MVP – The Hockey Soap Opera

As you heard in the June 14th, 2008 episode of the Puck Podcast I will be watching the new (to the USA) soap opera on SoapNet – MVP. This is a show that chronicles the lives, loves and struggles of the players on the Mustangs, a fictional hockey team, and the women that love them.

The show has already aired in Canada but is making it’s American debut on SoapNet on June 19th at 11pm.  I plan on watching it for as long as they put out new episodes and I fully expect it to be awful. But, having it be bad will be a large part of the fun…at least for me.

If you watch it and would like to discuss it I will be happy to chat about it with you right here at Just click on “comments” and tell me what you think of the show.

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  1. In reference to the show “MVP” on SOAPnet, this is the review from Entertainment Weekly.

    If “Footballers Wive$” is the ultimate guilty pleasure, then this Canadian soap about hockey players and their spouses is all guilt. A shiny but bland rip-off of “Wive$” (the producers claim to have been “inspired” by the British cult smash), MVP wasn’t compelling enough for Canada’s CBC to renew it for a second season. (But its reruns are apparently good enough for SOAPnet!) If only the pilot had more shirtless hockey players or some really lethal bitchiness coming from the wives, it could have given at least a little pleasure, eh? Grade: C

  2. I owe all listeners of the Puck Podcast an apology. I watched the first episode of MVP and that show is awful in a bad way. I was not even able to get through the entire episode before I had to turn it off. My apologies to anyone that watched that show on my recommendation. If there was a way for me to give you that hour of your life back, I would.

  3. I watched the Premiere of MVP on Soapnet and I thought it was a hoot. I’m hooked. I can’t wait to see next week’s episode.

  4. I stumbled across the premiere of MVP and it intrigued me. I love soaps/dramas and am looking forward to episode 2. It may get better as we get into future episodes.

  5. I love it….of course, I think when you’re a hockey fan in the states you’ll take whatever you can get. I’m not a soap fan but damn if I don’t love this.

  6. Love this show! I also stumbled across it on TV and am hooked and I am no soap fan. I’m trying to get my girlfriends and Mom hooked, but it’s on so late at night, it’s hard for working gals to watch it…who wants to wait until the weekend to watch the reruns?!? Definitely not a guy thing, my husband does not like to watch it, but he has to listen to me tell him all about the latest weekly saga. Nan died, that was sad! This show is a little bit about hockey and alot about relationships – I just love it!

  7. I watched every episode so far and i love the show I seriously hope soapnet takes over and signs them for another season in fact i hope its on air for many more years. It might not have all that much action but its good stuff. I see a long future for this show…

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