Puck Podcast – February 25th, 2007

In this week’s episode we breakdown the brawl between the Sabres and Senators with reactions from both sides and we disagree on the nature of the hit that started it all. We also recap a great week of hockey in the NHL, talk about the upcoming trade deadline, Ed blasts the TV schedules, we discuss the suggested rules changes that came from the GM meetings and a whole lot more.

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  1. Great post guys. I love the podcast but I believe you might be able to lose the game reviews. Not that they’re bad but we usually hear about them all week and then they get recapped again. Just a thought though.

  2. Great show this week guys.

    Enjoyed the debate on the Sabres-Sens. Wish more teams played with that same passion most nights.

    I must argue with Doug’s comparison of the Drury hit to the Umburger hit last year in the playoffs. Umburger had posession of the puck and was moving up ice while Campbell approached him straight on. Drury did not have posession, was not moving and was totally exposed. Umburger should have had his head up – arguing Drury should have is weak. Sabres fans appreciate clean, hard hits even when they happen to their own players. A better comparison to the Umburger hit would be the hit on Connelly in the playoffs last year. While Sabres fans were not happy about losing their best player at the time, you did not hear them complain about the legitimacy of the hit. Again, like Umburger, he should have had his head up.

    steve – cincinnati, OH

  3. I just watched Neil’s hit on Drury in slow motion on cbc.ca.

    The distance Neil moves from the time the puck leaves Drury’s stick to the hit is about 8 feet.

    For Neil to take 2 seconds to move 8 feet, he would have to be traveling at a speed of 4.3km/hr or 2.7mph.

    For Neil to take .5 seconds to move 8 feet, he would have to be traveling at a speed of 17km/hr or 10.8mph.

    Can Neil hurt a guy traveling 2.7mph? Even if he moves 16 feet in 2 seconds, he would be traveling at a fast walk.

    It only took 2 seconds in slow motion so I am assuming it didn’t take 2 seconds in real life. The video feed has a timer so you can’t argue it, stop it when the puck leaves Drury’s stick, stop it when the hit starts, 2 ticks go by for both angles.

  4. I believe Doug’s comparison to the Umburger hit is valid.

    The league determined both hits were clean therefore they are legal.

    Should you knock a guy out just because it is legal. no. That is the comparison.

    If you don’t respect your opponents, like Neil, then you feel that it is ok.

  5. I think that wins=3 pts, otwin=2 pts, otloss=1pt is the right way to do it. In overtime games there is a point that just comes out of nowhere.

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