capitialized on them. Fluery was able to turn back the few mistakes his players made in front of him. I thought both Fluery and Osgood let in one goal that they should have stopped; Osgood’s second and Fluery’s only; so the difference is… Brad Stuart.

    I think the telling stat is the Wings’ 23 shots. This team can put up 35, 40 shots a game easy and Pittsburgh just didn’t let them do it. They knew that giving up shots and chances is just going to kill you.

    Though I don’t LOVE Pittsburgh and my feelings about the Wings are well known, I really enjoyed the stories this Final brought to us. Hossa’s quest denied. Malkin, SO bad in last year’s final, winning the Smythe, Osgood proving he’s a money goalie, seeing one of the faces of the NHL in Sid hoisting the Cup. Say what you will about Sid, that’s gotta bring at least a smirk to your face. Awesome game and an awesome series.

    And, to give credit, The Joe fans’ ovation of Lemieuix when he hoisted the Cup was a class act. So there were good and bad apples in re barrel, so to speak.

  33. Although I didn’t find it a great game, it was ok and the Penguins deserved the win. My highlight was when the puck hit the penguins bar in the last few minutes and the camera caught fleury patting and rubbing the bar as if he was thanking it 🙂 .

    Congrats to all the penguin fans

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