Puck Podcast – December 6th, 2008

In this weeks show we talk about a coaching change in Carolina, the latest veteran Leafs player to find himself in head coach Ron Wilson's dog house, an All-Star controversy in Montreal, an Ottawa fan that is lucky to be alive, a former All-Star who's gone too soon and, of course, we discuss Sean Avery's comments and suspension. All that plus a complete report on all 30 teams and a whole lot more in this episode of the Puck Podcast.

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Doug Stolhand is one of the co-founders and co-hosts of the Puck Podcast and has been a member of the NHL media since the show's inception in 2006.


  1. Great show guys. I’m getting more used to the new format and you both seem to be a little more comfortable with it. Eddie, are you going to stick to the format next week? Or will you change it up since you won’t have any back and forth with Doug?

    Hypothetical question. If Gregory Campbell (son of league disciplinarian Colin Campbell) needs to be disciplined at some point, does Colin send him to his room with no TV or phone? Maybe extra chores? It’d be funny if it happened.

  2. “I think he’s got a touch of colic.”

    Hahaha! That’s about the funniest insult I can imagine throwing at any hockey player on the IR. Great stuff

  3. If any Puck Podcast listeners are going to the Rangers/Thrashers game in Atlanta tonight (Wednesday) Doug will be there. If you want to meet up and say hi, e-mail me at puckpodcast@aol.com ASAP and put “meet Doug” in the title. Doug will also be at the upcoming Bruins/Thrashers game in Atlanta and the Thrashers/Bruins game in Boston too.

  4. For Wednesday’s game against the Rangers I’ll be in 111, N1 & N2. For Friday’s game against the Bruins I’ll be in 211, E1 & E2. Please feel free to stop by and say hello if you will be at either game. I’ll update the seats I have for the Bruins game if/when I find out.


  5. I gotta boo you guys for the “play of the week.” An empty net goal, no matter who it is or what it means (hat trick, milestone, etc.) should never be play of the week, or anything. in fact, his hat trick should be marked with an asterisk. i also think empty net goals should be a statistic easily found to see how they inflate numbers. like you guys were talking about inflated records with shootouts, empty netters inflate team goals and individual goals too.

  6. I was wondering if anyone here as read an op-ed piece that Dallas Stars Play by Play man Ralph Strangis wrote on the Dallas Stars Website recently on the Sean Avery Situation.

    Here’s the link to the website: http://www.dallasstars.com

  7. Hey Doug, hope you had a good time at the game tonight. It might not have been the greatest game in the world, lol, but you got to see a close game that went into overtime. So, all is not lost I suppose.

    Enjoy your overdose of the Thrashers. :p

  8. God bless Puck Podcast and God bless NHL Network… Just watched Detroit come back from a great beating by the Flames to win it in OT. Number 5 is alive…

  9. Tanner – thanks for the heads-up on the Strangis article, but where on the Stars’ site is it? I have hunted and pecked a bit and can’t find it…

  10. Dustin – I agree with you that an empty net goal should not be in contention for a Play of the Week. But I disagree about it not counting for anything. Why is the net empty? Because the other team has played well enough to force that last-ditch strategy. That’s why the goal is worth something – the team/individuals earned it with their play. If anyone is inflating the numbers, it’s the losing coach when he pulls the goalie. Kind of ironic when you think about it…

  11. I finally got to finish listening to this week’s podcast… Great job as usual, Doug and Eddie, but i don’t agree with you about your take on Avery’s comments. You are completely right that this sort of thing gets said on the ice all the time – that’s hockey, and I agree. And there are dirty hits that get lesser penalties, too… agreed. That’s all in the heat of the battle and makes the game what it is. But just because he said this to generate ‘interest’ in the game and give his team an edge, is no excuse or reasonable explanation, as far as I am concerned. Just because he is a proven dolt and always says classless, dumb things doesn’t mean he should keep doing it. You guys have to agree that the ends does not justify the means. Give him all the camera time he wants and the press will give him, but his team needs to keep him on a leash and he needs to respect the game of hockey. There are plenty of other ‘exciting’ controversial things he can say and still do his job. But the fact that you will not hear any of the other bruisers in the league stoop to this level should tell you something.
    I hesitate saying all this, because I don’t ever like to see morality ‘edicted’ by the powers that be, but there is a line and he crossed it. period. Even if you think he did nothing wrong, can you admit that you want to watch this game turn into Tuesday Night Titans big time wrestling, with all the media hype, just to sell tickets and TV time? Come on… one thing I will say – I am not sure Betmann should have stepped in like that – let the team take care of it – I am sure they would have handled it fine and had him sit out several games. They certainly would not have let it slide. That should also make the point that he crossed the line. His former Wings teammate, Hull, got him that contract; and even he is not backing him on this.

  12. Scott in Largo – thanks for the link. Great read.

    Doug and Eddie – please check out that editorial – his own team disagrees with you that Avery’s comments were okay.

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