Puck Podcast – February 13, 2010

This week on the Puck Podcast Doug tells you why Bob Gainey has left new Habs GM Pierre Gauthier with a big mess to clean up, and why Canadiens fans should be very worried. He also discusses some trades from this past week and explains why the Senators may be disappointed with Matt Cullen, why the Stars now have too many goalies and wonders what the Rangers are thinking. All that plus players getting cut by skates, snipers getting in fights, what’s wrong with the Sabres and a whole lot more on this episode of the Puck Podcast.

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Here’s the interview that we wanted to include in the February 13th episode of the Puck Podcast!

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  1. We celebrate Valentines Day in Finland. I think its pretty international.

    As a Rangers fan I can tell you Brashear wasn’t filling his own shoes as an enforcer this season. He seemed to fight every 10th game, lose and then be injured for the next 5 to 10.

  2. Listening to the interview and the new equipment works awesomely. Thanks to all the listeners who made this possible.

  3. Hey guys, another great podcast. The new interview system sounds great and I look forward to the interviews returning.

    I have to say I completely agree with you on the international games. While I certainly wouldn’t mind trying to grow the game internationally I think that the focus should be in North America first. While I wouldn’t want any fans to lose meaningful home games because they are played away from home, I do think that if the league is going to attempt to grow the game by doing this they should use places like KC, Las Vegas, etc… rather than the international arenas. I mean if you can get interest in the NHL in those areas it helps more than getting interest in places that other than that game will not help the NHL grow or find new revenue sources…

    The US women’s team played pretty solid against China this weekend too, not that it wasn’t expected. China’s goalie though had a couple great saves though if you missed it and Lamoureux (if I remember right) had quite a nice goal for the USA. 18-0 Canada though. Gotta feel for the Slovak goalie in that one…

    I do have to say to both the Colorado and Phoenix fans though … GET YOUR BUTTS TO THE GAMES! Ok, I know there are difficulties and reasons why some might make it but 28th and 30th in attendance respectively??? That’s pathetic. 28th and 30th???

    It is incredible where these teams are compared to last year, the Kings as well. Colorado has gone from 28th to 8th, Phoenix and LA from 25th and 26th to 4th and 5th in the entire league just this year and only LA was expected to even challenge for a playoff spot…

  4. @ Steve, totally agree with you. As a long time Avs fan, I can honestly say I don’t know what’s wrong with people. The Avs’ youth movement is as exciting as anything in the NHL that doesn’t end in -vechkin. Yet AFAIK, people have stayed away in their droves. The economy is certainly a factor, as is the Avs’ terrible (ie. non-existant) marketing.

    Having said that, there are ticket promotions which work out around 4 tickets for $100.00. That is not expensive. I appreciate they may not be great seats, but I am not buying that people are using that as an excuse.

  5. Well, it did end up being Gretz lighting the flame, but I’m willing to bet the two Canadians you had never heard of were Terry Fox (who is dead, but I could see them giving it to his mother, who did end up a flag-bearer) or Rick Hansen. Terry Fox attempted to run across Canada for cancer research — but his cancer progressed and he had to stop half-way — with a prosthetic leg; Rick Hansen, a paraplegic, circled the world in a wheelchair five years later. If I’m wrong about the two names and you knew who these people were, I’m sorry, but I would actually agree that either one of them would be more deserving than Gretzky — and I grew up idolizing him when I was a kid in Edmonton!

  6. Mike,
    I now remember Terry Fox and his story. I believe ESPN is going to show a documentary on him with their 30 in 30 features which I am very interested in watching. I did not know of Mr. Hansen. With all to respect to them, I would have still gone with Gretzky.

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