Puck Podcast – April 26th, 2008

In this week's episode of the Puck Podcast we look back at the week that was in the NHL with complete recaps, analysis and highlights from each game including a controversial start to the second round. We also tell you about a couple of coaches getting new contracts, a team hiring a new GM while another announces that they will be keeping theirs, we'll tell you what Sean Avery will be doing during his summer vacation, where you can see the NHL on TV next season and tell you about a game that tests the belief that there's no such thing as too much hockey. All that and a whole lot more in this episode of the Puck Podcast.

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  1. You were talking about the 5OT game in the AHL earlier this week. We’ll that wasn’t the longest game in the playoffs so far this year. In the German League (DEL) a Quarterfinal game between Kolner Haie and Adler Mannheim went 6OT before Kolner Haie eventully won the game. They later got to the DEL final before losing to Eisbaren Berlin last weekend.

    BTW: Their’s a new competition in Europe that will be making it’s debut next season called the IIHF Champions League. I’m hoping this can raise the profile of players and leagues over here and every once in a while will know some of these euorpean players that could go in the NHL Draft. Here are the groups and teams that were drawn yestarday.

    Champions League Format
    12 teams divided into 4 groups of 3 with each team playing 4 group games (1 home, 1 away aginst both group stage teams.) After the group stage, the group winners will face off in the semis will advance. If two teams from the same league make the semis they will be paired against each other so it will be ensured that teams from different countries will be in the final. The semifinals and final will be played in a 2 game aggeragate format.

    Group A
    Karpat Oulu (Finland Champion)
    Eisbaren Berlin (Germany Champion)
    Metallurg Magnitogorsk (2008 ECC Champion)

    Group B
    HV71 Jonkoping (Sweden Champion)
    Espoo Blues (Finland Runner Up)
    Qualifer Winner*

    The 3 team Qualifer will be between SC Bern (Switzerland Top Playoff Seed), Nurnberg Ice Tigers (Germany Top Playoff Seed) and HC Kosice (Slovakia 2nd playoff seed and League Runner Up)

    Group C
    Salavat Yulayev Ufa (Russia Champion)
    Slovan Bratislava (Slovakia Champion)
    HC Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic Top Playoff Seed)

    Group D
    Slavia Prague (Czech Republic Champion)
    Zurich Lions (Switzerland Champion)
    HC Linkopings (Sweden 2nd playoff seed and League Runner Up)

    Semi Final
    Group D Winner VS. Group B Winner
    Group C Winner VS. Group A Winner

    The team who plays the 2nd game at home will have home ice advantage and that will be deterimined by group stage record.

    Semi Final Winners

  2. Tanner, I believe they said that it was the longest AHL game, but I could be mistaken. Thanks for giving me the credit for sending you guys the Avery/Vogue story. Avs in 7 100% sure they will win, contrary to what you guys say a 7 game perdiction means.

  3. Hey Kris, I did menton that it was the longest game in AHL history. What I mentioned that it wasn’t the longest playoff game in any league this season. The game in Germany went 6OT and that was the longest game this season in the playoffs In all of hockey. I should also mention that it was also the longest game in European History. I hope it clear’s it up for you.

  4. Tanner, good stuff on the 6 OT game. We’ll mention it on the show this week. Kris, thanks again for the Vogue article.

    p.s. I hope it’s Avs in 7 but after Game 2, it going to be an uphill climb.

  5. Ya the only excuse I can make is Theodore. After last games performance I was surprised to see Theodore starting. Once he is 100% he would be in net, but at 70% he has no place starting. The Red Wings decimated the Avs the first two period, and that shorthanded goal didn’t help the Avs comeback efforts. Budaj has allowed 1 goal on 37 shots thus far, Theodore has allowed 8 on 36, that is just unacceptable. I figure we will see Budaj starting on Tuesday, and hopefully Forsberg will be able to play.

