Puck Podcast – July 17, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll tell you about the latest in the Ilya Kovalchuk saga as well as update you on what could be a big decision for the Chicago Blackhawks. You’ll get news on a long time NHL defenseman calling it a career and another veteran player having his number retired. We’ve also got news on the salary of the NHL commissioner and a behind the screens report on the hockey wedding of the century. Plus a special interview with Sean Ramjagsingh, Producer for EA Sports NHL ’11.

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Doug Stolhand is one of the co-founders and co-hosts of the Puck Podcast and has been a member of the NHL media since the show's inception in 2006.


  1. Hey guys, thanks for the great interview with Sean Ramjagsingh! I just listened to it and am super-excited about what’s coming in NHL11! Thanks for having him on, and thanks to Sean for making time for your awesome show!

  2. I don’t play any of the NHL games (Don’t even have the consoles for them), but the interview was the biggest highlight of the show this week. Of course it’s an awesome show always (You guys have really upped your game this offseason by the way), but for someone who didn’t really have any impact on the whole game craze, I was interested in everything that guy had to say. I was also starting to get a bit excited in that I should buy a counsole and play the game because of all the cool features. I could tell, Doug, that you were genuinely psyched up for this game because of your demeanor during the whole interview.

    In a summer where interviews are hard to get because of vacations and the attitude that since this is the offseason, people can stop working (Except you guys), this was one of the best interviews I’ve heard since I started listening to the show a few years ago. Well done on the find guys, and thanks a bunch.

  3. Regarding your letter from the guy who sped up the podcast on his MP3 player. Oddly enough, when I first began listening to the podcast, whenever I got bored, I would start to speed up the podcast whenever Doug spoke and slow it down whenever Eddie spoke. I would then be listening to a spirited discussion between a sloth and a squirrel.

  4. Just a couple of notes from last week’s show…

    Doug: The number 00 is illegal in the NHL. I quote from NHL rule 9.2: “Sweater numbers such as 00, ½ (fractions), .05 (decimals), 101 (three digit) are not permitted.”
    I believe it is also illegal in the NFL but their rulebook is NOT online, even at NFL.com. I do remember when the NFL and AFL merged, receiver Ken Burroughs (Houston) and center Jim Otto (Oakland) were allowed to continue wearing 00 until they retired.

    Regarding the retired Whalers’ numbers, Wikipedia says Hartford retired #2 (Rick Ley), #9 (Gordie Howe) and #19 (John McKenzie). After moving to Carolina, the Hurricanes put 2 and 19 back into use.
    In 2006, they retired #10 for Ron Francis. #2 was again retired last year for Glen Wesley.
    The Hurricanes have three numbers on the “out of circulation” list. They are #3 (Steve Chiasson), #9 (Howe) and #99 (Wayne Gretzky).

  5. Really appreciate the interview with Sean Ramjagsingh. And you got some really good quality on that one! Still not convinced I’ll buy it though. I’m quite put off by NHL 10 hanging/freezing much on my PS3. -_-

    Fun and interesting show as always guys! 🙂 There was something else I wanted to comment on, but I listen at work and hardly ever remember… 😛 Oh well.

  6. Doug – Awesome interview with Sean Ramjagsingh on NHL11. The questions you asked (and the recommendations for future editions) were great. I’m really stoked about the tweaks they made, considering this game is already addictive as hell. Have you thought of creating a Puck Podcast league, one that allows listeners to play individual positions? Either way, great interview, especially for us hockey gamer geeks. Thanks!

  7. Nate,
    I have given that a lot of thought and yes, we will have a Puck Podcast team in the EASHL this season. I can’t wait to hit the ice with it and thanks for the kind words.

  8. Sounds great Doug, looking forward to “earning a spot” on the team, hopefully. Play some pretty mean D in the vicarious EA world… not so much in real life.

  9. I appreciated the interview very much as well. I’m a longtime PC gamer, and have never owned any gaming systems. When I turned on the interview, I thought “Ho hum, this is going to be uninteresting” as I had only ever played NHL ’07 briefly on a PC and found it difficult. To my suprise, I found myself getting very excited about the features of NHL ’11. I sold my sisters and parents on it, and we are now planning on buying a Wii and the new NHL Slapshot. Thanks for converting me!

  10. Andy,
    That’s great to hear! I hope you enjoy the Wii and NHL Slapshot – thanks for supporting the show and for taking the time to write in and tell us about that.


  11. Your listener got their correlation wrong.

    ’76 Olympics: Montreal
    ’77 Cup: Montreal (arguably the best team in NHL history)

    ’88 Olympics: Calgary
    ’89 Cup: Calgary (the franchise’s only one)

    ’10 Olympics: Vancouver
    ’11 Stanley Cup: ???

  12. You guys hearing anything on Ice Edge dropping out of the Phx Coyotes sale? I have been reading that today…interesting.

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