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  1. It’s your show guys and therefore, you always get the last word, I’m good with that.

    Your opinion is that the call against Columbus shouldn’t of been called, I disagree. Both of you personally posting on this issue doesn’t exactly make your position more accurate so we’ll agree to disagree.

    Doug: With respect to the guy holding two sticks, it was a Columbus player playing against the Red Wings and HE DID NOT BREAK A RULE and it was not a violation because although he had two sticks, he never actually touched the puck, therefore, no problem.

    You are accurate related to me. I am a loyal listener and really do appreciate you guys doing this show, hope you can continue to respect dissenters from time to time—doesn’t mean I don’t love the show, and thanks.

  2. Mark,
    Thanks for listening to the show and for contributing on here at PuckPodcast.com. Both are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, as well, for the reminder on what game it was that I saw the player with two sticks and for clarifying that doing so, as long as you don’t touch the puck, is legal. Amazing to know that:
    Having two sticks and not touching the puck = legal.
    Having a broken stick and not touching the puck = illegal.


    P.S. – Dissent is always welcome. I love being challenged on my beliefs as it makes me re-examine my stance and let’s me see things from another persons angle.

  3. Listening to what I thought was a dead issue, but after hearing you guys talk about the 2 golden rules of hockey (I kid), I wanted your opinions on another apparent black and white rule – a goal kicked in. Brad Stuart had a goal under review for what seemed like 15 minutes because the puck went off his skate, then a Duck skate, then in the net. I believe the rule is that if an offensive player kicks the puck, it does not matter what the puck does. If he is the last offensive player to touch the puck, and he kicks it, it will not count. They must have ruled that it was not a direct kick (I had no volume when watching this). But say a guy kicks a puck because he has no stick, and it pinballs into the net. Should it be disallowed? Should there be interpretation here?

  4. Jeff,
    Yes, I did. I remembered it about 10 minutes after we got done recording. Hopefully it’ll still be relevant on Saturday – if so I’ll use it then.


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