Puck Podcast – April 29th, 2007

In this week’s episode we are once again all over the Stanley Cup Playoffs with complete recaps, highlights and analysis of every game from the past week. We also discuss the absurd punishment given to Flames goalie Jamie McLennan, the poor attendance in Detroit and New Jersey, we put ourselves and a national anthem singer in the penalty box, Doug gives some love to a player thats resurrected his career and a whole lot more.

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To kill some time until the next NHL game, take a look at some of the greatest NHL Bloopers from the past few years!

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  1. Hey, I know you guys were ripping on Detroit for not selling out the recent games, and just wanted to comment on it.

    You gotta understand: Michigan–and especially Detroit–are in dire straights economically, what with the Big 3 having the trouble they are. There is very little excess money anywhere around here right now, especially with the CHEAP tickets being upwards of 60 bucks.

    Personally, I’ve not missed a Wings game on TV in almost two years been to a Wings game at the Joe since I years because it’s too expensive.

    That being said: the wings are still followed, and still loved around here: you see hats, shirts, car stickers, fake liscence plates, and any manner of Wings-themed odds and ends.

    So cut us a little slack, ay? Smaller attendence isn’t caused by a lack of devotion, but by a lack of money.

  2. I also want to comment on the non-sellout at the Joe for Game One against the Sharks.

    It seems that you two are in such a hurry to strip Detroit of it’s Hockeytown moniker just because they didn’t sell out a playoff game. I agree with you about how some Red Wings fans have grown complacent with all of the success in the last 10 – 12 years (it drives me nuts). However, Detroit still is in the top three (estimating) in attendance all season including the playoffs. Detroit has consistently soldout home games for years and is one of the premire franchieses in the NHL.

    As far as the empty rows of seats clearly evident during the game, the reselling of tickets by season ticket holders is rampant and they are charging obliously more than some people are willing to part with. Just check-out ebay or any other ticket reselling website and you will see what I mean. The resellers have turned our loyalty to our Wings against us and are making a killing. I personally have gone to Chicago to watch the Wings and Hawks play at the United Center because the ticket prices for a good seat in the lower bowl in the regular season are so much more reasonable. I sat in the fifteenth row near the blue-line for $70.00. That same ticket at the Joe would have cost me at least double.

    By the way, I forgot the reason why Minnesota let the North Stars leave for Dallas. Detroit would never let the Wings leave town(that much I know for sure).

  3. I wish they would have showed what happened on that no-stick breakaway. That’s one point where they should definitely allow a kick-in goal if he is able to score it!

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