Puck Podcast – January 16, 2010

On this week's show we discuss a referee and his alleged grudge against a player, we'll discuss how far is too far when it comes to fans trying to effect the outcome of a game. We'll tell you about a replay that was not shown during a game and the fall out from that and we'll tell you about a brawl involving two Russian teams and an almost brawl involving a Russian super star. All that plus your e-mails on this edition of the Puck Podcast.

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Doug Stolhand is one of the co-founders and co-hosts of the Puck Podcast and has been a member of the NHL media since the show's inception in 2006.


  1. You guys are absolutely right about Colin Campbell. This is what he said last night on the CBC when Ron MacLean suggested that fining Burrows for talking to the media might be construed as a cover up: “We’re not fining him for talking to the media, we’re fining him for saying what he said to the media.” How can anyone not laugh after hearing this pathetic justification for the fine? In other words, according to Campbell you can talk to the media, but only say nice things about the officials. This is a really bad joke. Burrows is being muzzled because the NHL can’t stand any criticism and probably knows that Burrows is right.

  2. Great show as always guys!
    Just wanted to comment on that Russian hockey brawl. What i read in finnish media it started already during pre-game practice when Vityaz players started to shoot pucks on the Avangard players across the ice. Ex-Philly D-Man Lasse Kukkonen was one of the targeted players.
    Also a comment on the Augier/Burrows thing. Wow if Burrows is telling the truth, then this is a huge scandal by the NHL. Like just sweeping the problems under the rug and saying “theres nothing to see here folks!”

  3. Enjoyed the show this week guys, as usual. Thought I’d include a link to Poutine, which is a French Canadian dish consisting of French Fries covered with cheese and brown gravy. It is…..disgusting. ha ha

    It didn’t seem like you two had had the pleasure of sampling this delicacy. 😉


  4. Jose from Spain:

    I feel colin campbell acted the right way. of course he’s gonna fine a guy that suggests the league is pretty much interfering with the integrity of the game when they pay his salary. there is a right way to deal with things and a wrong way, burrows whining to the media is definitely the wrong way. and for what? 2 penalty calls not counting the misconduct for lipping off? one of which was diving and everyone knows burrows dives and he did dive on that particular play.

    the league watches every game, the officials are constantly being watched. burrows should stick to playing hockey.

  5. Doug & Eddie

    So I’m listening to “NHL Hour” with Gary Bettman and it’s just PAINFUL to listen to. He’s hopeful about the HD. He’s hopeful about versus he’s hopeful about being hopeful. And anytime anybody asks about it he has kind of a backhanded be grateful for what you have but we’re glad you’re interested kind of attitude.

    Good lord the insanity. I was listening to it because I was trying to “keep my enemies closer” but I can’t do it anymore.

    ANYWAYS, to my point…I’m going to unsubscribe to NHL HOUR and I would like you guys to listen to it for me and if he has anything remotely interesting to say (not bloody likely) you can let me know on the Puck Podcast!

    Sign here, initials here, here and here, one more signature…it’s a deal!

    You guys rock!

    Alexander (Seattle, WA)


  6. Nick:
    I see your point and I understand Campbell’s situation; however, it seems to me that he doesn’t know how to express himself. Doesn’t it sound strange to say you can talk to the media, but be careful about what you say? Campbell does not have the communication skills needed for a position that is as difficult as the one he holds. On the other hand, perhaps Burrows could have gone to the club first and then through the Canucks denounce Auger’s supposed threats. But I guess he got caught up in the heat of the battle.

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