Martin Biron…what were you thinking?

Here’s the situation: The Flyers and Penguins were tied 4-4 with less than three minutes to play in regulation. The Penguins chipped the puck into the Flyers zone and Flyers goalie Martin Biron made a series of horrible decisions. Take a look:

Biron – what the heck were you thinking? Why leave the crease? Why come out beyond the face-off circles? Why try to flip the puck behind your back? Why skate so casually back towards your crease? What the heck were you thinking?

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  1. Man, who called this game? “Crosby finds the loose puck, what a great play by Sidney Crosby in Philly…” COME
    ON! These guys just want to be on highlight shows for saying his name. Dupuis did the work here. Then they show pretty boy on the bench. Look at me, scoring on am empty net! He didn’t make the pass, I received it! Grr.. end rant.

  2. Dustin,
    I agree 100%. Crosby did practically nothing and yet he was the one they heaped praise onto immediately. It was a horrible play by Martin Biron and a good play by Pascal Dupuis. Crosby just happened to be the one that scored the goal.

  3. Doug, I didn’t notice this post until just now… but boy was I confused that night. I don’t know if it was a brain-fart or what, but you DON’T leave your net like that when it’s a tie game in the 3rd period! Not only that, but WHY did he!? Dupuis, the guy he’s going to poke check, has THREE Flyers covering him. Let your D handle it…

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