Puck Podcast – December 12, 2009

On this week’s show we’ll talk about another milestone for a future hall of fame goalie, the return of the reigning MVP from the doghouse, an old Russian star returning to the ice AND a player getting hit by a car and playing a game the very same day. Plus all the usual talk and debate about controversial hits, bad calls and spectacular goals. We’ll also read your posts and e-mails as well.

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  1. Hey Guys! And, oh Doug, wrong on that one^^
    Van Damme is from Belgium, think you thought of the “gouvernator” 🙂

  2. Doug,

    I’m listening to your “Power Play” on the Shootouts, and as someone who welcomed the shootout at first, I 100% agree with you about the Shootouts. They do suck, and it’s not helping the game. And it probably has ruined the penalty shot. Ever since watching a 3 on 3 competition during All-Star weekend, I’ve said that it should be 4-4 for 5 minutes and then 3-3 for sudden death. It avoids ties, but it maintains the competition of the game. Also, I don’t like the whole 1 point for OTL. Hockey might be the only sport that rewards teams for losing and that’s not good. It’s either 2 or nothing. I doubt anything regarding that would be changed, but it would be nice.

  3. Great show as always guys.

    Just wanted to comment on the portion when you were talking about men’s leagues team names. I agree that coming up with team names should be something you come up with, not anything you steal from an NHL club. My team name is the Body Snatchers; we wear green jerseys with an alien head as the logo. We have had a team called the Slackers that are sponsored by a local gaming store. I would say the best team name I have ever come across is the Pink Flamingos. They had matching pink jerseys, pink gloves, pink helmets and pink pants. It was quite a beautiful sight when you were skating in on them and every big guy on the team was decked out in pink gear.

  4. I wouldn’t go so far as to say shootouts determine who makes the playoffs, with the lone exception maybe being 06-07 when the Islanders made the 8th seed over Toronto. Even then you can go back and say “well, all Toronto had to do was win one more game.” As for getting rid of it, I don’t think the NHL will do that more for the fact that if they did, it would be yet another “change” to the game. And since the shootout was a pretty major change and since the NHL entered the first season in recent memory without any kind of rule change (only tinkering with rules already existing), they want to keep things rolling as they are.

    To me, watching Todd Bertuzzi win the game on an overtime breakaway like he did tonight is more exciting than a shootout, but it’s also fun to watch guys like Datsyuk and Zetterberg do their thing.

  5. I was on board with the shootout as well. And I still am to some degree. The problem I have is with the NHL’s OT in general. The shootout and the loser point was an attempt to have teams stop playing for the tie. If there was an opportunity to get two points late in the third, the team MAY take it knowing that they would still get a point if they remained tied. Instead, the opposite has happened. Once a team ties it in the third, play effectively STOPS. Tonight’s Kings-Stars game featured a back and forth no holds barred style as the Kings attempted to get the tying goal. Once Anze “Anakin Skywalker” Kopitar scored it with less than 10 seconds left in the period, fans were treated to Ice Capades in the third. I do not think TOTAL shots in the third period reached double digits. This is terrible hockey and it needs to be fixed. Teams simply wait for the shootout now.

  6. Not that I’m trying to be corrective, but Doug, you got 3 strikes this week. Van Damme = Belgium. When talking as Tuuka Rask, you said I’ve got the “shootout” going. Umm…shutout perhaps? That was funny. Then on the same game when talking about booing, you said “A big win and you make the extra point and get 7 points”. Are there touchdowns and PAT’s in the NHL? I was on the floor!

    Doug, did you know that there was a minor league hockey team from 1959-1973 called the Long Island Ducks? Now there is a minor league baseball team with the same name. Player/Coach John Brophy was believed to be the role model for Paul Newman’s character in “Slapshot”.


  7. Scott,
    Whenever a team scores seven goals in a game I always say – “They even made the extra point!” because that’s just another way of saying seven to me. Mea culpa on not knowing where Van Damme was from and the shootout/shutout flub. I’ll blame it on doing the show at 3am and vow to try better next time.


  8. Regarding the “Power Play” this week, I don’t think it is the shootout WIN that is changingthe playoff standings as stated in the PP, but the point given for the LOSS that changes the standings. The Hockey News recently ran an article that illustrated many of Doug’s examples and also pointed out that the 06-07 Avalanche would have made the playoffs and last season’s team would not have been last in the Conference. The “extra” poin that many complain about- including me- is the LOSER POINT. Teams that win in the OT and/or the SO, are awarded the same number of points as if they had won in 60 mins. It’s the loser that gets an undeserved boost in the standings. And, as I stated above, this thinking is ruining so many games. I cannot count the number of teams this season I have seen shut it down once they have tied a game because they just want the gauranteed point.

    Solution? Get rid of points completely. Wins and losses, no matter how you get them.

  9. Doug, that makes perfect sense, sorry. My brain kinda thinks that way too so I don’t know how I missed it. Must of gotten lost while processing the mail!

    As for doing the show at 3am, that’s lunch time for me! But I get it. My daily schedule can be confusing for most. Either that or they don’t realize I work overnight and think I’m an alcoholic! Happy hour for me is 8am. You should see the looks I get at restaurants when ordering a beer at breakfast.

  10. When I had the Center Ice free preview I watched the Devils play quite a bit. Taking an adage from the Podcast, I guess they could be a girlfriend team. I just like the uniforms, and enjoyed watching them play when they beat the Sharks last season. Also, Martin Brouder is still one of the greatest goalies the NHL has ever seen.

  11. Whenever the Rangers got knocked out of the playoffs (which was often), I always supported the Devils. I suppose it’s a regional thing – always support the Northeast team. Also, the Rangers and Devils had some players who went back and forth between the teams so there always seemed to be a player on the Devils that I liked.

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