Puck Podcast – June 13th, 2009

In this episode of the Puck Podcast we recap the last three games of the Stanley Cup Final with complete highlights, analysis and reaction from each game. We also talk with Bob Grove of the Penguins Radio Network about Pittsburgh’s championship and what changes they may make over the summer. We discuss the Devils losing a head coach, a coaching change in Dallas, a star player demanding a trade, why Eddie may give up on the Kings, Doug puts a politician in the penalty box and we take a fond look back at the entire Stanley Cup playoffs. All that and a whole lot more!

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  1. I don’t think Scuderi covered the puck in Game 6. It his his skate and then Fleury covered it. Then Fleury was awesome in Game 7, at least three giant saves, especially the one with about 3 seconds left. I can’t believe how eerily similar Games 6 and 7 were. Detroit played great for the first 10 and the last 5 minutes. In between, they gave up two goals. Oh well. 31 victories in two years is still impressive.

    Did you see the opening on CBC? Don Cherry picked up a HUGE octopus out of what was supposed to be the Detroit river. He loves to be right, but I didn’t get to hear his thoughts after the game ended.

  2. Yeah, the icing was a strange call, especially after seeing how many times Detroit was called for offsides. No, I’m not saying it was fixed like some people…. icing is never called as strictly as offsides. I would have been more upset if Stuart gave up thinking the play was going to be whistled. Of course, maybe if he gave up on it, he wouldn’t have given it away. Ok, I have an hour more to listen to. I may be back 🙂

  3. In regards to the discussion about the stars, I was thinking about the possibility that their new gm wanted Tippet out more than he wanted Crawford in. I know Tippet is a good coach and there are certainly other factors which could have been the root cause for his dismissal, but he is trap/defensively minded, a philosophy that seems to be less and less relevant in todays game. I remember their playoff run to the conference finals last year and how the radio guys would keep asserting how Dave Tippet is steadfast and unwavering in his approach. When I look at the stars and their roster, I see a team that could and should score more, and the strategy of trying to win 2-1 with Turco playing lights-out does not seem to be the right blueprint when you look at the post-lockout cup teams and what they try to do. As far as the supposed Pronger trade, I agree that LA has a good nucleus which they drafted and developed themselves, which should bear fruit in the next couple seasons. So if this turns out to be true then I look at it as a desperation move to get the kings into the playoffs. I just don’t hope they make it in next year as a 6-8 seed, get knocked out, have Pronger leave, and are left with less than they were before. Awesome podcast this week guys btw

  4. So Doug TIVO’s because he can’t stand watching commercials, but he can paste those annoying pop-ups on the tube with a clear conscience? Now THAT’s funny!

  5. Sam Merulla, eh? I have to say that I was AMAZED to hear that name on your show.

    You guys know my feelings on the whole Phoenix/Hamilton/NHL situation, as I’ve made them clear time and time again. I also live in Ward 4 and Sam Merulla is my City Councillor. That being said… I’m agreeing with you guys on this one. Sam’s out of his league here.

    Ward 4 is just one of many wards within Hamilton’s borders, and truthfully would have very little impact on the NHL as a whole if it were to boycott it. Not to mention, the timing is off. Have fun boycotting the league that is now on hiatus until September/October.

    Mr. Merulla? You’ve done a good job getting new plumbing for the people of Ward 4, but your grassroots campaign is a little silly, to be honest.

  6. Hey Eddie, you never explained why your giving up on the L.A. Kings on your last show!

    Can you give us an explantion?

  7. As to the Tippet firing, that was definitely Joe getting someone new in. I cannot see giving up on him considering he got the Stars to the West Final two seasons ago when everyone thought they would be done in the first round and after a horrible start last season had them in a solid playoff slot with about 1/4 of the season to go with a ton of injuries-including their captain and best player- before even more injuries did them in. As The Wild announced a new head coach today, I don’t know if Tippet will end up with a team before Opening Day, but I think he’ll garner alot of interest once the first rounds of firings start next season.

