Puck Podcast – January 23, 2010

On this week's show we discuss a star players fight against a goon and the fallout from it, we breakdown the return of Rick DiPietro and the first meeting of the season between The Great 8 and Sid the Kid. We'll also talk about all the big injuries, news and notes from the past week in the NHL and read your e-mails as well. All that and more on this edition of the Puck Podcast.

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Doug Stolhand is one of the co-founders and co-hosts of the Puck Podcast and has been a member of the NHL media since the show's inception in 2006.


  1. Well, thanks to some of your listeners (thanks Mac and Mark) I will be able to watch the Kings play the Wings tonight from Germany. (http://europe.espn360.com)
    Good luck to the Kings tonight, Eddie. They are due for a win against the Wings, but I am hoping Detroit can create a little breathing room after their move into 8th place in the standings… maybe even tie with the Kings in the West.

  2. Glad to help Dave – enjoy the games.

    Maybe I’ll have to think about switching my allegiance to another team if my Rangers continue to lay and egg. 6-0 loss to Montreal last night – just terrible. Do you guys think the team has quit on Tortorella? It’s kind of starting to look that way. Now I’m just waiting for the inevitable bonehead Glen Sather trade – something like giving away good, young players like Dubinsky and Callahan for an aging star who is passed his prime (Lecavalier?). If Sather does something like that, then I’m stopping my support for the Rangers until Sather is gone. I mean it. You heard it here first! 😉

  3. Doug – Funny that you talked about comparing football scores to hockey. I’ve been doing that for years whenever I hear the scoring complaints. If each touchdown is a goal, then a 28-14 game is a 4-2.

  4. Chris,
    I agree. It’s a comparison I’ve made to hockey detractors for a while now. I guess if the NHL would just make each goal worth seven points then people wouldn’t complain about it being so low scoring. Like you said, a 4-2 game would become a 28-14 game and the idiots that can’t appreciate hockey would be happy. And if we can make goals scored at even-strength, on the power play, shorthanded and empty net all worth a different amount…think of the gambling! We could get over/under’s involved, spreads…it would be great. “The over/under on tonight’s Blues/Oilers game is 38 1/2. The Oilers are five point favorite.” Suddenly the NHL is the most popular sport in North America all thanks to changing the value of a goal.

    I’m glad that the NHL does not do this, by the way, and if people cannot appreciate the sport for what it is then that is their loss.

  5. A quick note about last Thursday’s Caps-Pens game; as it was available on the NHL Network, let us remember that IS a nationally televised game, since more homes recieve NHL Net than Versus! However I agree that if the NHL Schedulers are going to wait until mid-January to schedule a match between Crysby and Ovechkin-san, they should place it on Saturday and make it a matinee so it can be shown on NBC. Would we not rather see that on Saturday afternoon (or morning out here in the west)than the constant airings of Rangers and Flyers games? Coupled with the fact that the Sharks and Kings are DONE for the season before game 50, I am finding myself more and more disappointed in the scheduling office and their BAFFLING decisions!

  6. Just wanted to send a minor correction your way, Doug:

    You stated that both goaltenders always win the William M. Jennings Trophy on this week’s show. That is actually an incorrect statement. As per the NHL guidelines set forth for trophies, the William Jennings Trophy is handed to “the goalkeeper(s) having played a minimum of 25 games for the team with the fewest goals scored against it. Winners are selected based on regular-season play.” So it really only goes to those that play in 25 games or more.

    But still, playing behind Brodeur is an easy paycheck compared to other positions in the sport. So in that aspect, you were very correct.

  7. Eddie, a quick note about Milan Hejduk. Unless something changed after the initial announcement, The Duke was NOT a memeber of the Czech Olympic team. He asked the management of Team Czech not to consider him this year as he has been battling nagging injuries all season (which eventually resulted in the surgery mentioned) and he felt he would be better served to use the time to rest and thought he owed it to the Avs to try and get healthy as well as believing someone else would be better in his spot in Vancouver. This was all related during an Altitude Broadcast just after the initial announcement.

  8. I also wanted to comment on the e-mail about “the most annoying fans.”

    Canucks fans are the most annoying fans I have ever encountered! I am an avid Blues and Cardinals baseball fan and have come across many annoying fans throughout my years; Red Wings, Giants and Mets fans are all pretty bad, but ‘Nuckers take the cake. Sorry to any of you that are good fans that root for the Canucks, but good lord you are grouped with a bunch of cocky fools. I am on a Blues message board and we got swarmed with troll Canuck fans during last playoff, and I seriously had to stop posting throughout the playoffs. They all think the Canucks are the greatest team in the world; saying a lot for a city that hasn’t won a Cup since 1914. And yes, I am aware that the Blues have never won, so take your shots; I know I deserve it.

  9. “The over/under on tonight’s Blues/Oilers game is 38 1/2. The Oilers are five point favorite.”

    Come on, now, Doug, we both know that’s completely unrealistic. The Oilers should never, ever be anyone’s favourite in 2009-10, speaking as someone who knows. 😉

  10. Poutine is absolute heaven. Perfect texture, amazing warm, melty salty starchy heaven. Born in Ottawa but living in Boston and it baffles my mind that this hasn’t made its way across the border. I mean hell there are even a few Tim Horton’s floating around down here, why not Poutine?

  11. Even if you changed the scoring to 7 points per goal, it wouldn’t make the idiots who can’t appreciate hockey like it any more. They’d find some reason to hate it.

  12. Decent show… until you said you thought the Avs aren’t making the playoffs. I would love to point out how balanced this team is, and how real of a future they have, this year and down the road, but I’d rather not waste the 10 minutes of my life.

    Literally, that comment made me lose respect for this podcast, not in any personal way, but in your ability to assess of the landscape of the NHL. Wow.

  13. Hey Ummmmm: Related to your Colorado playoff rant, nobody’s going to waste 10 minutes of their life while you support your beliefs either, but I imagine you’d get 2 minutes so go for it.

  14. Ummmmm, I said I thought the Avs were definitly going to make the playoffs. Do I not get your respect for that? People have diffent opinions. You don’t have to agree with them but I would hope the rest of the show and past shows would have already earned your respect. I would be glad to read an e-mail or post from you disagreeing with Doug and why. If you do decide to go that route, please include your real name.

  15. So Ummmm….. if you are so upset about Doug’s rant, please leave your real name like a man… or even a grown up woman. You are talking to some hardcore Puck Podcast supporters and to say you won’t ever listen to the show doesn’t bother most of us at all. Eddie and Doug do appreciate your support, but I don’t. These guys do this for free and give their opinions because they love this game and want to get the word out to the fans. If you can’t accept an honest opinion from a true fan of the game, then please don’t post here. Obviously you are small-minded.

    Eddie and Doug for President(s)!

  16. I was upset by the unsubstantiated, offhand claim made and answered in kind. I was insulted at the way you tossed away one of the most incredible, feelgood GM, coaching, and team efforts in the NHL this year, without a breath of why you felt that way.

    I apologize for how I reacted, but I was a bit miffed. Am I listening again this week… yes. But I am honestly still a bit shocked at that opinion, and how little you chose to expound upon that stance.

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