Puck Podcast – February 21st, 2009

In this week's episode we are back in the studio to discuss the Canadiens decision to send Alexei Kovalev on vacation, the Kostitsyn brothers relationship with organized crime, the Red Wings sending Chris Osgood on vacation, the ridiculously tight playoff race in the Western Conference, Alexander Ovechkin's amazing goal, the NHL heading back to Europe and a whole lot more.

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  1. You guys are correct, they are telling Osgood and anyone else that he IS they guy, not Conklin. If Ozzy can’t get his mental game back shortly, they are going to dust Conklin, Ozzy will become #2 and they will go out and get a big time goalie–that’s the talk here anyway.

  2. Doug, how can u mention Jaromir Jagr and Alex Kovalev in the same sentence when discussing consistency. Skill yes….. consistency no. Jagr is the 9th most consistent scorer in the history of the game.

    Andy, I enjoyed your analysis on the Kovalev situation, i totally agree. It is a statement to Kovalev and the team.

  3. Nick,
    I was referring to Jagr’s time with the Capitals. He went from scoring 121 points with the Penguins in 2000-2001 to scoring 79 points in 2001-2002 and 77 points in 2002-2003, both with the Capitals. Washington traded him in 2003-2004 and the next season he scored 123 points for the Rangers.

  4. Eddie, my apologies about your name.

    Doug, Jagr was traded to the rangers mid season from the capitals and actually continued on the same scoring pace for the rangers that season. He didn’t have is stand out years with the rangers until two years later after the lockout with a completely different nhl in place.

    Both full seasons with the capitals he produced over a point a game in the pre-lockout nhl. That’s consistent to me.

  5. The fans as far as I can tell are still behind Osgood. Just the other day after sitting for three games, he made a great glove sav and the crowd started the “Ozzie!” chant. Having said that, and being an Osgood fan, the team might need to stop being overly loyal to a fault. Chris Chelios isn’t playing a lot or getting paid a lot, but the team is still inviting him back year after year. They brought Ozzie back. They brought Darren McCarty back. Draper and Maltby are effective, but could be replaced, and it looks like Maltby might finally be shown the door in favor of Ville Leino. We all have fond memories of the Grind Line, but those three can’t always be playing third line minutes. It’s a great organization and that’s why guys like to play here… if Osgood can’t get it done, I hope the team will move him or do something that will help the team and his career. Same with “future goalie” Jimmy Howard. The Wings have been awesome at developing these skaters in the system, but goalies may be different and Howard may lose confidence the more he has to play AHL hockey.

  6. As much as I’d like to see Osgood get it together and return to playoff level play, and as much as I agree that he is the starter; I think Conklin could earn his way into that spot well before the playoffs. I know nothing about locker room dynamics and coaching, but I don’t agree that they would ‘dust’ Conklin and get a new starter, leaving Chris as back-up.

    Why would they give up that ‘kid’, who is already playing decent, to pay more for someone else? We were at the game December 30 for Conklin’s game against Chicago, one of his 6 shutouts this season… he made 30-something saves. Impressive, even with the excellent defense in front of him. He has had no recent injuries that I know of, and seems better than most at not giving many rebounds. who would give that up?

  7. Dave: They’d dust Conklin rather than rely on his massive time in the net during playoff games…it’s all of 6 minutes. They will dust him and they will find a big time goalie and Ozzy will become #2 if he can’t get it together. Jimmy Howard “the kid” blew his opportunity in Minnesota and was back in Grand Rapids playing AHL the very next evening. The Wings are looking to go all the way again and if they have a moment of doubt in a goalie, he’s all done, that’s the way they are.

  8. Doug,

    There is a hockey team in Oregon. In the WHL the same legue as the Seattle Thunderbirds there are the Portland Winterhawks.

    I was as a Winterhawks game last weekend on my annual fishing trip to my home in Southern Washington.

    Jr hockey is alot of fun

  9. Speaking of the horrible team the Montreal Canadians have become, have we forgotten that this is essentially the same club- with the addition of Carey Price and the subtraction of Cristobal Huet- that was picked by many pundits to finish the 07-08 season in the bottom three of the East. And they were not good the season before. Or the season before that. Can we entertain the argument that the SUCCESSFUL season in 07-08 was, in fact, the anomaly? Much like Atlanta winning a division, but bookended by lottery picks. I think this warrants discussion concerning les habitants…

  10. Mark – You are right about Howard and I am pulling for Ozzy, but Conklin and the Wings put it to the Sharks tonight… except for puck possesion, which is another argument for why Ty is earning his place in net…

  11. Hey Guys!

    On the different ice hockey note, did you see this story, http://www.mercurynews.com/news/ci_11775849? It is the subject every Adult rec ice hockey player up here has been talking about this week. It remind me of one of your “power plays” a while back. A tough way to find out if my rink has a AED. Unfortunately, it wasnt enough to save either of these guys. Their level of play is about our level of play, lower intermediate. Team Beer has fun to play against with their beer color jersey with a name on the back. Everybody wondered what beer would be on the back of their jersey. I think mine would Bud Light Lime now.

    Keep up the good work! Love the show even without the bells and whistles!

  12. Dave: I’m just telling you what I hear when I hear them talking. Conklin has earned his spot without question, they are truly bothered, however, to give him the playoff keys with no experience whatsoever. My guess is if they don’t do something by next Wednesday by way of a trade, Ozzy has 1 more chance to take the net in the post season. Otherwise, it looks like they will go with Conklin. He did very well last night against the Sharks and their undisciplined game. You can bet it will be tougher in the playoffs when the Sharks behave and play their game.

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