    And, as I’m sure everyone has heard, the Pronger-Johnson deal turned out to be bogus. TSN “Insider” Bob McKenzie said on NHL Live today that he thought it might have been something of a joke or prank between one of the GM’s offices to another- not neccessarily the Kings or Ducks offices, either. The possible trade of Pronger would not even be considered until Niedermyer makes his decision anyway.

    I think there is something to be said for listening to a team’s fan base. Of course, if something is going to make you win RIGHT NOW, do it. But how many times can the Kings let go of fan favorites and expect the fans to follow anyone? The O’Sullivan trade last year that I think fans still haven’t gotten all of the info about. Kopitar consistently wins fan favorite polls, but he was speculated in trade rumors last off season, even if they were bogus, too. And bringin in someone who fans have HATED for years and years? Not to mention that it would signal that the “Youth Movement” and patience management has preached for a few seasons is complete bull. And why would a team trade for Johnson when they can just make him an offer sheet on July 1? The Kings are not parting with the #5 pick, I’m sorry. Johnson is going to have a hard time finding Bill Finger $$ this off season, so I think he has a good chance to stay put.

  8. The Coyotes are not like the Pens who had the fan base but a very old arena that wasn’t profitable. I just don’t see this city magically becoming a hockey market. I honestly think this team would have to make it to the 2nd round of the playoffs before it started drawing a crowd large enough to turn a profit. Even if that happened next year you are looking at a year and a half before this team is profitable. All that while the NHL foots the bill. Who would buy that team if they had to keep it in Phoenix? I sure wouldn’t.

  9. I would say that the issue isn’t even the viability of a Phoenix franchise, but the NHL’s ability to run it’s operations. The issue becomes, yes, Phoenix CAN move, but where? If Basillie wanted to move the franchise to Las Vegas or KC, I think the NHL’s argument would be tempered a bit. The idea that any franchise can move anywhere is something that we cannot allow. You’d have 15 teams in the Northeast, 12 teams in the Northwest and 3 teams in SoCal. And then we will all see what “Niche Sport” really means.

    The NHL needs to diversify and moving franchises into 3 corners isn’t going to help. I don’t think the Phoenix team NEEDS to stay in AZ, but this is a pretty big hole that they’ve dug their city into. We’re talking about a nearly brand new building that will effectively be EMPTY for six months a year. In order to stay, we’re talking about millions of potential dollars spent to try and figure out how to get the fans that already exist to the arena- it’s more than 90 mins from the Yotes’ former building.

    This is an incredibly complex- and increasingly stupid in the mistakes already made- situation and there is no single “fix” for it. The team is not going to see any profit for years, even if they make a playoff run. The fruits of being good usual don’t bear until the season after a successful run. But I don’t think moving to Hamilton is the answer.

  10. To me the coyotes should go, there are plenty of cities not far (Kansas City for one) that have an Arena and trying to get a team. Forcing a team to where no one is willing to step up and say “hey we want a team here” is just silly. It becomes a place where they trade away the best players before the payday comes.

    Being an avid devils fan, part of me still wonders should hockey stay in NJ. For a while during the 95 playoff run there was that possibility they were not. After years of truly lackluster attendance, the last two years its starting to pick up. It took a new arena, an owner dedicated not only to the Devils, but to youth hockey as well. To build a fan base. Not sure what the youth hockey is in Phoenix, I am sure its not the top 10 sport played out there.

    As for Mr. Crackberry wanting to but a team – there are teams for sale in his own backyard. Go buy the canadians, or maybe we can get Bill Gates to buy the Canadians and move them to Seattle. I would like to see that, the Seattle Canadians.

  11. There are enough people in Phoenix that want a team. They’ve supported the Coyotes for years.

    Too bad the new multi-million dollar arena is in Glendale…

  12. @Kris: I’ve noticed a pattern that every promising young player dealt by Lombardi has caused trouble when negotiating a contract in the time shortly before, including Cammalleri and O’Sullivan. There’s also been numerous reports (I think PP has mentioned them) that Johnson has been troublesome, which is probably what led to the trade rumours about him.

