Puck Podcast June 23rd, 2012

On this week's Puck Podcast "LIVE" from the NHL Draft in Pittsburgh, in the first period we recap the first round of the Draft. In the second period we recap all the news from the past week in the NHL including the NHL Awards Show. In the third period Eddie will have a power play on his eventful trip to Pittsburgh.

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  1. This is the first time listening to your podcast So when did Brandon Sutter become brothers with Ryan Suter? The sheer amount of errors made, proves that this is obviously done by hacks with little to no insight into hockey, scouting, or the complexities of drafting 18 year olds.

  2. I’ll take Jeff Ponder’s challenge: The Buffalo News reports that the Sabres added several members to their scouting department after the new owner came in last year, including in Europe, especially to better scout Sweden & Finland. In fact they took a Swede netminder in round 6 this year. Doesn’t appear they’ve scrapped video scouting entirely, which actually seems to have worked fairly well considering the decent depth the organization has. Most of the rookie callups last season due to the early rash of injuries at least didn’t look out of place in the NHL and a couple may challenge for a roster spot next season. Hope that answers the question.

  3. T-dale: I’m sorry that you feel this way. Mike and myself were guest hosts so maybe the show was not up to the normal standards. Give them a listen next week when the two regular hosts will be running the show.

    Roger: Thank you for looking into that. I’m sure Eddie and Doug will bring it up on the show this week. This will help with my research in the future as well. Great work!

  4. T-dale,
    I echo Jeff Ponder in hoping that you will give the show one more shot. Or, listen to a past episode and see if it’s more to your liking. Either way we appreciate you listening to the show and taking the time to give us your feedback. Hope you will listen again and become a regular.

    Doug Stolhand

  5. The error was all mine and mine alone Do not blame Eddie or Doug. The are professional and the best there are anywhere. Nervous is the word I would use to describe how I feel when I do the show. When you try and do the show it is very easy to cross names like Sutter and Suter like I did. I am sorry that you feel this way. The show is professional done by professionals. Please do not hold a mistake by a non professional like me against Eddie or Doug, I am a fan of the show and always have been. Doug and Eddie put countless hours in on the show so it is perfect, I am human and made a mistake and I am sorry for that to all the fans of the show. I just cover prospects. So I recant my statement, It was an honest mistake.

    So T Dale give the show 2 weeks. Jeff and I are on once maybe 2 times a year Trust me on this you will not be disappointed


  6. Eddie & Doug: College football moves to this new playoff in 2014 with all 6 major bowl games including the playoff semifinals to be played on either Dec 31 or Jan 1 (1 playoff in a bowl plus 2 other major bowls per day). http://tinyurl.com/835uhgf
    Should the NHL reconsider New Year’s Day for the Winter Classic? Perhaps a move to New Year’s eve for two reasons: 1. The weakest bowl game will be the early afternoon game on NYE. I know many people still work on NYE but that time still would be the least competiton for eyeballs. Many fans can at least DVR it and watch early evening. 2. We’ve seen weather affect the schedule a few times. Early on NYE provides the option of postponing to later on NYE or playing as late as the weather requires on NYD. Your thoughts?

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