Puck Podcast – January 9, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll talk about another coaching change in the NHL as well as a thrilling gold medal game between the USA and Canada. We’ll tell you why a game was suspended AND we’ll throw and long time NHL player in the penalty box. We’ll also have an interview with former NHL player Jeremy Roenick and we’ll read some of your e-mails as well.

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  1. Christensen played very little minutes before Prospal got hurt. He was the 4th line guy with 5min with guys like Brashear and Brian Boyle.

    Now he is centering the top line and has like 7 points in 7 games.

  2. great show… just wanted to make a comment about the devils. on the show it was mentioned that they have enjoyed good health. they have had extended stints missing key players: martin, elias, oduya, clarkson, niedermayer, pandolfo, zubrus. i have not checked this but i am sure they are in the top quarter of the league in man games lost.

    i just wanted to point this out because it’s truly awesome what the devils are doing this year. it shows that the TEAM (not just brodeur) is great and their playing philosophy works. they also showed that a significant injury to brodeur did not impact their success last season.

  3. Hey guys, I appreciated the commentary on Ovechkin’s maturity and the fact he pulled up on Doughty the other night in LA. The truth is, he does this all of the time, but people choose to see things differently. Even the knee on knee hits that have gotten so much attention he pulled up on, just a little bit too late, and with no reciprocation from the other party.

    He is truly as clean, honest, and pure-of-heart player as you will ever see, considering the intensity with which he plays. It’s hard to avoid some incidental contact when you fly around the ice like he does. He does his best not to hit anyone outside of the rules, which is more than you can say for most NHLers.

  4. Doug,

    Nice interview with JR, but I wanted to ask – during his replies to your questions, were you able to put down the phone and go make a sandwich, watch a period of hockey, straighten up the garage and take a nap before JR had stopped talking? ha ha

    Regarding your complaint about the NHL Network showing the final scores on the crawl at the top of the screen WHILE you’re still watching the games – I have ESPN360.com to see the games here in Denmark (the only option), and they have a nice feature that allows you to turn off the actual scores on the crawl, so that you just see the names of the 2 teams that have played. Pretty smart, and simple. There’s no reason a grown man should have to start taping paper over the top of the computer screen so as to not see the final scores. lol

    Lastly, I just wanted to share a memory of my Dad, one of the worst “spoilers” to ever walk the earth – when I was a teenager I would routinely tape the New York Giants’ games and watch them later that night. Upon entering the house my father would routinely blurt out the final score, much to my irritation. He got better, but could never quite get the hang of not giving away what had happened during the game. My wife still laughs about the time I came into the house, cut my Dad off before he could say anything and told him to not say a single word about the final score of the game, to which he replied, “Okay, I won’t tell you the final score…..but I can tell you that you’re not going to like it.” Priceless! ha ha

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