  13. Tanner,
    I’m not giving up on my Kings. Far from it. What I was saying was that if the Chris Pronger trade, as far fetched as it was, would have actually happened, I would have strongly consider boycotting the team until GM Dean Lombardi was fired. I personally HATE Chris Pronger but personal feelings aside, the Kings (Lombardi) have asked fans to be patient as the organization rebuilds through the draft. We have been told over and over that plan will not be compromised. Obviously, trading a young defenseman AND the 5 overall pick for an aging defenseman would spit in the face of that plan. I’m still very much a Kings fan, for better or worse.

  14. Who are these guys? Are they true hockey fans or just occasional viewers? Or is this merely there job?

    They confuse names, seem to no nothing about Red Wings or Penguins hockey…they criticize Stuart for clearing it out of his zone up the middle rather than up the boards…well, Malkin had the boards covered and anyone that knows anything about the Wings knows they always go up the middle, they force the other team to the boards and take the middle, it took the pens a few games to figure it out, but once they did, the pens forced giveaways multiple times in games 1,2,3,4,6,and 7. Even Lidstrom turned over quite a few pucks in his own zone by trying to go up the middle.

    No offense, these guys just don’t seem very articulate or savvy.

    All in all though, I guess they did a good job of summarizing the last three games.

    lastly, Scuderi did not cover the puck in the crease like zetterberg did in game 2. The replay proved that Franzen’s stick found the puck and scuderi blocked it with his skate and then Fleury saved it.

    Also, the slap shot in the last 3 minutes of the third that hit off the crossbar would not have been a goal if it was a little lower. The shot went off Fluery’s shoulder and hit the bar, it the shot was any lower, it would have hit fluery’s shoulder cleanly, thereby making the clean save. Fleury also got a peice of Ericcson’s goal from the point.

    Osgood was good in the series but didn’t get it done. The second goal he was way off his angle, you can’t allow that goal in a finals game 7 when you are trailing by one goal. He was close but came up short for his team, the conn smythe trophy, and any chance in this lifetime to be in the hall of fame.

    These guys keep getting it wrong. Gretzky was the last conn smythe winner to lead league during playoffs and regular season, that was 1993, Lemieux did it in 1992 and sat out almost the entire 1993 season.

    Maybe these guys are just excited about the outcome of the series?!

  15. On the no icing call on the Pens first goal…the refs let many icings go on the red wings, two of them were cleared from behind their own blue line. I know the refs have the discretion there, but the officiating was confusing during this entire series, downright aweful at times. And in all reality, when you slow it down it looks like orpik is behind the red line, but at full speed, the puck may have been beyond the redline before it left his stick. Its easy to slow it down and see where he is when he attempts to clear the puck, just remember he was moving forward and was only a few feet away from the red line when he started to clear the puck, I think he was at or beyond the redline when it left his stick, and even if he wasn’t by a slim margin, that would have been a tough call for refs, the refs have be exact, they cannot assume or guess.

  16. Jim- Gretz didn’t win the Smythe in ’93. That honor went to the best player in the playoffs. A winking show stopper named Patrick Roy.

    Jason- I totally agree with you about “troublesome” players and Dino’s reaction to them. I knew Cammy was going because he never let it be a secret that he wanted to play in Canada. I was surprised by Sully only because they had JUST signed him to a deal. That took forever to get done. It seemed like the hard stuff was over, but I guess not. I’ve heard the same rumors about JJ’s contract desires, but I think the Kings can work it out. Maybe because I’m a JJ fan and I’m just crossing my fingers, I dunno…

  17. Jim,
    To answer your question “who are we?” We are the guys who have recorded a free hockey show every Saturday for the past three years without any compensation. Why? Because we ARE true hockey fans who are disappointed in the lack of coverage the great game of hockey gets in the main stream media. It’s very easy to listen to a show with over an hour and a half worth of content and pick out something that may or may not be wrong. You wrote two paragraphs and said Wayne Gretzky won the Conn Smythe in ’83 which was wrong. Perhaps you are not so savvy (which you spelled wrong). If you don’t like what you hear…don’t listen. If you think you can do a better job, I’d love to hear your show sometime.

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