Puck Podcast – April 3, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll talk about the developing playoff picture in the NHL and the potential playoff matchups, we’ll also debate the next possible location of the Winter Classic, discuss a coaching tirade, an player complaining about paying taxes and two words….BOAT RACES!!! Doug will have special interviews with Keith Jones of Versus and Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe. All that and more on this edition of the Puck Podcast.

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  1. Everyone,

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all that emailed me for the golf foursom

    Also a HUGE THANK YOU for all the emails of support with my son and the support of autusim. Hockey fans are the best in the world



  2. So the Flames will miss the playoffs by as little as a point. They traded the seemingly Flames stalwart Dion Phanuef and Olli Joikien (sp??), who cost them something to get. Their coach came to the team under dubious circumstances. Kipper was good, but they still cannot seem to find players to compliment Iginla. So, what happens? When Colorado finished 15th last season, they cleaned HOUSE from the GM on down. Is that the fate here? I cannot see firing GM Sutter without firing Coach Sutter. Can Darryl really fire his brother? What if that is the only thing that could save his job? Or does he sacrifice himself for his brother? And what happens to the roster? Do they go after Kovie? (Do they even have cap room?)Do they have anything left to trade? Along with what happens in SJ after they lose to the Avs in 6 games ,-) , I think this is one of the most fascinating stories coming in the offseason.

  3. Kris, as an Avs fan, obviously I am giddy about making the playoffs, although whether the Avs can beat SJ is up for discussion!

    I don’t think the Flames deserve a house-clean. As an outsider, I was really surprised by the Phanuef move as I think that the players acquired in the move have not filled that hole.

    GM Sutter and Coach Sutter’s fates are intertwined. The only way GM can keep his job would be if Coach resigned. Otherwise, I think they could both go.

    Short of Iginla, Kiprusoff and Borque (unlikely) I don’t see the Flames as having lots of tradeable assets. I think that the addition of a different system with some different players may work better for them, in terms of chemistry.

    The easiest thing is to fire the coach. Unless he’s your brother; at which point it becomes a bit messy.

  4. Wrong about the Avs again. Sorry. They may have lost some composure over the past couple weeks, but their talent is real. They are going to play hard and fast in the playoffs, and matchup as well as they could hope for against the Hawks.

    And at no point were they less than a 60-70% to make the playoffs… they hovered around 90% and dipped to ~70% for about a day. They had the tiebreaker and a game on CGY the entire time. It was a bold prediction to say the least…

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