  6. Kris:
    Two words, “a clinic”. Your Avs were schooled again, twice in 72 hours. Your first “perdiction” was wrong, your second prediction is now wrong, give up. Theodore didn’t complain of the flu, flu like symptoms, post nasal drip or jock itch today, he just got shelled again by the best team in hockey. I won’t yet again explain how “Avs in 7” or “Red Wings in 7” is not a prediction, it’s acknowledgment that you have no “perdiction”.
    Eddie: Your last post shows you to be an Avs fan in this series, I knew you had a screw loose–must be too many Kings games.

  7. hey kris/mark:
    i don’t typically pick sides but clearly detroit is the far superior team. Detroit proved it throughout the year and clearly in this series. Colorado is a one dimensional team- a veteran and 2 young players: sakic and wolski and stastny…. everyone else sucks or is past their prime. Theodore is like origami; he folds under pressure. Forsberg is always injury prone and clearly lacking in desire to play the game. Also, anyone that thinks Svatos is a difference maker is crazy. I have watched all of Svatos goals, the guy never makes a deke on his own. I can count on one hand the amount of goals in his career in which he showed impressive skills. I know franzen had a great finish to the year but if guys like johan franzen are looking like zetterberg and datsyuk than ur team is in trouble. Theodore sucks!!!! Budaj definitely provides them more opportunity to win the series….. Theodore chokes!!!! I just don’t get kris’s argument that colorado will win… there is no comparison on paper and clearly not on the ice. I don’t think lidstrom or rafalski have felt a body check all series unless it’s illegal (the interference call on the dummy Cody Mcleod) and unless they do it will be a sweep. Every line detroit has is better than colorado’s, this is actually the most no win situation for colorado i have ever seen in the playoffs. Oh….. and kris don’t talk about the amount of penalties against colorado…. accept it, colorado takes penalties because they can’t keep up.

  8. Mizunoman: Take a side, it’s what life’s about. You’re not giving Franzen enough credit. He was great all year and scored all year (after coming back from an injury). He just wasn’t on this torrid pace because Babcock used Holmstrom more in PP situations and his line was not on the ice enough. When Holmstrom got injured, Franzen’s line got the ice time and as Franzen has said, he credits his success on increased ice time, nothing more. He is really a strong, smart player that is now coming into his own. Lastly, I feel sorry for any team duped by Forsberg in the past 3 years. He is clearly all done and the only thing a team can’t count on is that he can’t be counted on. It’s unfortunate the Avs bought what he was selling because his body is all done, his mind just can’t accept it.

  9. mizunoman-
    In the works of sensationalist Mark, “you are not giving” Svatos, Smyth, Forsberg, Salei, Liles, and Hejduk “enough credit”
    Svatos- was the leading scorer on the Avs until he got injured. It doesn’t matter how pretty his goals were, it matters how many there were.
    Smyth- how in the world is Smyth “past his prime”? He is scoring goals and winning the Avs games.
    Forsberg- yes he is injury prone, but when he is on the ice he is helping, and holds the position for highest average points per playoff game among all active players. Not only that, but he energizes the fans and the team.
    Salei- is probably the Avs best deadline pickup. He knows how to score, and is a great defenseman.
    Liles- was not all that hot earlier this year, but in the months leading up to the trading deadline, he got hot, and is one of the Avs better defensemen
    Hejduk- brings years of playoff experience and two Stanley Cups to the table, not to mention his skills on the ice.

  10. Kris: I see you’re using a spell-checker, atta’ boy. What you continue to forget is you’re speaking of the past. What exactly have Svatos, Forsberg and Hejduk done this series? Oh yeah, nothing. Your best player is Sakic but he’s asleep. Who you need to do his thing is Smyth, he’s a mucker and exactly what you need this time of year, however, he can’t do it alone. Hang in there, your pain will soon be over.

