Puck Podcast – December 13th, 2008

In this week’s show Eddie goes solo with Doug “on assignment” and discusses Joe Sakic’s troubles with a snowplow, a referee’s alleged potty mouth, a team computer guy putting on the mask in D.C., the latest on Mats Sundin. Eddie interviews Tracey Myers of the Ft. Worth Star Telegram to talk about Sean Avery and talks with Damian Cristodero of the St. Petersberg Times to get his thoughts on Barry Melrose. All that plus a complete report on all 30 teams and a whole lot more in this episode of the Puck Podcast.

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  1. Eddie–
    A couple more “undisclosed” injury diagnoses:
    UPPER body injury – hangnail, shaved off too much of the goatee (mustache), hair coloring malfunction (for an older player)Dunlap’s Disease (for an overweight player, when the stomach “dunlaps” over the belt).
    LOWER body injury – ingrown toenail, fallen arches, knock knees and the infamous “jock rot”.

    Enjoy the show. Keep up the great coverage.

  2. I did NOT like that Wrigley Field commercial. I get the point, but I think it failed horribly. I get the history of Wrigley and the song and all that, but I don’t wanna hear “Root for the Cubbies” while watching hockey players get ready… I just thought it was stupid. Oh well.

  3. C’mon Eddie… no need to be so humble. You did a great job! You’re a professional, man. Amazing job as always.

    Anyways, I personally loved the Winter Classic ad. It mixes the nostalgia of Wrigley, with the novelty of the game. Dustin, I may not be 100%, but I think they took out the “root for the Cubbies” bit of the song.. I’ve posted it in Myspace bulletins just to get it out to people who may not know of the outdoor game on the 1st, I’m trying to spread the word!

  4. Well, this week guys you are going to get one of my powerplays. The NHL had a lockout season for many reasons but one of the promises to fans coming out of the lockout was that the NHL would do away with the clutch and grab style of hockey and encourage a more open, skilled, and exciting brand of play. For the most part this has happened — the NHL stiffened up rules on hooking, implemented new delay of game penalties, etc. Unfortunately, the NHL adapted to the new rules very quickly and once again we are seeing a resurgence of teams running the modified trap. Who could blame them… the Red Wings displayed exactly how effectiveness of this brand of hockey can be…

    I don’t mind a defensive style of game but as someone that lives in Minnesota I have to tell you that at times the Lemaire style of hockey is about as fun to watch as HR instructional video on sexual harassment. The NHL rinks are small enough as they are but when you allow teams to shut down half of the ice through the neutral zone the other team really has no choice but to dump-and-run. I am sure that there are some people out there that like to watch a team continuously dump in the puck only to have the goalie kick it back out but I am not one of those people. The only reason why I turn on a Red Wings game anymore is to see if Osgood gets tennis elbow from all of the stick handling he does in a game. It is kind of like watching curling with an automatic puck return.

    Now I am not advocating any sort of new rules. All that I ask is just as the NHL tightened up the rules with hooking they need to do the same with obstruction and interference. That is what they should have done with icing instead of enacting a new and pointless rule. The NHL has enough work trying to figure out new and asinine rules for the antics of Sean Avery. Recently the NHL has confused excitement with goal scoring. While it is exciting to watch the puck go in the back of the net I think we can all agree that a quick paced back-and-fourth game is far more enjoyable.

    In the words of Badger Bob, “It’s a great day for hockey.” So I implore the NHL… let them play hockey.

  5. Lower Body injury – Gout, Crusty Bunions

    Really like the show, like the interviews alot. however the beat writer from the tampa page was a stooge, he had nothing insightful to say, I would have got the same infomation from an oren cowles(sp?) interveiw. Nothing against the interview, just the guy.

  6. Great job on the solo flight Eddie!

    Did you happen to catch your Kings against the Wild on Saturday? One of the Wild’s sticks got tangled in the chin strap of Simmonds. I’ve never seen that before. If that isn’t a holding the stick penalty on Simmonds, I don’t know what is! Lol.

    As if the Lightning doesn’t have enough problems, Marty St. Louis got cut by an inadvertent skate to the face from Linesman Derek Amell that required eight stitches. He got a puck in the face that required stitches earlier this year. All he needs is a stick to the face and he’ll have a “Blood Trick” or “Cut Trick” or “Two Blades and a Rubber”…OK, I’m done.

  7. Dustin – Maybe December is a long month to Eddie because he REALLY misses Doug and the month is just dragging by….

  8. Matthew – regarding your comments on obstruction and interference, I distinctly noticed the Avs adept use of obstruction in last night’s game with Detroit. And yet the Red Wings seemed to be collecting all the interference calls. I am still a new student of the game but they seemed like pretty questionable calls to me. Maybe the refs are still remembering the Penguins’ complaints of interference from last years finals. The call that led to the penalty shot was bogus too, I thought – especially after several early whistles in the opposite net.

    Either way, it was a fun game to watch in spite of Detroit’s loss. They got a good dose of defense and goaltending, but did not provide their own in turn. And it was still only a one-goal game.

  9. Eddie,

    For some reason I’m thinking you’re going to have a powerplay in the next show, about Don Sanderson of the Whitby Dunlops no less. I could be wrong of course, but his unfortunate mishap should allow you a “I told ya so” moment. In shows past you have let it be known that if it were up to you then fighting wouldn’t be allowed in the NHL. Well, here’s the example you may have been looking for.

    As for myself, I enjoy the fights immensely and feel that it’s an integral part of the game.

    And great job going solo again, keep it up.

  10. The Lightning can’t catch a break. Did anyone see their shootout loss to the Avalanche last night? They awarded Milan Hejduk a goal in the shootout because the rule says if a goalie throws his stick at the opposing player or the puck, it will count. Mike Smith went for the poke check then slid over to the post and made a blocker save. Just before he made the save, the stick dropped out of his hand, not thrown, dropped. The Bolts are now 4-14 in one goal games.

  11. Nate,

    I had not heard about the player that is fighting for his life after being injured in a fight. Although I’m not a big fan of fighting in hockey I’m not outraged or fired up to talk about how fighting should be thrown out of the game. I have an opinion and I’ll bring it up on the show but I doubt this sad story will change things.

  12. See Scott, you’re the first person aside from myself that I’ve heard say the stick was dropped/let go/hookshot (haha) before Hejduk released the shot. Even the color guys from the Lightning said he made the save first… bogus. Yeah, it’s a bum call – but them’s the rules. It’s also a call that the refs can’t use video replay for. I think it’s a little overly dramatic the way people are saying it’s a “horrible way for a game to end”… It’s a shootout in December!! Non-conference match up, pitting a 10 and 14 seed…. the 1 point will be meaningless.

  13. Tony, after all is said and done, I agree that the 1 point is meaningless in the standings. I do think that a win for the Lightning, against anyone, would be a big confidence boost. Mike Smith is top 5 in save percentage, but can’t get any support.

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