Puck Podcast – February 12th, 2011

In this week’s Puck Podcast we’ll look back on the past week in the NHL including an epic game in Boston, another controversial hit by a controversial player and some thrilling overtime finishes in our 1st period. In the second period, we’ve got news on trades, suspensions and injuries including the latest on Sidney Crosby. And in the third period we’ll give away another t-shirt from Glassbangers.com and read your e-mails as well.

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  1. So, I think this is three weeks in a row now that you haven’t had intro sound clips. Is that due to some change, is it planned, or is it because I was keeping track of them??

  2. Hi Eddie and Doug,
    I just read the Mario Lemieux comments about the Islander/Penguin brawl.
    I was wondering what you guys think. I am not a Penguins or Islanders fan, and I don’t condone the assaults by Gillies and Martin. I think their suspensions were warranted. But, I found it interesting that the owner of a team with Matt Cooke would make those comments. If he really believes what he said, and I’m sure he does, maybe he should mention that he has players in his employ who also have “no consideration for the safety of other players”. (i.e. Fedor Tyutin and many many more recipients of dangerous and dirty hits).
    Thanks for all of your work on the Puck Podcast.

  3. Guys (and Tom G),
    I hope you’ll check out my post regarding the Lemieux comments @ Stanley Cup of Chowder. Here’s the linkhttp://www.stanleycupofchowder.com/2011/2/14/1993724/a-quick-history-on-why-mario-lemieux-should-shut-his-mouth

  4. @ Dustin. Lately I’ve only had time to pulls highlights and clips of the things I want to bring up in the first period. When I have extra time I usually pull the intro sound but I just haven’t had time lately.

    @ Tom G. We’ll lead off the show this week on what happened in the Pens/Isle game and debate Mario’s comments.

    @ Higgs. Thanks for the link.

  5. Three things:

    1. In regards to both goalies getting injured and who they would put in, I don’t know any specific or modern anecdotes, but I do remeber from flpping through my library’s ancient copy of Total Hockey that their are many goalies back in the olden days whose careers were five minutes long because they were the equipment manager pressed into duty when the main goalie was hungover or whatever. I also recall reading that teams used to loan goalies to eachother when there were injuries , which I wish they still did. Then Tim Thomas could really know what a Zdeno Chara slapshot felt like!

    2. Shirt sugesstion: A shirt that says “Have you seen my nostril?”

    3. Games that are 8-6 or likewise should be called “poetry slams”

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