Hockey Brawl in Russian Super League

The hockey brawl of the year is not in the NHL, or even in North America! It’s in the Russian Super League! (Hint – just when you think it’s over…it’s not) 

Who knew that the Philadelphia Flyers had a farm team in Russia? I’m told that this resulted in 378 penalty minutes. The problem with brawls in hockey is that, unlike any other sport, there’s nothing that the coaches or police can do but watch because of the ice. A guy in tennis shoes can’t go out there and do anything so you end up with what you see here – 44 guys fighting and four men trying to stop it while thousands of people just watch it all unfold.

I don’t know whether or not anyone got hurt in this, but there are a few guys that appear to get their asses kicked at least once. I’m going to go ahead and call the next meeting between these two teams as must-see TV.

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  1. Ummmm I think the best description of this fight is HOLY CRAP! Doug, if you make their rematch Must See TV, I’ll guarantee that Vince McMahon and Don King are bidding on who gets to promote it!

  2. At least they had the restraint not to start swinging sticks… Wow. And the shots at the end, with everyone from the different teams just sort of drifting near each other after they had tried to just end each other’s lives is pretty amazing…

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