Puck Podcast – February 16th, 2008

In this week's episode Eddie does the show solo and talks about the Richard Zednik injury and the NHL's decision to finish the game he was injured in. He will discuss a major trade, injury and signing this week, he'll toss a couple of Montreal Canadien players in the penalty box and take on his fiance' in a debate on fans booing, plus a whole lot more.

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Doug Stolhand is one of the co-founders and co-hosts of the Puck Podcast and has been a member of the NHL media since the show's inception in 2006.


  1. Great show, Eddie! 90+ minutes all by your lonesome. Pretty damn impressive!

    And I gotta say, I’m with you on the boo/don’t boo debate. Boo the crap out of them! And good for you for winning a debate against someone of the fairer sex, even if it was your fiancée. Not often that happens, at least not for me. ;D

  2. Yeah Eddie, fantastic job! And I agree that fans should boo. We are the paying customers and if we don’t like what we’re seeing, we show our displeasure. Its no different if we aren’t happy with service at a restaurant or whatever, we let them know about it.

    Fans now pay darn good money to see sporting events, and if the players don’t like the booing, then too bad. Play better!

  3. Thanks for a great show, Eddie. Though I usually side with you over Doug (and I am not going to take sides between you and your fiancee!), I have to disagree with you and support the NHL rule that allows the play to end with the intent to blow the whistle.

    We accept the same scenario in other hockey situations: the play ends when the puck goes in the goal, but that is not necessarily accompanied by a whistle if it is not seen by the referee. Sometimes, it is not determined until several minutes later when play is stopped and replay determines that a goal was scored thereby negating everything that occurred between the goal and the whistle. If a player goes to touch up for an icing and knocks the puck in the net, it’s not a goal regardless of whether the whistle blew before the puck crossed the line.

    The same situation happens in other sports as well: in football the play ends when the man is down and not when the whistle is blown. It’s not a fumble if the official sees that the knee was down before the ball was released regardless of when he blows the whistle. In basketball, the play ends when a player makes contact on a charging foul and the basket does not count regardless of whether the ball was released before the whistle.

    While all play does stop with the whistle and players should play through to the whistle, it makes perfect sense that play does not always extend to the whistle.

  4. You NEVER boo your own team in my opinion. How you choose to spend your money is your choice. If you don’t like the product, stop spending your money on tickets but to boo your own team is horrible. No matter what anyone thinks, no NHL players “mail it in”, it’s not tolerated by teammates.

  5. Your cast this week was the first i’ve listened to and I plan on listening to all in the future. If cheering your team isn’t motivating them then you should boo em. Mayba a kick in the ass is what they need! No one wants to get booed…they’re highly paid pros and if it hurts their feelings then they should step it up! Look forward to more good shows, thanks.

  6. I have to agree with your fiance! You do not Boo your own team! I get disappointed with my team (FLYERS), especially right now!!! But I would encourage them…never boo them!
    I listen to the puck podcast weekly – usually on Monday – and I love every minute!
    Thanks & keep up the great work!

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