Puck Podcast – April 19th, 2008

On this week’s show we recap the past week of NHL playoff action with recaps and highlights from every game. We discuss Sean Avery’s “tactics”, a GM getting fired, a goalie being run out of town and we will again have a special interview with our Puck Podcast Playoff Analyst, Kings goalie Jason LaBarbera plus a whole lot more.


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* NOTE: On Wednesday, April 23rd we will have a special Puck Podcast
Second Round Playoff Preview.

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  1. VAN-DAL went to Game 7 last year. I believe that was the only one (and I believe you forgot because that series was a crime against hockey, it was so damned dull).

    Last year was a massive fluke for the Canucks, but the injury luck this year was horrid the other way. I don’t think either season is really indicative of the team Nonis has built to this point, and I’m kind of surprised he didn’t get one more year. I thought for sure he would.

    And finally, the TSN “robot” is probably former Hockey News editor Bob MacKenzie. And while tackling people in a celebration is dangerous…it’s hockey. Things happen. Guys get hurt in practices and All-Star Games — just ask Islanders and Oilers fans — and once every ten years, someone might get hurt accidentally in a dogpile after a particularly exciting goal.

    And while I won’t necessarily argue against dropping the helmets, shrinking the pads, and “playing like men” (the high sticks and hits from behind would probably go down, though you’d see a lot less reckless abandon, especially around the net, which would suck)*, the onside game, i.e. without the forward pass, is an artifact of 19th century sporting philosophy (any territory gained by passing is inherently cheapened, and the practice was generally regarded as “cheating”) and would never survive in the modern era. I think rugby might be the only team sport of that nature still around.

    * – All said with tongue planted firmly in cheek, as you might presume. The game naturally adapts to the conditions presented, but it’s not going to take that kind of step backwards, ever.

  2. Wow – I should have bought a lottery ticket after my mention to watch McCarty. Thanks for the nod. And Doug, you were absolutely right about Hasek costing Detroit game three. I have much respect for Hasek, but glad to see Osgood in the net and looking forward to him finish out the playoffs. What a great first round – so much good hockey to watch.

  3. PS – 110+ minutes podcast… and all quality. And the promise of a special 2nd round preview. The bar has been raised. Nice job, guys.

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