Puck Podcast – January 24, 2009

In this week's episode we talk about one of the best games of the year as the Red Wings played at the Sharks and discuss returns to the ice for Brenden Shanahan and Claude Lemiuex. We'll tell you about two Colorado players who achieved a big milestone in the same game and another injury problem for Rick DiPietro. We'll also have the story of a Blackhawks fan who struck it rich and a Penguins fan who had the thrill of a lifetime plus a whole lot more.

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  1. On September 4, 1995, the Giants retired Phil Simms jersey during halftime of a game against the Cowboys. Simms decided to celebrate the moment by throwing an impromptu ceremonial pass to Taylor. Simms recalled, “[a]ll of a sudden it kind of hit me, I’ve put Lawrence in a really tough spot; national TV, he’s got dress shoes and a sports jacket on, and he’s had a few beers and he’s going to run down the field and I’m going to throw him a pass.”[76] Simms then motioned for Taylor to run a long pattern and after 30–40 yards threw him the pass. Taylor later commented that the situation made him more nervous than any play of his career, “I’m saying to myself (as the pass is being thrown), ‘If I drop this pass, I got to run my black ass all the way back to Upper Saddle River because there ain’t no way I’m going to be able to stay in that stadium’.”[76] Taylor caught the pass, however, and the capacity crowd in attendance cheered in approval. Simms was wearing his jersey.

  2. The Tampa Bay Lightning have (or had)a similar idea with a million dollar payout if the Bolts scored exactly at the 15:00 mark of the 2nd period. I can’t remember the sponsor, but I think it was Taco Bell.

  3. A comment about the Red Wings not having a representative in tonight’s All Star Game. I’m a Coyotes fan, and I watched the last game the Red Wings played before the break, against Phoenix. Pavel Datsyuk did leave the game in the third period with a hip injury, and actually has a legitimate injury, but the idea that Lidstrom is injured enough to miss games is absolutely laughable. Lidstrom played 26:23 of ice time in the game, a full three minutes longer than any other skater in the game (Rafalski played 23:26). You can check the box score. He’s certainly not injured enough to have his ice time cut back.

    Also, I heard a report that once Lidstrom and Datsyuk pulled out, they contacted another unnamed Red Wing about playing the game, but they declined the honor. Thus, the only people who can be blamed for the lack of Red Wings players at the game this year are the Red Wings players themselves.

  4. Chris: Your Red Wing comments are mostly accurate but in a few words, who really cares? The All Star game is a complete joke, everyone knows that, the skills competition last night was embarrassing as is most of this weekend for the NHL. Coming off the winter classic makes this even more sad.

  5. Homer from Hockeytown,

    Apparently Red Wings fans care because I have heard them complaining about it all week. Yes the All Star game is a joke but fans do like to see players from their own team their so it is nice when a player can make a showing for their fans.

  6. The Penguins tend to be very present in Cystic Fibrosis awareness/charity primarily because one of the best CF transplant clinics is in Pittsburgh.

  7. Matt in Minnesota: Wrong again, not all fans like to see “their owns players their”, I don’t like to see my players their or “there”. I worry they’d be hurt in pointless weekends like this so I’m for either for shortening it or putting in a city no one would care about, like St. Paul.

  8. Nice to see Mark deciding who is right and wrong again as usual. I’m glad Mark is always here to tell as how it is.

    P.S. I agree, all star skills comp was completely embarassing, particularly Patrik Kane. The players did not demonstrate any skill at all. Who shoots on a shootout attempt in skills comp? The fact that Doan won a skills competition shows the flaw in the system.

  9. Nick: Classic, whack me for telling you how it is, which you clearly need, then agree with me in the end. Consider wearing a hat when you go outside, you can never completely reverse the effects of frostbite of the brain but there’s no reason to make things worse. By the way, you’re welcome.

  10. Sorry about the homophone confusion. I probably do deserve to be teased for that one. Bad proof reading on my part.

    Mark, I didn’t say all fans, I said fans. I can certainly understand someone who is day-to-day or even on the mend sitting out. I was just saying that the people I heard complaining about it were Wings fans. Many fans that watch the All Star events do so to watch players from their favorite team compete.

    St. Paul did have the All Star Game a few seasons back. As lame as it is to watch on TV it is a great event to attend. I am not sure how it is in other cities but in St. Paul it was an all out celebration of hockey. There was an outdoor rink set up next to the Excel Energy Center. There were life size bobble heads of the players in the skyways and at the Energy Center there were all sorts of stands and history displays.

  11. Mathew: You’re a good sport, your boy Nick however, needs to relax. I understand your point here and understood the other one as well, even more now. I feel compelled to stand up for Wings fans and players no matter where the jabs are originated. I often watch the All Star game and have always enjoyed the skill competition even more, until this year. I was rather embarrassed after watching the break-away event with my two nephews from Carolina and so much so, couldn’t watch the actual game–I could do without it. By the way, Lidstrom has had tendinitis in that elbow all season and Datsyuk does have a hip flexor. A buddy of mine is in the Wing locker room daily and this is fact. Bettman suspending them is rather silly but the rules are rules and I’m assuming the Wings can dispatch Columbus with or without these two, we’ll see. All the best.

  12. The IIHF Champions League Final 2nd Leg is late in the 1st period in Switzerland. If you want to watch the game, the it’s live streaming on http://www.universalsports.com If your lucky to have a cable or satelatie package that has the universal Sports Network. It’s TV as well.

  13. Quick notes regarding the All-Star Game, if only to get my two
    cents in.
    I happen to like the All-Star game. Until the Western Conference starter in goal isn’t the starter on his own club! There needs to be changes. The fact that Nabakov or Kipper isn’t on the club, but Modano and Tee-Chuck are is a travesty. Less players means (maybe) more competitive spirit. More of a true game sense within the players are there. If u pare down the number of participants, I think it instills a greater sense of pride and honor.

    Yes, there won’t be any hitting, but maybe someone takes a shot from farther out than five feet! Look, weird stuff happens. My favorite player nearly lost three of his fingers to a snowblower! If Thomas can take a twenty foot slap shot in the last game of the year without injury, two or three more in the All-Star game is not going to sideline him for any time. The passing and passing and passing to take a three foot shot at half speed just isn’t working!

    And the Breakaway Challenge or whatever? Kill it. Or AT LEAST get rid of the goalie! If you are going to have everyone do crazy crap, give them a better shot at getting it in!!

  14. That was the first, and last, time I will waste my time trying to watch the all star game. It only reinforces the fact that the NHL needs to quit trying to make the game more high scoring. Nothing could be more boring than that complete lack of defense.

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