Puck Podcast – April 24, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll recap the first full week of action in the Stanley Cup playoffs with highlights and analysis of each game. We’ll also let you know the finalists for some of the NHL most prized awards plus answer some of your e-mails.

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  1. Do you think they are emphasizing too many men on the ice during the playoffs due to the unintended powerplay the refs gave Pittsburgh against Detroit last year? Perhaps the NHL waited all season so the media would forget about this blatant call they missed last year?

  2. I haven’t listened to the show yet so this might sound so random. I’ve been kind of uneasy about what you guys will say about the whole Dan Boyle thing this week (Given the Sharks past). When I saw it, I was completely shocked and angered. However, the Sharks station showed the play from an entirely new angle that wasn’t seen the night it happened, and the puck was tipped. I actually felt a whole lot better, even though it was such a disappointing end to a great hockey game. So with that said, hopefully you guys did make a mention about it before you laughed at the guy and go on any rants and if not, well, I still say it was tipped.

  3. Ok, just heard the comments and they were fair. Actually, Eddie, one of the first things that came to mind was whether or not the Sharks are cursed. I know Superstitions are a bit silly, but I do believe they exist. How else can one explain instances like the Cubs never winning the world series, or the Red Sox waiting all those years to get one in 94. Thankfully the mood changed as the week went on and hopefully the Sharks can pull it out tonight. I would absolutely hate to see this series come back to San Jose with all the momentum on the other side.

  4. Greg, how did the Sox win a World Series the year that none was played?

    (HaHa… I know you meant 04… I always thought that maybe Cubs fans should just THINK they won an imaginary WS in 94 and just be done with it!)

  5. Want to thank the Avs for an unexpectedly successful season! Gave me a good feeling about spending the $$ for the Center Ice package to follow them! The good: goaltending, the youth and the coaching (for the first 3/4 of the season anyway). The bad: D gives up WAY too many shots, not enough crashing the net, FACEOFFS! But the future looks bright and hopefully this will be a team to reckon with for some time to come!

  6. Kris,

    Yeah, so I was off 10 years. 😉

    Great win for the Sharks tonight. It seemed like once Yip scored the go ahead goal, the Sharks woke up. Those final 10 minutes of the third was like how they played in Game 5. Looking forward to a great series whoever the Sharks will play, even though I have a bad feeling it’s going to be Detroit.

    Colorado impressed me this year. They’re a young team who is going to be a force to be reckoned with for the next few years. Craig Anderson really showed he is no fluke. What a year and what a series this guy had. It will be fun to watch them next year because I think they are going to get a higher seed this time in 2011. They are that good of a team.

  7. As a Wings fan, that Pittsburgh debacle last year was inexcusable. Still, it’s rare that kind of thing would ever happen. They really don’t need to “clamp down” on it. Also, to the linesmen – DROP THE PUCK. Or change the rule so that bnoth teams must have their stick on the ice. I can’t believe how many guys get thrown out for “going early”, yet Crosby practically glides completely to one side when he takes the faceoff. Did they not mark the ice for a reason?

  8. Greg, the ONLY thing that scares me about Anderson (and should scare Kings fans about Jonathan Quick): STEVE MASON…

    I THINK the solution for the foreseeable future is there in net for both of those clubs… But I need to see two solid seasons to BELIEVE in that solution!

  9. Did we notice that the “Kiss Of Death” in the Western Conference in the opening round may be winning game three?!? Usually this is a pivotal game to win and I think that the statics bear out that the game three winner is the series winner more often than not. But, this year, the four Western teams that held the 2 games to 1 advantage after game 3; Avs, Preds, Kings and Yotes; ALL went on to lose games 4 & 5. And the Avs and Kings have already ended their playoff run. The Coyotes as of now have been the only one to force a game 7 and we will see what the Preds do tomorrow. I just found this really intriguing as it seems to go against historical trends…

  10. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the show for a while now since I’m no longer working in my office, which is a real shame. Just wanted to say congrats to your Kings for a great series! They’ll be back next year and HUNGRY, just like the ‘nucks this year. They’re waiting for the Hawks. Go Canucks!

  11. Kris – I hear what you’re saying about Anderson and Mason similarities, however I think the big difference between the two is that Mason was a rookie, Anderson had been playing like that in previous seasons … just not over that many games in a season. It would be nice to see him come out and prove it again next year though. 😉

    I’m proud of the Avs too. They need a bit of scoring depth because once the injuries hit and their scoring line was up against the Sharks big line to shut them down the scoring just wasn’t there for the team. They also need to either work on endurance or work on playing with the lead. I think it was 12 or 13 times this season they gave up a game tying or game winning goal in the final 10 minutes of regulation this season…

    They have great youth and the best goalie they’ve had since Roy though, and some great back-end prospects as well though most are offensive defensemen. The future is very bright for this team. I’d like to see some depth on wings, a shutdown type defenseman, and a good goalie prospect come out of the draft this year … but with this management team seeming to find all their moves working out I trust them to get the best players for Colorado at the draft and through free agency/trade (should trades occur).

  12. Budaj? You make me laugh. 🙂 Budaj is a good backup goalie, perhaps a great backup goalie because he plays well in a limited role and is one hell of a team guy. You might have well added in Aebi if you want to just throw in names of goalies that have started in CO since Roy left.

    Theodore came in with high expectations but never lived up to them and never really endeared himself to the fans either (in my opinion anyway). In fact many thought he was over-rated from the get-go and his MVP win might have been better deserved by someone else. Hell, he wasn’t even the first team All-Star in goal that year he won, but his stats were good that year … but Aebischer’s were better in the limmitted time he saw in Colorado. As far as pure talent goes, well, yes Anderson is better than Theo.

    I guess people who don’t believe it could counter with “it’s only one season” or “look at how he fell off the last few weeks of the year” or “many questioned Anderson as a starter and didn’t want him in Denver over other available goalies” … but after this season, with the team expectations and the youth, and after his playoff performance can it be argued that he isn’t the best since Roy in Denver the team has had?

    Anyway, it may be that Anderson’s season was a fluke and he’ll be more like the Andy that was playing the last few weeks of the season, however I believe that the first several months are what you should expect from him and he’ll be in goal in Denver for several years to come still.

    Have to ask though since you thought it humorous … who do you see as the best goalie in Denver since Roy left?

  13. It wasn’t really a comparison of goalies. It just seems like Colorado is in the same boat as Nashville. Every new #1 goalie seems like the future.

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