Puck Podcast – December 18th, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll talk about a controversial shootout goal, players stealing each others sticks, dirty hits that did and did NOT receive discipline and goalies in the spirit of giving. We'll also look back on the first episode of HBO’s 24/7 Road to the Winter Classic and We have an interview with former long time NHL referee Kerry Fraser on this edition of the Puck Podcast.

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  1. NY Rangers are actually the 3rd best scoring team in the east and probably something like 6th in the whole league. Also Dubinsky fights every year multiple times.

  2. Just wanted to chime in on the 3D discussion you had. My parents recently upgraded to a 3D LED TV (although nothing is broadcast in 3D is Australia) but there are a fair few upsides to getting a 3D TV. Firstly the 2D picture quality on a 3D TV is amazing (it actually surpasses all the 2D HD TV’s I’ve seen). The depth perception is awesome, we got a teaser trailer Blu-Ray with the TV and watching the NFL in 3D was insanely awesome. Sure there are drawbacks and the technology is in it’s infancy but the picture quality is awesome, has a lot of potential and I think if you watched a game (and you have eye’s that don’t get strained easily or wear big glasses) you will be fine. I have a feeling 3D will be better suited to kids of my generation purely because a lot of adults complain the movies hurt their eyes after a few hours, I’ve never had that sort of problem.

    Another great show makes my Monday mornings at work very enjoyable cheers!

  3. If anyone needs an example of how you guys never take a week off, look at these next two weeks. I would have been fine with you guys taking the time off because it’s the holidays and no one wants to work during this time of year, and you guys so deserve the time off. Just the fact that you’re going to do the show Thursday through the holidays is incredibly awesome and makes me respect you guys more. Happy Holidays Doug and Eddie and hope you guys and your families have an awesome one.

    I saw the first part of 24/7 last night on NHL.Com and I’m bummed I don’t have HBO. I hope NHL.com puts the other three parts on the website because I really enjoyed what I saw.

    I found it really fascinating. What I think struck me the most was the differences in both teams, one riding high on a 12 game winning streak, the other hitting rock bottom, or just about there. Baylsma keeps honing in the fact of “playing Penguins hockey” as motivation, while Boudroeu has shown so many emotions only to see his team pretty much suck up the ice every night. The team looks dejected and I do think the coach has lost the Locker Room. When you have the greatest player on Ice play like he’s lost, something is wrong. Doug, I also wonder if the Coach is going to make it all the way through to the Winter Classic. Good thing they won tonight. Maybe this can boost their confidence and it will probably be on Part 3, which will be quite good.

  4. Ed,
    It wouldn’t be the first time, nor the last, that I’ve been a fan of something that wasn’t a hit with the masses. I hope 3DTV’s become commonplace or that 3D programming does so that I’ll have something to watch on my 3DTV.

  5. Got got back from the far east and am catching up on six weeks of shows. Great interview with “Mr. Hair”, Kerry Fraser. Marked that show as a “do not delete” in iTunes.

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