Puck Podcast – August 22nd, 2009

On this week's show we update you on the Patrick Kane court case and finally hear why Dany Heatley wants out of Ottawa. We'll discuss Mark Messier's return to the Big Apple and the Sharks search for a new captain. We'll also start our division previews with a look at the Northwest Division including a special interview with new Minnesota Wild head coach Todd Richards.

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  1. Wow. If this is the caliber of interview guests we can expect, this studio change may be one of the best things to happen to this show! That’s awesome… I haven’t listened yet, but I’m excited…

  2. Is it okay to wear a Chiefs’ jersey to any NHL game? Sure. Classic movie about classy players in a classy hockey league. But don’t ever wear a Steve Downie jersey to a Senators game if you know what’s good for you.

  3. I really enjoyed hearing Todd Richards today guys. As a Sharks fan seeing his be an assistant to Mclellan, it was great getting insights into who he is and the type of coach he wants to be. I think Minnesota got a great coach in Richards and hope he does well. Looking forward to future interviews if this is any indication. When you guys last week said the quality might not be as good, I was expecting something worse than what we got. What we got was great this week, and one of the best interviews you have ever had on the show. Well Done.

  4. Congrats on the awesome interview this week. I’m excited for both of you, and the show itself.

  5. Regarding the seemingly absurd penalties handed out to atheletes lately, it has to do with the laws of the state in most cases.

    Most notably the Stallworth case in Fla. Hearing ESPN’s legal analyst a few weeks ago, DUI manslaughter cases in Fla are extremely difficult to prosecute. I cannot remember the specifics he mentioned, but the general idea was that the circumstances of Stallworth’s actions and arrest would have made it difficult for prosecutors to recieve a trial conviction, so they took what they could get.

    In Burress’ case, gun possesion laws in New York State are not only strict but very cut and dry. Considering that Plaxico ADMITTED to the grand jury that he was in possession of a firearm not licensed in the state, in addition to obviously discharging it in a public venue, he was dead to rights for a MINIMUM of 3 1/2 years. So he took the deal.

    In “20 Cent”‘s case, I believe that the cab driver CAN drop the charges. At the very least, he can refuse to testify and sink the prosecution’s case. Then he can formally file a civil suit and settle for a nice paycheck.

  6. The Dany Heatley comments sound strangely familiar to SOH residents. One thing I will miss this coming season is the post-game interview with Jacques Lemaire. When asked about Gabby talking publicly about not getting enough ice time, Jacques replied, “It’s easy. He’s gotta play better.”

    One of my favorite quotes ever.

  7. A very well prepared and conducted interview. Thanks Doug. Like Eddie said, the bar has been raised.

  8. On the team song topic, our CHL team in Wichita is The Thunder. They did not waste any time trying to come up with a lame hip hop song… we get to hear AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” cranked up everytime they take the ice. Not original, but who cares?? Rock on!

    PS: I think the Caps use this song, too, and the Verizon Center really rocks.

  9. Speaking of team songs, I’ve always really enjoyed “Dropkick Murphys – Time to Go”.

    The band is from Boston and are huge homers, so they wrote a song about the Bruins. The funny thing is, you’re probably more familiar with another song of theirs that the Bruins started playing at their home games.

    For some reason though, other teams around the league have been using that song (usually near the end of game), despite it being a song about Boston… Whatever…

  10. I am so bummed that Direct TV is dropping Versus! I just switched to Direct last year so have allot invested in their equipment, should have stayed with Dish. I have wrote & complained & hoping thousands of others do as well so as not to miss playoff hockey.

  11. It’s true. We will be talking about it on the show this week. As of September 1, unless a deal is worked out, Direct TV is dropping Versus.

  12. So… if I switch to Dish Network I will get Vs. right? Looks like that is my course of action…

    Are you guys going to talk about Bonehead Eric Brewer this week? Jeez, how many surgeries is this guy going to have before he jumps back on the ice to be a pylon again? At least before he was a body, now he is as valuable to us as DiPietro is to the Islanders. Why do the Blues just pay players to rehab every season? This guy needs to retire, he is worthless as a player anyway.

  13. I was able to register my complaints with DirecTV, but there is no contact information for VS. And I’ve been unable to find any, so if someone has that info, if you could pass it along…

    I’ve been extremely happy with my DirecTV service. I actually choose DirecTV because they carried VS at no extra charge. I’ve never had service interruption. When one of my recievers went down, they overnighted a new box at no charge. They helped me get a sports package that no longer existed, so I can catch Altitude’s Avs coverage, among others. And our local cable provider is Time Warner. If you have not heard of Time Warner… Well, let’s say your latest nightmare is nothing compared to Time Warner’s track record of customer service…

    “Yeah, we’ll be there sometime in the next six weeks, between 9-6. So make sure you’re home or we’ll have to put you at the end of the que, okay? Thanks!”

    I don’t want to give up my service. I won’t give up my service because VS is asking for an obscene amount of money to give me 23 hours of hunting shows. But I face the possibility of missing every nationally televised game until NBC starts their NY Rangers Saturday Parade in January. And just about EVERY SINGLE PLAYOFF GAME! This is an intolerable situation and I have no idea what to do. I’ve already warned my buddy I will me at his house and enjoying his Verizon Fios A LOT this fall and winter!

    On the FanNation site where I found this story, the comments were a continous stream of Gary Bettman sucks and needs to give in to ESPN’s demands. Um, sorry, I seem to remember ESPN not wanting hockey at all. I think ESPN’s demands to the NHL consisted of “go away.” It would be great to see the NHL on a big name cable channel; ESPN or TNT even. But, let’s face it, no one is looking at the TV ratings and saying “we gotta have THIS on our network!” So it isn’t happening. I’m actually thinking we should throw a little credit Bettman’s way for getting hockey on ANY channel after the sport lost an entire season due to being stupid.

    Can’t wait to see what network it’s on after the next work stoppage once the CBA runs out…

    “Next, on the Lifetime Movie Network, Rangers-Devils!”

  14. By the way, is Dish Network still only offering VS only with their “Sports Package” that costs something like $20? And do they even offer the Center Ice package?

  15. Oh man, that is awful news. 🙁

    I’ll be looking forward to your segment talking about that issue, and why they are dropping it. There’s no way in hell I’m switching to Time Warner. So, I’ll have to deal with it. 🙁

    But, this makes me very sad. I’ll still get the NHL Network, but I’m still going to miss seeing their coverage.

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