Phantoms’ Klotz taken off by stretcher after suffering seizure during fight

PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia Phantoms forward Garrett Klotz was taken to hospital Friday after suffering a seizure during a first-period fight against Manchester Monarchs forward Kevin Westgarth.
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  1. Heres a better description….. Klotz is winning, but not landing anything effective. Westgarth backs him toward his bench, and klotz tries to hold his ground but gets caught with an uppercut that dazes him and 3 more punches that devistate him. He doesnt hit his head or neck on anything, its more like he crumbles flat to the ground. Then laying on his side he starts shaking. the camera zooms in on his face, and its an image straight from a horror movie, but real. With blood coming out of his wide open but slack mouth, his head is shaking back and forth rapidly. His eyes, wich look like all the light as left them, are shaking back and forth while rolling back into his head, all while his eyelids flutter. thankfully the camera changes angles and all you can see are his legs shaking, until then suddenly stop. I was sure he was dead. I couldnt say for certain, but it appeared that they covered his face with a towel while rolling him off the ice on the stretcher. Before i found out he was ok, i was ready to never see a hockey fight again. Truth is, hockey needs fighting, period. No point in getting into the reasons, but now i think helmets should have to stay on, and any legit fighters cant wear visors, if that doesnt happen its only a matter of time before somone is killed in the ice in a widely televised game. That could kill hockey, but so could a ban on fightng.

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