Puck Podcast – July 3, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll talk about all the action surrounding the first two days of the free agency period. We’ll also tell you about two Hall of Fame caliber players making big decision regarding their careers. Puck Podcast NHL scout and draft analyst Mike Murangi will wrap up the NHL draft. Plus Doug will tell you about two jackass hockey dads and Eddie will tell you why he was cursing his TV on Thursday. All that and more on this edition of the puck podcast.

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Doug Stolhand is one of the co-founders and co-hosts of the Puck Podcast and has been a member of the NHL media since the show's inception in 2006.


  1. Hey guys,

    I had to come on here before I have even finished listening to Eddie’s rant because I couldn’t agree with him more. Living in Vancouver, let me be the 1st to say that TSN is not The Sports Sportsnet, it is the Toronto Sports Network. Hockey fans have put up with their home town biased crap for what feels like centuries and trust me, no one in Canada give a F about the NBA and a 5 minute update on basketball is 5 minutes too many as far as we are concerned too. I would rather watch infomercials for the Sham Wow than be force-fed a mind-numbing segment on the NBA DURING one of the most pivotal days for the NHL calendar year.

    And just to add a bit of my own rant on that show – did we really need to hear opinions from the dinosaur Dave Hodge and his ring of made-for-radio writer panel? I know you guys live in California and think we have it great in Canada with our NHL coverage, but most of it is not all it’s cracked up to be. We get to listen to half-wit morons like Nick Kypreos, John Garret, and Greg Millen. How would I ever know anything about hockey without those insightful blowhards?

    Great show once again and thanks for doing this throughout the offseason while most of the other shows take the summer off.

    and PS for Doug – I believe Malholtra will be a difference maker and will give the Canucks checking ability, leadership, and superb faceoff talent.

  2. Your Power Play segment, Probably the best ever. It’s one thing to get one power play (Which happens most of the time, like the olympic one which is still classic) but you can have two by both of you guys and make them classic as they were, yes, that’s got to be in the Power Play top ten if there is one. Doug’s Rant was just funny, Eddie’s Rant was 100% correct.

    Regarding that, and I know this is an NHL website but it was addressing something on the show. Am I the only one who is looking at this so-called NBA Free-agency and laughing? I mean on PTI they’re using phrases like “Another crazy day in Free Agency.” My response to that is:

    Really? You mean another day where NOTHING actually get’s done and we get another goround of meetings and coffee pouring? I will laugh if things remain the status quo, which is appearing likely with Peirce staying in Boston and Dirk staying in Dallas. ESPN, your “What did LeBron have for Breakfast this morning” network. I really wish my cable had TSN and CBC.

  3. Any reason why my previous comment is still awaiting a moderator approval? I sent it back on Sunday!

  4. Today’s ESPN ticker regarding the THREE HOUR SPORTSCENTER leading up to LeBron’s telethon announcement: “… we’re in every city for up to the minute LeBron buzz…” Seriously? What the #### does that even MEAN?!? The otherwise lovely Rachel Nichols standing outside MSG with the same “No one knows where James is going, but sources say he has rented a place somewhere in the United States this weekend” report thirty five times in three hours? Whomever is the poor sap sent to cover the Clipper’s *cough cough* interest in James staring into the screen and just reiterating the host’s questions because there has been nothing new to say since the moment “King Blowhard” announced that he was done talking about where he was going LAST F’ING SEPTEMBER?!? ESPN needs to be stopped. They do not need 18 channels when they have no actual sports programming to show. Two Yankees games a week and Tour De France updates leave them with 2,819 hours a week to fill on those 18 channels of no actual news. Once college sports stop for the summer, they go into “Brett Favre and the NBA non-news” for three months until Notre Dame faces Rutgers in the Compost Classic Kick Off Bowl on Sept 1. And this year is a doozy as they simply need 142 talking heads to say “LeBron James, Miami, Chicago, Cleveland” over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Those are the only five words that any of thier 18 channels are actually allowed to broadcast. It is mind-numbing. There is daytime baseball on today and NO ONE is showing it so that we can hear some pool boy from the W Hotel lie and say that LeBron has bungalows rented for this weekend. Or go on and on about “sources” that are COMPLETELY made up saying there was a deal to land all three of these idiots in Chicago and it was FINAL last Fri. (Yeah, how accurate was that report, you jackholes?) Or how Grenwich, CT is some kind of clue as to wear “King All About ME” is going instead of the fact that HE IS IN CARMELO ANTHONY’S WEDDING SAT HELD THERE. I have shut off the tv for a bit and decided to spend the rest of the evening throwing up, trying to remove the LeBron infection from my bowels.

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