Puck Podcast – December 3, 2011

On this week’s Puck Podcast we’ll discuss and debate three coaching firings and hiring in the first period. In the second period we’ll have an interview with Florida Panthers beat reporter George Richards of the Miami Herald and talk about the biggest surprises this season. In the third period we’ll check in with our Puck Podcast fan correspondents and much more.

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  1. Here are the games for this week’s Puck Podcast Picks. Make your picks as a comment to this post and good luck!

    Monday, December 5th: Capitals at Panthers
    Monday, December 5th: Bruins at Penguins
    Tuesday, December 6th: Coyotes at Predators
    Wednesday, December 7th: Hurricanes at Oilers
    Thursday, December 8th: Wild at Kings

    Here are the Week Eight results: http://tinyurl.com/cte88w9
    Here are the updated Season Standings: http://tinyurl.com/3z5w66h

  2. Capitals
    Delighted to see the 1st pants-trick of the season when I got home from work this mornin, tho didn’t notice any items of leg wear bein chucked on the ice unfortunately, wasn’t expectin to see Moulsen be the 1st guy to do it,or any Isle for that matter, no offense to your girlfriend Doug :p

  3. Monday, December 5th: Capitals
    Monday, December 5th: Penguins
    Tuesday, December 6th: Predators
    Wednesday, December 7th: Oilers
    Thursday, December 8th: Kings

  4. Doug: Pacioretty hitting Letang wasn’t a blindside hit. Letang sees him coming and does nothing to protect himself. Instead he chooses to get his shot off knowing contact is on its way.

    Comparing the hit to Cooke-Savard and Richards-Booth is incorrect. They are completely different as neither player knew they were in danger.

  5. Would love to hear your take on the three-part New York Times series on Boogard. Maybe next week?

    I agree with Doug on letting Letang return to the game. That was crazy.

    Pacioretty did deserve a suspension for that hit. He’s done some questionable things in the past, and he needs to clean up his own game. That’s coming from a Habs fan.

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