Next Episode of the Puck Podcast will be on Sunday, February 15th

The next episode of the Puck Podcast will be recorded and posted on the evening of Sunday, February 15th. Thanks for your patience and support.

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  1. Emrick’s Angle
    Eddie Olczyk on NHL Live
    Bob McKenzie on NHL Live
    NHL Live!
    NHL Plays of the Week
    Melrose Line (as soon as it starts again)

  2. I really don’t know Jim. He is the face of this franchise. Unless you really get someone back for him and not just draft picks, or the fans will jump ship. Making the mess they have already, I don’t think it would be a wise move.

    Hypothetically though, if Vinny was traded to Montreal, would Jean Beliveau give him permission to wear the retired #4? If so, would Vinny do it? If not, 04, or something else altogether? Hmm. This inquiring mind does NOT want to know!

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