Puck Podcast – December 5, 2009

On this week’s show we’ll talk about one of the most bizzare incidences in recent memory with a teammate injuring another teammate, we’ll tell you about a suspension for one of the NHL's brightest stars and debate a coach being fired. We'll also talk about an amazing hockey celebration in Montreal. All that and your e-mails and posts on this edition of the Puck Podcast.

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  1. Cooke wasn’t defending his own team. This guy has a past of cheap shots. The Avery hit on Sid the kid didn’t even connect.. can’t retaliate a non-hit.

  2. Everyone

    I just wanted to say I am sorry about my comment that Brandon was just outside Vancouver. I know Brandon is in Manatoba and I do not know why I said what I did.

    I am not goning to make an excuse or anything. All I am gonna say is that I screwed up and I assure you it will not happen again



  3. Podcast fans- I conducted an interview with Eddie over the weekend and have a 3-part segment on youtube. If you are interested in hearing it, check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3_lZJxkbvM

    On another note, I watched the Crosby hat-trick game last week. The minute that he scored that, my first thought was “Doug will be making a joke about Crosby telling the ref to stop the hat-throwing.” Thank you for not disappointing me.

  4. Jeff,
    Crosby made the joke himself when he actually complained that there were too many hats for Ovechkin. All I did was call a hypocrite a hypocrite.

  5. Doug,

    Trust me man, I am right there with ya. Wasn’t it Malkin that scored a hat-trick at home later that playoff? Did we hear a word from Crosby for all of the hats then? I bet we didn’t…

  6. Doug- Thanks for the Avs love in your “Playoff Race” segment this week… Can you give us Avs fans a break and PRETEND to have some confidence in them? As it is, we all know we are going to be heartbroken at the end of the season… Like three seasons ago when they missed the playoffs by one bloody point… So we need to hold on to the good times we are having now, with the promise of BOOSHene, The Stasinator’s Injury Free Point Total, Chris Stewart living up to potential for once and Craig “Goalie Jesus” being awesome until Keith Ballard tried to kill him (rather than his own goalie)… Join the bandwagon, Doug! Even though it goes against everything you stand for!

  7. I think, and I hope, that the Canadiens are celebrating during the year of 2009 and not the season of 09-10. I can’t remember if they introduced any of the centennial bullcrap in October of 2008, or if they waited until January of 2009, but it would make more sense if they were doing a year-long celebration which just happens to take place in two different seasons.

  8. Jeff,

    It was Sid who got the hat trick in the same series as Ovechkin. He didn’t but he didn’t do it for the same reason that you don’t go up to a ref and say, “did you see my teammate trip that guy?”

    The Caps fans had thrown their hats, the cleaning crew had picked them up and then people started throwing more hats on the ice. At that point the special event is done. Sid was trying to get a delay of game penalty called per this rule. From what I understand Dan B. asked him to talk to the refs.

    When objects are thrown on the ice during a stoppage in play, including after the scoring of a goal, the Referee shall have announced over the public address system that any further occurrences will result in a bench minor penalty being assessed to the home Team.

  9. I just heard the opinion regarding the Ballard-Vokoun incident that Ballard should have been punished for his action, swinging the stick. Not given a pass because of the result, it hitting a teammate. It seems that this is an opinion that Eddie and Doug seem to mention a lot when talking about other incidents and I was just wondering how what they thought about applying the same logic in this case.

    Thanks for another great show!

  10. Just wanted to add to my above comment… if it had been an opponent rather than Vokoun who got the chop to the head would the league have been justified in a suspension in your opinions? Just wanted to clarify how his action might have caused a suspension… and if its the action that disciplinary action should be based upon rather than the result should Ballard not be suspended regardless if it was a teammate or opponent that got hit?

    Just curious is all.

  11. I can’t believe people are seriously discussing whether Ballard should have been suspended for what was clearly a freak accident. Suspending a player for accidentally hitting his own teammate with his stick would be way beyond ridiculous. Because it was his teammate, the only disciplinary action that could be taken would be by the Panthers if they chose to do so, not the league. It seems like common sense has gone out the window on this one.

  12. Personally I never even thought to consider Ballard being suspended until the discussions started happening. The only reason I ask is because I heard some radio nobody calling for a suspension to Ballard using the exact same logic that Eddie and Doug use when discussing other disciplinary actions.

  13. I see, you mean punishing the intent, not the result? Doesn’t quite work in this instance. That’s a flawed way of reasoning anyway – then you would have to start suspending people for merely “thinking” about pasting some guy into the first row. lol

  14. When talking about the Canadiens and their success in the past on this week’s podcast Doug mentions the biggest myth in hockey. The myth that the Habs had territorial rights for signing any player from the province of Quebec, not true:


    To cut a long story short they had a special draft of two players a season. These potential players could not have already been previously signed to a C form (confirmation form) with any other club.

    As an example, Bobby Orr signed a C form with Boston when he was 11 years old. So as one could imagine this “special draft” did not really result in any fantastic players playing for the Habs as any player with a bit of potential had already signed C forms with Montreal or other clubs.

    The myth has been built up by frustrated anti-Montreal fans. Mostly Leafs fans.

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