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  1. im a diehard football fan ,i have one favorite team,and a fan of the old school nfl values.ive called your show a few years back because your passionate,as i am and respect your aura.im writing in concern of the degredation of the nfl ,old school values and am pissed by what im seein and have been herin on the nfl network with new and former players endorsing and bringing in this new school morality of cheap ethics brand of football the patriots are flag bearing and being allowed to by the nfl .there isnt 1 thing about the pats or tom brady when the team i root for scares my about there team except for the obvious and something the pats are definatly greatest of all time at ,finding loop holes in the nfl system ,and manipulating it to THE FULLEST.no 1 does that better.as a matter of fact.if brady or a new school pat is enshrined in the prestigous HALL OF FAME,among all the rest of qualified and ligit greatness,unlike dradys achievments which are ladened with fraud,should have his own section of the hall of shame ,in lower case ,as scene here,with his sorry legacy,and the generic organization he reps along with there desperate fans,that diserve better ,but instead must defend a poor excuse of what that orgaization and ther achieve ments mean ,NOTHING!!!!4 exclamations for the paper weights they portray as legendary VINCE LOMBARDI trophies,which as all purist of the nfl fans know ,the true greatness study and evaluations game planning that went into the construction of his legacy and the name the trophy barrowed ,after this organization and whats been done for it by the league to give it to them ,the name im sure if left up to LOMBARDI,would surely insist on that name of the trophy bein renamed,and by that imfamous ? he asked(“WHAT THE HECK IS GOIN ON HERE “)WOULD BE HEARD.we all know when the pats cheat,its at the end of the season when that organization hoist a trophy,ok now really “howd thay do it”?.spygate ,the trophy would have automaticaly went to the opponent and the legacy of brady wouldnt have began,the vreatness of LOMARDIS legacy wouldve cont.but the flag bearers of new age ,win it any way you can,no matter what ,there brand is threating to be carried by college,highschool,and popwarner football leagues ,and the remnants of the pasg is dimming quick and fading away to nothingness.the grip and hand tailoring of a foorball as the colts rightfully complained ,makes a huge difrense,jnlike stickem a speck on the field.the room of error of over or under trowing the ball is the difrense between a game clinching i t ,and definatley gives the a opposing qb a HUGE disavantage throwing with a regulated ball.ide be pissed to if i was the colts qb.brady is rewarded for creasting his own legacy .and the right way of achieveing is bein put away.the nfl is vanishing.

  2. bradys attempt to discredit the wells report and goodell takes disgust to a whole new unparalled level.he wants TOTAL EXONERATION,when on stage be all but admitted his guilt ,until he stared feeling the heat.now brady was asked to go through a ligitamate due process to clear up his and the GENERIC disorganization he stands for to clean up something he knows is inately dirty and cannot be cleaned unless by only another illigitimate coruptable avenue.he had total non cooperwtion and defiance,and deserverse THIS RECOGNITION AS THE FRAUD HE IS AS WELL AS THE BRAND OF UNORGANIZATION HI M AND HIS DEPERATE fans STAND FOR,MY LOWLY VIEW NOW WHEN I SEE THEM pat jerseys i only see one name on them fans chest (“LOSERS”).

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