Northeast Division Predictions for 2008-2009

As you heard on the August 30th, 2008 episode we gave our predictions for the Northeast Division. Here are my predictions of how they will finish this season:

1. Buffalo

2. Montreal

3. Boston

4. Ottawa

5. Toronto

What do you think? Post your predictions and/or thoughts on the Northeast Division right here or take a look at what some of the other listeners of the Puck Podcast think.

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  1. Doug,

    I have no problem with you picking Ottawa for fourth. Just be honest. Show me any reputable hockey person who said Chris Neil would be a top six forward for Ottawa. Don’t make things up! Like most teams, Ottawa has question marks on one or both of the top two lines and is expecting at least one young guy to step up. So?! Excepting Detroit, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Montreal and Tampa Bay which team doesn’t have the same uncertainty? I am a Habs fan but Heatley-41 goals, Alfredsson-40, Spezza-34, Vermette-24 (in mostly third line duty), and Fisher-23 (ditto) is not a bad base for your top six. This team worries me.

  2. Doug,

    Please tell me you are not relying on generic depth charts as your “reputable hockey person”. Plekanec (third line centre) Modano (third line centre)Zajac (fourth line left winger)Connolly (fourth line centre) by your logic. You know those chart mean little. Don’t fit the facts to suit your premise. We get enough of that from the Hockey News! C’mon!

  3. I didn’t say that’s what I’m using for my information but you asked for sources and I gave you two of them, that’s all.

    With Craig Hartsburg moving Daniel Alfreddson off the top line…who knows who will end up as a top six forward on that team! I’ve seen Hartsburg’s coaching first hand when he was with the Ducks and I wish the Senators luck. His “style” of coaching is one of the reasons that I picked them to finish fourth.

  4. Doug;

    Here’s what I expect:

    Heatley Spezza Winchester
    Vermette Kelly Alfredsson
    Foligno Fisher Neil
    Ruutu Bass McAmmond

    Phillips Schubert
    Volchenkov Lee
    Kuba Smith

    Carkner Picard


    Gerber Auld (obviously)
    Living in Ottawa, I watched Ottawa-Philadelphia last night. Its early but this now a very tough team. The defense is rugged and tough in front of the net. Kuba looked good on the power play. Cody Bass is smart, skates well and is Messier mean. He loves to play the body. I think in a few years he will “out-Fisher” Mike Fisher! Admittedly, Philly did not bring the “A team”. Nonetheless, Ottawa played with a lot of jam.

    It seems to me my beloved Habs are doing the same thing both Ottawa and Buffalo did. Undervalue the role players. Too many skilled smurfs and not enough Otts, Averys, Clearys, Fishers, Holmstroms, etc. The Habs are built for seasonal success, not the playoffs. Kessler-Higgins is the kind of deal that should be examined. The teams with the best combos of skilled and role players are the serious contenders.

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