Hello Shannon Elizabeth fans!

I’m going to let you folks behind the curtain a bit and give you some inside information about the kind of people that visit PuckPodcast.com. You’d think that people visiting this site are intelligent, attractive, passionate hockey fans like yourselves with great sex lives (if you’re over 18), large bank accounts, tremendous futures and loads of friends. And, 99% of the time, you’d be right. However, there is that 1% and it’s to those folks who I’d like to speak to now.

Hello Shannon Elizabeth fans! Thank you for using an internet search portal like Yahoo, Google and/or MSN to search for Shannon Elizabeth websites, photos and information. Somehow your search has led you here and because of that I welcome you to the official website of the #1 hockey podcast in the world today. (Nah, that’s being too humble – let’s try this…) …I welcome you to the official website of the #1 hockey podcast in the history of the world. I hope you bookmark this page for future Shannon Elizabeth photos, information and, occasionally, some news and opinions about the NHL.

It appears that people are finding our website by searching for Shannon Elizabeth. I’m not entirely sure how this happened but I’m delighted about it. The fact that someone would be on the internet and, knowing that they could search for anything in the world, chose to perform a search for Shannon Elizabeth – the incredibly good looking actress, poker player and celebrity rug cutter (not a lesbian term but rather an antiquated reference to dancing) – and then as a result of that search found their way onto our website is fascinating. As of this writing over 68 people have found their way to PuckPodcast.com as a result of searching for Shannon Elizabeth…in just the last 24 hours!

It appears that this comes as a result of one sentence I posted in my preview of the NHL games for March 12th, 2008. (Before you bombard the comments section of this post or our e-mail address (puckpodcast@aol.com) with questions – yes, the “daily” previews will be back as often as possible next season for your non-gaming enjoyment.) Since one sentence has brought us hundreds of visitors in the last five months you can bet your bottom dollar that similar mentions of frequently searched for items will be appearing in my posts from now on (Paris Hilton). Hello to all Paris Hilton fans, by the way.

So again, welcome to all Shannon Elizabeth fans and I hope you enjoy your visit to PuckPodcast.com. Come again soon, you never know when I’ll post an update on the stunningly beautiful actress!


Doug Stolhand

Fan of the way Shannon Elizabeth looks

(I’ve never met her so I can’t comment on her as a person)

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Doug Stolhand is one of the co-founders and co-hosts of the Puck Podcast and has been a member of the NHL media since the show's inception in 2006.


  1. Bless you, Doug, for this peek behind the curtain… very clever and entertaining! Well, that’s all for now, since my mouse hand is tired from… clicking on the Shannon Elizabeth links in your article…

  2. Hey, has anyone noticed an epidemic of weird comments? Is someone playing a joke by doing this or is it some sort of virus or bot?

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