Puck Podcast – June 26, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll talk about an action packed week in the NHL. We’ll tell you about several trades including a major deal involving a star player on the current Stanley Cup Champions, we’ll tell you about a future Hall of Famer calling it a career AND tell you about the Hall of Fame class of 2010, we’ll also recap the NHL Awards show AND if that wasn’t enough we will breakdown the first round of the NHL Draft with our Puck Podcast scout and draft analyst Mike Murangi. All that and more on this week’s action packed Puck Podcast.

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  1. Again, as Doug points out, the players that EVERY pundit SWEARS TO THEIR MOTHER is going to be traded go… nowhere. Kaberle HAS to be dealt on Draft Day cause his no-trade clause kicks in on July 1! Spezza HAS to be dealt before the Draft is over! Vokoun will not be a Florida Panther on June 28th! None of these players got moved. Not a one. Meanwhile, NO ONE said Halak, Hamhuis or Ballard were going to be moved and yet they all have new sweaters to put on this season.

    Watching the coverage of past NHL Drafts on the NHL Network last week, I am further reminded that the pundits who spend all day and all night talking about hockey seem to be as clueless as you and me who spend all day and all night watching hockey. When St. Louis took Erik Johnson with the #1 overall pick in 2006, the commentators were gushing over the home run they had hit and how nothing could go wrong. Looking back on it, does anyone not think the Blues would have been better off with Jordan Staal (#2) or Jonathan Toews (#3)? Even without Johnson’s inability to drive a golf cart, I am thinking the overall careers of Staal or Toews would fit nicely into that young team than Johnson’s will. But we still have Pierre McGuire SCREAMING about how great this kid is and that nothing can go wrong with “the safest pick in the draft.”

    Look, if the legion of scouts get it wrong on multiple occasions year after year, why do we believe McGuire and Button and McKenzie won’t get it wrong as well? We seem to swear by these analysts (not just the names above) and take so much of what they report as fact… then forget down the line that NOTHING they said turned out to be right! For example, Hossa’s recent travels have recieved absolutely no true foresight as NOT ONE of the talking heads on TV/radio ever mentioned Detroit or Chicago before he signed his deals. For anyone who watches/listens to NHL Live, I would imagine you feel the same way about EJ Hradek. When the rumor of Vinny Lecavalier going to Montreal started making the internet rounds, he seemed to be “all over it” and reporting it as a deal almost done. Of course, nothing was ever in the works. He has done it again this season with his insistence that Jeff Carter was getting moved out of Philly; something the Philly GM has said was never an option. The recent belief that Kovie IS headed to LA should be taken with the grains of bitter salt that the evidence of the past here has provided.

    And someone pays money to hear about this? Anyone who does is wasting their cash.

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