Puck Podcast – June 28th, 2008

In this week's episode of the Puck Podcast we talk about some big name players who are headed for free agency, we'll talk about a coaching hire and other news involving the Tampa Bay Lightning with St. Pete Times writer Damian Cristodero, we'll discuss some big news involving the Anaheim Ducks ownership and which veteran player they are saying goodbye to, Eddie will tell you why some bad news for another sport could be good news for the NHL and Doug will tell you which NHL team could change the way the league does business. All that plus an interview with NHL Productions' Dan Moriarty, your e-mails, an update on the hockey soap opera MVP and a whole lot more.

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  1. on your Ice Hockey in Pop Culture discussion, we do need some great movies and TV Shows that invlove ice hockey. Remember the Mighty Ducks movies in the early and mid 90s? Only the 2nd to me was any good, the first one was getting a bunch of kids that were getting blown out before the super tall Fulton kid arrived and it changed everything. In the 3rd one, their coach at the high school ruined the movie for the most part.

    We also don’t need another Slap Shot either, the 1st one was great and the 2nd one was hard to watch. We need something fresh and new to get ice hockey as a regular part of pop culture. Also having players on shows like Jay Leno and David Letterman would be usefull as well.

  2. Solid show as always. Melrose may not do so bad….especially if they can sign Malone and Roberts. Lecavlier is locked up for 9 big years. Tampa won’t tear the walls down but they won’t be a doormat either.

    Just an aside…I miss Cool Shots…heh.

    Great job interviewing Dan…he is a ton of fun to listen to. Priceless stuff with Gonchar.

    Enjoy the Frenzy guys. Anytime you want me to pop on…just let me know…*G*

  3. Great show as usual guys. As a Lightning fan, I’m really looking forward to the new season. I loved Barry Melrose on ESPN and I hope he does well as coach of the Bolts. It’s definitely an intriguing choice.

    Perhaps Torts should fill the void at ESPN? I think that would be a great choice for them.

    I think it would be great if they could sign Malone, I’m not so sure about Roberts though. Damian mentioned how much the Lightning needs forwards, but I really think they need a little help on the blue line. Brian Campbell would be awesome but he costs too much. Perhaps Wade Redden? As for the forwards, once Halpern comes back, they need to put him as 3rd line center with Michel Ouellet and Mathieu Darche. These guys were magic together. Great forecheck, creating chances and putting the puck in the net.

    Have a great week off Eddie. We’ll make sure Doug doesn’t screw it up! Lol.

  4. Kings trade Lubo to the Oilers for Green and Stoll who do not put up the same numbers as Lubo combined.

    Plus Stoll was a -23 last season.

    Dean Gave Al Murray a contract extension then fires him now he does the same to Lubo. Watch out Dustin your next


    Dean how can you say you have a plan if you keep changing it.

    We have traded 41 goals 55 assts and a power play specialists for Stoll Green and a kid who might play in Staples in 2013

    What free agent would even want to come here?

    We are now the Clippers of the NHL

  5. Wow. What an early start to the Free Agency period for the Lightning. Malone for 7 years/31.5 million and Roberts for 1 year/1.25 million with incentives that could push it to over 2 million. Then, they trade for the rights to Brian Rolston of the Wild. I guess they’re trying to hit that new cap number.

    Just over 4 million a season for Malone might be a bit much. Especially the first 2 years of the deal are between 7-8 million per. He played with Crosby and Malkin and got 50 points. So unless he plays with Lecavalier and St. Louis or on the Stamkos line (providing he produces), he’s gonna have a tough time getting 50 points.

    In an interesting move, The Lighting also hired Greg Malone, Ryan’s father, as their head pro scout last week.

  6. Come on, Eddie… we all know you’d be a lot more hot on the Barry Melrose deal had he come from Fox Sports instead of ESPN Sports…
    Thanks for another great show – you guys will make the summer bearable.

  7. Word in town is that Hossa’s agent called Ken Holland today after Holland said he wouldn’t get ridiculous with an offer yesterday night. Today, Hossa spoke directly to Babcock about his role and ice time and Babcock said “my best players play in all situations and play the most”, he made no promises and Hossa signed. This is all from Ken Holland on the radio an hour ago. As they say, chemistry is everything and this rounds out the offense–maybe the end of Downey and McCarty and Dallas Drake is going to retire. Should be a good team in the end.

  8. The frenzy is slowing down a bit…congrats on Detroit getting Hossa and for the Ducks staying under the Cap. As for Eddie, I feel sorry for any Kings fan at this point..they still have to find a way to spend a little over 11 mill just to get to the floor. They might have to get Khabibulin eventually just to make the floor….or outrageously overpay some players.

  9. Hossa keeps chasing the ring. I hope that he gets it this coming year because a rolling stone gathers no moss.

    The Pens front lines are now pretty empty. They need to either get some key signings or let this trade season go, bring up some people from the farm, and get their roster ready for next FA season. They had too many question marks this year to make moves. Next year they will have a much better idea what they can spend.