  11. Kris:
    I will give u credit. I actually love Liles (i think he is one of the best play making defenceman in the league) i just forgot about him cause he hasn’t done anything. Hejduk is a pure talent, you are right about that. Salei was a good pick up but my point is that they simply don’t have enough fire power on offence against detroit. The points per game comment about forsberg is completely meaningless. The guy is always injured and couldn’t even last longer than 6 games with Minnesota. And yes, Smyth is past his prime no question. I have never liked him. He is a sloppy skater with bad stick handling skills. I hope your not putting your hopes on Smyth.

    Mark: Thanks for the life tip Mark!!! Franzen said that he thinks the ice time as helped but he also had to change his game because he’s not as skilled as other players. If he doesn’t attribute any of his success to his linemates and only ice time that is kinda dumb. I’m not saying Franzen is bad he just shouldn’t be getting hat tricks (1st of his playoff career by the way). Also, i saw franzen and holmstrom on the same pp line yesterday so I guess Babcock is using them together now.

    Kris: Did i mention that Ryan Smyth sucks???

  12. Mizunoman: You’re welcome on the “life-tip”, you received it because you needed it. Here’s a couple more…”Life Tip” 2: I think it’s time you consider a real name, nicknames are cute up to age 9, give it some thought. “Life Tip” 3: State facts when debating me or Kris, not opinion…go file those away. As far as Franzen’s comments are concerned, I’m reiterating his thoughts, nothing more. I won’t waste space debating you on what he should or shouldn’t of said or who he should of given credit too. If I knew what was legitimately in his head, my screen name would be Johan Franzen.

  13. A screen name is immature but personal attacks aren’t? I won’t even respond to the personal attacks because I’m not 9 years old. I see you were trying hard on your grammar but you still missed some grammatical errors (e.g. you always use of instead of have). You must be using Kris’s spell check now. I thought this was a site where I could express my opinions but according to Mark I can’t, only facts. It’s too bad that the Red Wings will win this series cause I love seeing cocky blog writers’ teams lose.
    In response to life tip 3 here are some stats on Franzen for you. With his “torrid” pace included he had 27 goals in which about 20 of them were scored in the finishing stretch which is definitely impressive. However over half of his goals were powerplay goals. How many assists? 11 with powerplay time too. That’s not very impressive. 38 points on the year….. what credit should I be giving him? I don’t think Kris is too worried about Franzen in this series. My point is that Franzen clearly lacks playmaking abilities and good vision of the ice. He is a duplicate Thomas Holmstrom, nothing more.

  14. Monkeyman: I stand humbled, somehow, I’ll try to go on. Off to my own hockey game, will finish this later.

  15. I am posting from my iPhone, and frankly, could care less about spelling, because checking spelling takes time, and time is money. As for Svatos, there is a good excuse for why he hasn’t made the his presence known in the series and that because be is out with a knee injury incurred on March 1st against the Kings. Check you facts next time before a post mr tip giver.

  16. hey guys i’m sure that the rangers did have a talk with avery about his stunt in front of brodeur…….they had a 5 on 3 and they couldn’t shoot because they did not want too hurt their teammate..that’s why dury went too get him out of there…as far as the handshakes .i’m not a great fan of it……..they don’t do it in the regular season so why have it at all.the loosing team just wants to get off the ice..the hanshakes are scripted and done with no meaning.i’m sure brodeur would shake avery’s hand and wish him good for the next round..after how he treated him…he is human.

  17. Mel,
    Yes, Jason LaBarbera will be back as the Puck Podcast Playoff Analyst beginning this week (May 3rd). I’m glad you have enjoyed his comments and insight and thanks for supporting the show and for coming to the website!


  18. Wow I go away for a while and everyone gets delusions of grandeur.

    Anyways I agree Hitler was a Flyers fan. I didn’t expect them to do as well as they are against the Habs. Then again I am a Pens fan and I didn’t expect the Pens to be up 3-0. Lets go Pens.

    The whole diving crying going around is just foolish. Not that I think that Crosby is as good as Gretzky or Mario but even they were called Wailing Wayne and Moaning Mario. It just seems like there are great players out there that people like to hate.

