Puck Podcast – July 18th, 2009

This week we discuss the Blackhawks stunning front office moves and the even more surprising comments made by a former Blackhawks star. We also talk with Sharks beat reporter David Pollack about San Jose's quiet offseason and what changes they may make before opening day, we discuss some of the highlights of the NHL schedule this season as well as the Devils hiring of Jacques Lemaire, ownership news from Phoenix and Tampa, a player who likes to go 'commando' and, of course, a whole lot more.

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  1. I’m with Doug on the Chicago thing. Without knowing all of the inside scoop, this looks like one of those things where they already wanted the change and were just waiting for Dale to get a parking ticket or something… you know Scotty Bowman would not have been fired for something like this, back in the day.

  2. …and would you like to be Stan Bowman, walking in and replacing such a popular, succesful guy under these circumstances…? Does anyone know what the players think about the new guy?

  3. Believe it or not, I have had some teammates in the past that do not wear cups! They say that the cups slow them down and they cannot skate with the puck as comfortably. I forgot my cup for one practice when I was younger and I refuse to let that happen again…

  4. Great show as usual guys.

    Two things. Did I understand you correctly when you said the guy wears nothing under his uniform, shirts, pads, etc.? I would think he would have to wear pads. If he doesn’t, what would his jersey be tied down to?

    I just wanted to mention something about the airport experience. When I moved to Florida from New York, our plane was delayed due to fog. We landed in Baltimore for the connecting flight to Florida but was told that we would have to wait for the next one because ours was already on the runway. We were upgraded to first class I might add. When we got in to Florida 6 hours behind schedule our luggage was nowhere to be found. What I want to know is, how did our luggage make it onto the plane that was already on the runway?! Oh, well. It was worth the upgrade to first class anyway.

  5. Postal Scott- I think Doug meant no shirt, shorts, underwear, etc. There are league regulations that say that players have to wear certain pads. No pads in the NHL would be mind-boggling.

  6. Scott,
    Jeff is correct. Predators prospect Zach Budish wears the required pads under his uniform but he wears nothing under those pads.

    Jeff – With regards to not wearing a cup while playing hockey, that’s just dumb. In a sport where every player has a stick which he/she may or may not be in control of, not to mention the razor blades on everyone’s foot, it’s an unnecessary risk.

    I personally went the other way and wore MORE pads than was needed. I had the cup but then I wore some foam hockey pants in addition to the normal hockey pants. The reason I started doing this was that I liked to play in front of the net and ended up getting knocked down a lot. I am also such a poor skater that falling down for no reason is not out of the question. One night I came home from a game and had a bruise on my hip and decided that spending some money on extra pads would be worth it. I also wore some knee braces to help stabilize my knees in case someone took out my legs or I went into the boards awkwardly. I’m all about preventing injuries instead of treating them.

    And for the record, I always wore a long sleeve shirt and underwear under my pads.


  7. Postal Scott, the jersey strap attaches to the hockey pants. So you could wear nothing under your pads and still have the fighting strap attached.

    Jeff, your friends that don’t wear a cups are….CRAZY!

  8. Eddie and Doug- I have NO IDEA how they haven’t paid for not wearing a cup. Like I said, I played in one practice in high school without a cup and blocked a shot on my left hip that was dangerously close to my junk. I almost faked an injury because it scared me worse than anything has ever before. I have left my cup at home before and went back to get it, knowing I would be late for my pre-game ritual. But I want to keep having children in the future an option!

  9. While I agree that it is stupid to go without a cup I would say that I have played 1000’s of games of pond hockey where I never wore a cup. It isn’t like they were less aggressive games either. Two of my friends ended up with broken arms from our games and one with a broken foot.

  10. Guys,

    I played for 16 years and work a cup 3 times. I can not skate with that stupid thing on. If you cut an old pair of hip pants and take out the roont leg shield, I had my mom sew into the front and it acts like a cup. Plus it gives you the freedom without wearing one.

    I will say this I played catcher in baseball and did not wear a cup a single time.

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