    What the Pens don’t want to do is panic and overpay some players on long term contracts.

  10. http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=242347&lid=sublink03&lpos=headlines_main

    I love Burkie’s still blaming K Lowe for the increased salaries! As if Lowe has any influence over the rest of the maniac GMs….even if Lowe had quit hockey last summer, we’d still be seeing these outrageous numbers. Not like I’m a big Kevin Lowe fan (I have no opinion of him), but come on Burkie, pull yourself together man, it’s getting sad. And P.S., don’t come to T.O., we have enough whiners here as it is!

  11. Well Eddie and Doug, have fun dealing with Avery as he’s back in the Pacific division. lol

    Thank god he’s not on my team anymore.

  12. Well, the Pens shored up their 08-09 roster and looking down VERY key players for the long haul these past two days.
    Orpik, 6 years.
    Malkin, 5 years.
    Fleury, 7 years.
    This in addition to the long-term Crosby & Whitney deals from last summer. Plus we still have Gonchar for two full seasons.

    Granted, Satan & Fedotenko aren’t premier wingers, but people said the same of Petr Sykora when the Pens signed him last summer and he was only 1/3rd of the best line in the NHL in the second half of the season. I could see a healthy Satan with Crosby putting up numbers at least similar to Sykora’s last year.

    Kudos to Ray Shero for not overpaying for complementary pieces while locking down the core of this team. This has been some great work on his part.

    Pens now have 8 solid dmen with NHL experience + rookie Alex Goligoski whom many expect to be ready this year. Look for Sydor to be dealt (likely for another winger), possibly in a package with another dman, either Rob Scuderi or Hal Gill.

    Losing out on Hossa hurt a bit, but given the challenges facing Shero, this has been a good week for Pens fans.

  13. @Draft Mike: What you’re getting back here is potential. Two years ago, Stoll scored 68 points; in ’07, he was the Oilers’ best player for the six weeks or so before he was run from behind by Sami Pahlsson, ending his season. If he’s playing at his peak, he’s a solid two-way centre with a wicked point shot on the PP. As a MacTavish disciple, he’s also a good faceoff man, a shot-blocker, and a good penalty-killer. The real question mark is whether he’ll ever be that two-way guy again. I would take that -23 with a bit of a grain of salt, partially because his offence completely dried up, and partially because he was on a checking line that was missing its best checking wingers (Pisani, Moreau, Torres) for half the year.

    Matt Greene…hm. He’s one that we kept waiting to turn into the next Jason Smith, but in reality, Smith himself didn’t become Jason Smith until his third team and fifth year or so. The Oilers’ “window to win” is centred around Ales Hemsky’s criminally affordable contract, which has four years left at a $4.1M cap hit. His development doesn’t fit into that window, but given that the Kings are building around extreme youth, he could be an integral player on that blue line in three or four years, when the Kings are really ready to start competing. He’ll hit, he’ll fight, he’ll battle in front of the net — and he’ll take copious dumb penalties due to weak defensive positioning and over-aggression, though that has been reduced since his mind-numbing introduction to the NHL in the Stanley Cup Finals.

    @OddyOh: All I’ll say is this: it is not Kevin Lowe’s fault that Doug MacLean signed Rick Nash to a $5.25M second contract two years before the Penner offer sheet. This was going to happen regardless; that’s just the nature of this CBA, with UFA age so low already. As for Burke himself, his schtick is getting tired, and I think he needs to worry more about his own team than what Lowe’s up to, because if anyone of those two fits the definition of “running his team into a sewer,” it’s Burkie.

  14. Oh geez, Doug, I dunno if you’ll have heard/read about this by the time you record tomorrow’s show, but Kevin Lowe fired back at Brian Burke, and about damned time.

    I’ll certainly post audio if Team 1260 puts it in the archive.

  15. Well the comment about Stanley Cup rings makes no sense because he didn’t earn them by being a good GM.

  16. Jason,

    Please do not take this personal.

    What we are getting back are 2 players who if they played on a good team. One would get 3rd line mins and best and the Dman would be a healthy scract half the season.

    You Oiler fans are all the same you way over rate your players

    The only way you can get anyone to come play there is via trade.

    No free agent would sign there to play in Hockey Siberia

  17. Wait, I’m not supposed to take that personally? Alright, whatever. I’m trying to give you a silver lining, here. I know Stoll had a terrible year, and is likely a checking centre at best — but he was actually pretty decent before he got his head bashed in by Mr. Pahlsson. I know Greene is 26 and still not that good — but you know as well as I do that defencemen peak later, so he could at least be servicable in the future, providing a bit of grit to a blue line that’s got a lot of young skill coming up.

    I didn’t particularly think saying, “dude, you got owned,” would be especially classy, so I tried to accentuate the positive, which is more than I can say for that last bit you wrote. I suppose you consider yourself a graduate of the Kevin Lowe School of Tact?

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