Brett Hull surprised by Tiger Woods’ remark

There were many people in the NHL community who were floored and angered Monday when golf superstar Tiger Woods told reporters “I don’t think anybody watches hockey anymore.
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  1. This is typical Tiger living in his own world. Tiger is golf and therefore, often acts like there is no other sport in the country. This classless comment is no surprise but unfortunate coming from someone like him.

  2. I hope some hockey fans are there to watch Tiger in the opening round of the U.S. Open. I hope those fans make some noise during his backswing even though it will get them thrown out. When he looks at them with disgust I hope they return the glare and tell him, “I still watch hockey, you bastard.”

    It was pointless for Tiger to take a shot at hockey like that. He could have very easily said, “I don’t know who’s going to win – I haven’t been following the season very closely” and left it at that. Instead he took a shot and for that I think he deserves to be heckled. What’s funny is that tonight’s NBC telecast will begin with a shot of, you guessed it, Tiger Woods as NBC promotes their sports coverage.

  3. Better yet Doug, how about Derek Boogaard snapping a few photos during his back swing. Nothing pisses off Eldrick more then that. Then the Boogyman yells out “Yeah, I took the picture bitch. What are you gonna do about it?” Just a thought.

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