  19. When will the Stars get some respect in NA? They won again last night 2-1 in OT and now are just 1 win away from advancing to the Western Conference Final (Probally against Detorit). Sergei Zubov scored his first goal since his return from injury, Mike Ribero is having his breakout party in these playoffs, Richards has been fantistic since the playoffs return. In addidition Modano, Zubov, and Lehtinen are proving they can still play well in the playoffs.

    They could this year’s team of destinty like Anaheim in 2003 or Edmonton back in 2006. Eddie and Doug you need to talk more about the Stars, they playing just great right now.

  20. Horrible news for NHL fans, me included. He’s the biggest pest on earth at the moment, hope he continues to be. Being in Hockeytown, I remember Jiri Fischer going down on the bench with a heart attack and he won’t ever play again. Sad day.

    Sean Avery rushed to hospital ‘unconscious’
    Canwest News Service
    Published: Wednesday, April 30, 2008
    New York Rangers forward Sean Avery was rushed to a New York hospital early Wednesday morning in cardiac arrest just a few short hours after his team lost a National Hockey League playoff game to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

    As reported in the New York Daily News, Avery was unconscious and not breathing.

    The 28-year-old arrived at St. Vincent’s Medical Center about 3 a.m. ET in Manhattan, reports the newspaper.

  21. Better news…

    Avery out with a lacerated spleen
    Posted: April 30, 2008, 12:25 PM by Jeremy Barker
    NHL, Stanley Cup Playoffs

    By Mark Spector, National Post

    Sean Avery is done for the year, with a lacerated spleen. Reports that he was rushed to the hospital unconscious and in cardiac arrest are not correct, a Rangers spokesman said Wednesday morning.

    The New York Rangers left winger played 14:34 and had an assist in Tuesday’s 5-3 loss to Pittsburgh, which put the Rangers down 3-0 in their Round 2 series with the Penguins. He finished the game. The injury happened some time during that game, and by game’s end Avery and team doctors knew there was a problem.

    “He won’t play again this season, I can tell you that,” Avery’s agent, Pat Morris, said in a short conversation with the National Post Wednesday morning.

    Avery and the Rangers team doctor went to the St. Vincent’s Medical Center directly from the game, a Rangers spokesman said.

  22. Mark,
    You are no better than you guys claim Avery is. To say it is “Better news” that he is out with a lacerated spleen is disgustingly disrespectful. I’m sure if you were at the Wild v. Avs game 5, you would have been one of the ones booing when Lappy was assisted off the ice by the trainers.

  23. Kris: You’ve now descended to the ridiculous. When it happened, an ex Red Wing I work with “text’d” me to share the news, I found it on the net and posted it here for people to see, period. If you think I’m hopeful the guy is hurt or worse, that’s not the case. I’m the first to say that he’s a world class jerk on the ice, maybe the biggest jerk on the ice but that all goes away when his life is possibly on the line, aren’t you aware of that? A lacerated spleen can be repaired so to say it’s better news, I thought was appropriate considering the story before indicated he might not live. You’re obviously coming off the Colorado loss and disgusted with the way things worked out for your team and it’s coloring your silly comment here. Relax.

  24. I am disgusted with the Colorado loss, but that was posted before the game even started, so I am going to say that probably didn’t factor into my comment.

  25. Too bad, I was hoping it colored that commment. I was happy to see Colorado not “goon it up” out there against the Wings in the third. That was a class move no doubt lead by the classiest player in the league since Yzerman retired, Joe Sakic. I doubt Quennville would of tolerated that either, another class guy. For Hockey’s sake, I hope we have not seen the last of Sakic but I fear we have. Here’s to another great and competitive round of playoffs.

  26. Zetterberg has been so impressive in these last two games its unbelievable. That had to be the goal of the year last night! He is so shifty on his skates and crafty with his stick work that the guy is becoming unstoppable, oh and he can pass too! Is Franzen going to cool off or his he changing his name to Gretzyky?

