Puck Podcast – January 22nd, 2011

On this week’s show we’ll talk about the captains being named for the upcoming All-Star game as well as a Sidney Crosby all-star controversy. We’ll also tell you about a general manger getting a big fine, the Blues losing a player they had just signed for the second time this season, an interesting week for the Rangers Marian Gaborik. We’ve also got all the latest injury news, transactions and of course your e-mails on this edition of the Puck Podcast.

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  1. Great show as always guys.

    Doug, Stamkos is #91 and Adam Hall is #18. Not sure how they screwed that one up.

  2. Thought that I would give a little info on Forsberg practicing with the Avs. He did an interview with local media a couple days ago, and he actually called GM Greg Sherman a few days before Flash went out. At first, I thought Sherman called him to try and rally the troops, because we’ve looked flat recently. Anyway, Forsberg is simply seeing if he could keep up, he didn’t give any specific timeframe, but alluded to taking a few weeks to making a decision.

    I definitely like it, because now Duchene gets to skate with his boyhood idol, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets hot after this. The Avs have the cap space and he wouldn’t take ice time away from any core players.

    I don’t think he improves the team to being more than a first round exit, though. He may prove me wrong if he gets everyone to play more passionately. Would be nice if he could teach Hunwick how to play defense, too.

  3. In the podcast Eddie was guessing that Carolina and Tampa Bay are more often the taking team in boat races. Naturally I just had to check the stats to find out the truth. Carolina has actually won as many as they have lost (3-and-3), while Tampa does lose most of the time (1-and-4).

    Here’s the rest of the stats in case you’re interested in them. Didn’t double-check them so apologies for any mistakes in the data:

    Most boat race wins:
    Rangers, Canucks (4)
    5 teams (3)

    Most boat race losses:
    Oilers (6)
    Islanders (5)
    Lightning (4)

    Most boat race appearances (wins+losses total):
    Oilers (7)
    Hurricanes, Capitals (6)

    Least boat race appearances:
    Ducks, Red Wings (1)

    Best differential: Rangers (+4)
    Worst differential: Oilers, Islanders (-5)

  4. Timo,
    Thanks very much for doing that! Good stuff and good to see that my Ducks are involved in less boat races than any team other than the Red Wings.


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