Puck Podcast – July 25th, 2009

This week we celebrate the third anniversary of the Puck Podcast by talking with some of our loyal listeners and reflecting on some favorite moments. We also recap the past week in the NHL with discussion of Marian Hossa's shoulder surgery, Alexei Kovalev recruiting Dany Heatley to return to Ottawa, a #1 draft pick in trouble with the law and what Vladimir Putin has planned for the KHL. All that and a whole lot more in this special episode of the Puck Podcast.

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Doug Stolhand is one of the co-founders and co-hosts of the Puck Podcast and has been a member of the NHL media since the show's inception in 2006.


  1. I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure being on the show today guys. Thanks for the call and I hope to meet you guys in St. Louis in the near future. Keep up the great work!

  2. Podcasts seem to be highly irregular in general. I have found many good blogs and podcasts that barely last a few months before the author(s) loses interest. It has been great to have this show every Saturday. I stopped following hockey for awhile and I am sure this show is the reason I got back into it. Way to go guys

  3. Tanner- I like your title “Texas Ice Hockey Expert.” Are there many of those down there? JK

    Good stuff. Sad day to see Zubov leave I bet. He has been a part of the Stars for so long that I almost can’t imagine him playing anywhere else.

  4. Congrats on making it three years. Been listening almost from the very beginning and can’t imagine a Monday morning without you guys yapping about the best sport in the world. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  5. Doug and Eddie, like Jeff, I also want to express my gratitude for having me on the show as a guest. It was a very unique experience. Congratulations on three wonderful years “on the air” and I’m looking forward to many more.

  6. I actually had to turn down a job offer from the Red Wings, it was pretty depressing! I work for the Detroit Tigers and MLB Productions and my name was given to the Red Wings, and unfortunately they wanted someone to basically teach them how to run a program that I know very little. I’d still like to get a job with the organization somehow!

  7. Congrats on making it 3 years! 3 more years! 3 more years!
    It was a great show this week. I very much enjoyed you guys chatting with the listeners. When you mentioned the Avs and Denver, and that John Elway would be the King, you said “Than that would make Joe Sakic the Queen”. My first thought was, “Well he did win the Lady Byng Trophy”! I’m just sayin’.

    You might find this corny, but I still remember what mail I was processing and which machine I was working on at the P.O. when I first heard the Puck Podcast. Return to Sender mail and it was a Sunday night going into a Monday holiday last year. Doug, you worked the show by yourself and I definitely remember you talked about minor league hockey and that Ducks players had to travel 3,000 miles to get to Anaheim from somewhere on the east coast. So it must have been during the ’07-’08 season.

    Glad I found you guys and I appreciate all that you do for us hockey fans.


  8. Just catching up on two missed shows after being on vacation… Congrats on your 3-year anniversary! Keep up the good work, and looking forward to many years to come.

  9. Congrats on 3 years. Loved the July 25th podcast as one of the people that you interviewed, Tim Priano, is my nephew. Looking forward to many more years!

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