    Ziel: What can I say? I recall you saying that there was no doubt the avs would win, it was only a matter of 6 or 7 games. 8-2 loss in a sweep is a litle bit further than a stone’s throw from ur prediction don’t u think?

  27. Mizunoman: When Zetter first got here, the rub on him in the organization was that they were quite concerned about his ability to skate! He’s not the most fluid skater but like you say, hard to knock off the puck once he’s under way. That reverse while falling down was incredible.

  28. Mark: We finally agree on something! I have noticed Zetterberg’s skating to be a little lacking sometimes (especially when he is pivoting)as well but I think he has improved throughout the year. You can work on skating but you can’t teach superb on ice vision. I feel that he just needs to get on his toes a little more and have a little more jump in his step. When I was watching him the other day it almost seems like he gets his skates caught sometimes from simply not lifting his feet off the ice enough!! I used to do power skating all the time and was taught by different coaches (both European [in fact the Ukranian hockey coach I was taught by had students like Danius Zubrus and Sergei Samsonov] and North American). It seems that europeans grow up using their edges very well by keeping most of their wait on their heels while the North American style uses more weight on the balls of the feet towards the toes. Maybe he is in the transition period right now because speaking from personal experience, the styles are quite contrasting but both are very effective.

    Side Note: The name of the Ukranian Power Skating Hockey School that I attended for multiple summers for any one interested is Called Ivan Pravilov’s Hockey School and I believe the team name was Druzhba ’78 (Ivan Pravilov is actually a former professional soccer player so he really emphasized foot work)

  29. Mizunoman: Yes it is…I’ve actually heard of that skating school. When I was coaching we were fortunate to have a school right in the rink we skated out of and used them often. You’re right on with respect to Zetterberg, when you watch him skate you almost feel like yelling, “exert more effort and pick up that foot”. It was evident when he took the pass in the neutral zone and eventually turned around and fed Holmstrom last night. Whatever he’s doing, it’s working but he’s never going to be a fluid skater. They’ve been telling him and Datsyuk to shoot more and they are both listening this playoffs, nice to see. Enjoy tonight, we play whoever wins this series so I hope it goes long!

  30. Mark: That’s pretty cool that you know the skating school. I attended camps in Mexico (believe it or not), Wisconsin, and Minnesota. They were 2 week programs consisting of 6 hours on ice per day and about 4 hours of dry land training. The first week consisted of all skating with no pucks and extremely vigorous dryland training. We would wake up for 6 am go to the rink, then we would have to run to the cafeteria to eat! We would take a nap for like 2 hours and then do the same in the afternoon until about 8 pm. Sure enough we would be starting up again the next morning at 6 am. Zubrus attended the camp one year because it worked him harder than the Flyers were working him at the time! You had to attend the camp for two weeks because the firt week your legs would be so sore that you would have limited movement!

    Side Note: It’s funny that you mentioned the pivot by Zetterberg before the pass to Holmstrom because that’s exactly the play that made me notice that. Also you being from detroit I thought u might be interested to know that I used to play against Detroit Little Caesar’s and Detroit Belle Tire in the big midget tournament up in Gatineau, Quebec

  31. That’s insane that they actually have a rink in Mexico! You were or are obviously hard core into improving your skating skills, that sounds rigorous to say the least. I never coached kids that could tolerate that level of intensity although we did dry land training and ice training constantly. The league you mentioned is actually where I coached for 10 years, Little Cesare’s. We played at Belle Tire arena about twice a month–they run most travel teams out of there. I took coaching as far as midget major here in town until my son left for college, my team then folded due to the kids having to pay for college, and ice bills but it was tremendous fun. I don’t know what your thoughts are on Montreal but they are outplaying Philly, just not winning the games. Two weeks ago I would of thought they were going to run all the way to the finals but it looks like their rookie goalie is acting like a rookie and costing them a game or two.

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