Puck Podcast – July 24, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll talk all about the Ilya Kovalchuk sage including the possible long term ramifications of his controversial contract, we’ll also update you on all the trades and signings this past week in the NHL including another move involving the Stanley Cup Champions. We’ve got news on the US Hockey Hall of Fame Class for 2010 as well as an NHL player suffering a floor hockey injury. Plus we celebrate our 4 year anniversary and more on this week's Puck Podcast.

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  1. happy four yrs anniversity!!!!!!

    in re-guards of longterm signings rick diepetro 15 yrs contract was one of a kind…he is guarranteed 4.5 million dollars a yr till the end of the term even if he his injured or even if he retires before the end of the term…..i guess because of insurances not willing too cover contracts that long i guess they settle on this approach…and seeing that his wages does not drop near the end of the contract the nhl didn’t have any arguments on this…..please correct me if i’m wrong.it’s been awhile but i beleived i heard right

  2. Great show as always guys! Wow, i did not know you been doing this since ’06!

    About the the long term contracts that pay much the first years and a fraction of the salary in the last years. I think the current contract Miikka Kiprusoff has was the first (or one of the first big ones) that uses this caphit weirdo workaround. In 2008/2009 his new deal kicked in and he made $8mil, 10/11 he makes $7mil and in 13/14 he makes $1.5mil

    Its kinda ridiculos by the NHL to put the foot down and whine about these contracts. If they dont like them, they can ban them. So after this upcoming season they can write a new rule that says bla bla maximum length bla bla, kinda what Doug already mentioned.

    regards /big M from Sweden

  3. Hi, Guys –
    Love the show.
    As you suggested, making the cap hit simply equal to the value of the contract in that particular year seems the most logical and fair approach going forward.
    Any idea why that approach was never instituted from the beginning?


    John Patella
    Cranbury, NJ

  4. Dear Gang:

    You are using “circumvent” in its plain English sense, not in its legal sense. In order to “circumvent” the cap, a contract would have to include guaranteed money for personal services that are related to hockey, without counting against the cap. If Kovalchuk had an $80 million deal for playing for NJ, PLUS a guaranteed $20 million to star in the “Illin’ with Ilya” weekly tv or radio show (just for example), THAT would “circumvent” the salary cap. The CBA is worded in such a way that these “frontloaded” deals are completely legal. That’s why the Hossa deal was investigated, but ultimately approved.

    The NHL itself comes out the big loser in this situation. By objecting to a deal that is clearly within one of the hundreds of loopholes in the current CBA, Bettman is only drawing attention to the fact that the current CBA was drawn up by relative amateurs. The NFL realized these sorts of contracts would be a problem, and their legal experts addressed this years ago.

  5. I always try to get 2 or 3 year deals so I can switch teams. I’d get tired of playing for the same team for 15 years. Of course, I’m playing EA hockey and I don’t make real money.

  6. Hi guys,
    Now that rosters mostly have settled with the main FA’s signed, I’m looking to pick a new girlfriend team to go with my endlessly frustrating,hometown Sabres. I want a team with an exciting style (ie, opposite the sabres)that will be somewhat regular on NHL Network/VS. I got lucky last year with the Hawks as my first girlfriend. I’m leaning toward the Blues this year, with Tampa and Vancouver in the running. Which would you go with? who will be your girlfriends this season?

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