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  1. The world famous Knowlwood’s restaurant actually does have pretty damn tasty burgers! I try to stop by there for dinner when I am in Orange County for a Ducks game.

  2. Stanley Cup Final prediction is it’s gonna be epic and go the distance before the Kings finally win in game 7 on the road where they’ve been so great.

  3. DJ,
    I once applied for a job at Knowlwood’s in Orange and had an epicly long interview process. In the end I did not get the job but no hard feelings. I got a good story out of it and they do have some tasty burgers. Not sure if those on Christmas Island have ever heard of them but still…

  4. Sure thing I would not be surprised if anyone on Christmas Island has even heard of Knowlwoods, In & Out, White Castle, or any other delicacies of the American cuisine. Nonetheless, the joys of watching hockey will unite us all.

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